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The Survival Home, Practical and Possible

Discussion with a hands on survival homestead developer, with personal experience and success in many of the techniques he describes. How to secure heat and methane gas from manure and human sewage. Using the fully rotted material periodically as fertilizer, and how to allow this to age in a compost pile. Nothing is wasted. Cooking with methane, and how to rig your gas stove to do this. Compressing methane into tanks, and methane powered engines. Sewage settlement ponds. Algae and fish culture, using sewage effluent in ponds. Difficulty in keeping blue-green algae strains pure. Bermed or underground housing. Importance of water percolation tests and adequate drainage away from site. Landslides, liquefaction, and earthquake proofing a home. Electricity from hot springs. Homemade windmills. Wood gasifiers and how to scrub the gas. Lawn mowers as arc welders. Necessity the mother of invention. Mistakes precede success. Mistake examples. Survivor group dynamics. Home schooling. Likely survivor group combos.