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Signs of the Times #1242
Discover Magazine, Nov 2004 ‘Neither the Kuiper belt nor the Oort cloud had been predicted in February 1930, when astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh spotted the faint movement of Pluto during a painstaking search of thousands of photographic plates he had snapped of the night sky. Tombaugh had been commissioned by Percival Lowell, founder of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, to find Planet X, an object thought to be of prodigious size. Little Pluto was not what anyone expected, but it nevertheless gained worldwide fame as the ninth planet.’ [and from another source] Planet X is the 2nd planetary body shown, the 1st is Sedna, the 3rd Planet Y. And obvious leak to bring the subject of Planet X into the public eye. Note that on the cover, Planet X is shown as smaller than Sedna, which is the size of the Moon and only 1/4 the size of Earth. Mars is smaller than Earth. In reality, Planet X is 4 times the diameter of the Earth, the reverse, in size. OK to mention it, not OK to alude to the real size, and certainly not OK to mention it has already arrived!
Signs of the Times #1241
Close encounters with silent ultrasonic Flying Triangles in the Indian side of Himalayas? [Nov 25] ‘According to recent publications America has witnessed silent high speed triangular space crafts of the size of Foot Ball fields in the sky that could travel silently. Definitely these are frictionless anti-gravity propelled flying machines that are UFOs. The aircrafts are said to be either extra-terrestrial or secret advanced US Air Force planes. ... Are these extra terrestrial UFOs or spy machines of some unknown country. The area is sensitive and it is possible that some countries are watching this area. Also it is possible that the extra-terrestrials are watching the nuke installations of India and China also.’ [and from another source] Is Contact Under Way in India? [Nov 3] ‘Persistent stories out of India indicate that something extraordinary is happening there involving UFOs. Since October 10, everyone from members of the Indian Military to young children have reported seeing multiple UFOs of all shapes and sizes near the high altitude glaciers in the Tarai region of India, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Chinese border.’ [and from another source] Triangular UFO are being seen worldwide at this time, to build a debunking case against all the mass sightings also occurring worldwide, in case this debunking should be deemed necessary to stop a panic over the alien presence. To prepare for such a debunking, these stealth planes are sent forth to coincide either with a sighting or slightly after. [Note: vintage ZetaTalk: Triangular UFO. Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1240
Since the hose of magnetic particles is coming from the East side, when Europe faces Planet X there is a strong attraction between the highly magnetized southern Atlantic Rift and this emerging N. Pole. This portion of the Earth’s crust, the southern portion of the Atlantic Rift, is pulled as Europe is emerging into dawn, creating the European tilt where the Sun seems to be too far to the NW. As the magnetic N. Pole of Earth comes into view for dawn in the America’s, this N. Pole is repulsed by the N. Pole of Planet X in the East, causing a tip away of the Earth’s magnetic N. Pole, the America’s tilt, where the Sun seems to be too far to the SW. As the globe turns and the magnetic N. Pole of Earth escapes out of view, this tilt is relaxed to assume a simple severe tilt of both the magnetic and geographic N. Poles of the Earth away from Planet X, giving the Pacific tilt, where the Sun is simply too far to the South. Where does this twirl place the Earth, as she moves into the time predicted in the Bible and reported in folklore, known as the 3 Days of Darkness? This twirl becomes more extreme, as the hose of magnetic particles from the N. Pole of Planet X is turned more directly at the Earth. While twirling, the Earth finds it can expose its magnetic N. Pole less and less, and the northern hemisphere finds itself twirling in darkness, eventually. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Twirling into Darkness.] Note the cold spots are NOT along the geographic line to the N. Pole but where the globe, tilted and tipped, is getting the least amount of sunshine! Documented twirling wobble.
Signs of the Times #1239
Economic Armageddon Predicted [Nov 23] 'America´s record trade deficit means the dollar will keep falling. To keep foreigners buying T-bills and prevent a resulting rise in inflation, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan will be forced to raise interest rates further and faster than he wants. The result: U.S. consumers, who are in debt up to their eyeballs, will get pounded. To finance its current account deficit with the rest of the world, he said, America has to import $2.6 billion in cash. Every working day. That is an amazing 80 percent of the entire world´s net savings. Sustainable? Hardly.' [and from another source] Controllers Sounded Altitude Alert before Crash [Nov 24] 'There was no voice data to indicate that the crew had responded to flight controllers. The voice recording begins at the jet's descent and includes a weather report from the tower indicating winds were calm and conditions good for landing. In the last two minutes of the tape, the jet crew discussed navigational aid settings several times. The low altitude warning given the crew by air traffic controllers was near the end of the cockpit voice recording.' [and from another source] A warning shot across the bow, in the form of a crashed Gulfstream jet about to take the precious Poppy Bush to Ecuador. This was clearly not considered just another accidental Small Plane Crash for the highly reliable Gulfstream, as the Secret Service promptly called off the trip altogether. This type of assassination is not unheard of, the latest most notorious being the Wellstone plane crash in Minnesota. The Bush crowd is not the only ones with this kind of assassination expertise, even on a plane cleared by the Secret Service, as this Gulfstream was. An unmistakable message, to worry and distract the Bush crowd while they try to handle the many volleys that will come their want shortly. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Bush Busting.]
Signs of the Times #1238
Storm Strikes in Heart of Europe [Nov 19] ‘Winds gusting at up to 180 kilometers (112 miles) an hour were recorded at Wendelstein in Bavaria. The massive storm also swept across Scandinavia on Thursday disrupting land, sea and air traffic.’ [and from another source] 40 Missing, Five Dead after Storm Batters Philippines ‘Tropical storm Muifa cut through the country, sinking boats, causing landslides and blackouts and killing at least five, officials said.’ [and from another source] Up to 15 Inches of Rain causes Flooding, Forces Residents from Homes in Texas [Nov 21] ‘A storm that´s parked over southern Texas has dumped 15 inches of rain on the town of El Campo, southwest of Houston. At one point, rain was coming down at a rate of two-and-a-half inches an hour. Forecasters say up to 20 inches of rain could fall before the storm starts to move.’ [and from another source] Southern California Storm Dumps Snow Even in Desert Regions [Nov 22] ‘The weather system, which developed in British Columbia and swept into California via Nevada, is called an "inside slider" for its rare approach into Southern California, from the northeast instead of the typical route through the Pacific Ocean.’ [Note: violent Earth Lurch causing jet stream to lurch.]
Signs of the Times #1237
What I'm 100% sure for now is that the Sun in the south hemisphere is doing a movement in the sky (of southern Brazil) that it should obviously not do [Nov 23]. In the southern hemisphere (at least in the regions not too close to the equator) the Sun should always rise a bit toward the NE and set towards the NW, always in all seasons of the year. But now, for at least one month already, I've noticed that the Sun is rising from SE and setting towards SW, which represents an arc in sky exactly the opposite of what it should be doing. This fact can be observed everyday here. It also can be observed that the the days are already becoming so long (nearly 15 hs of daylight already, and we are still one month from the beginning of the summer here) as if it were Summer already, and getting longer day after day. My guess is that the 3 days of darkness (in the northern hemisphere and daylight in the southern one) are around the corner. [and from another source] Last night I went out at round 6 PM and notice how small the Moon looked, and dim it looked. Then at 2 AM I went out again and this time the Moon was at least 2 times larger and much brighter. The Moon must have gotten closer to the Earth during those hours, or the Earth got closer to the Moon. This should never happen during the course of a night. Earth must be in a massive wobble. [Note: N Pole tipping away, Sun too far South, 3 Days of Darkness approaching.]
Signs of the Times #1236
The European Seismic Center is closing their site from the general public as of the end of this month. They will only allow the public to view a ‘simplified’ (read ‘sanitized’) version of this information. The EMSC has been, the best source of real quake data since the big clamp began so no surprise they are going to take it away at this point. [and from another source] I ran a USGS search for 8.0 and above for 1999 and came up Zero. I'm curious as to why Iris would have them and not USGS? [and from another source] The 1999 data shows no quakes between 8.0 and 9.9? A quick check of IRIS shows 12 quakes in this range. Any recap that indicates no quakes within a range when in fact 12 took place, is highly questionable. [and from another source] USGS is a government agency and IRIS has members in the educational realm. IRIS says their data is courtesy of USGS NEIC. The mystery continues. [Note: Tired of the Richter shuffle, the sites are closing down! Only the carefully crafted version will now be available, no raw data. Meanwhile, Global Quakes at the Face and Dark points continue.]
Signs of the Times #1235
Mystery Booms in US and UK [Nov 19] ‘Mystery booms are being heard in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Richmond, Virginia and in England.’ [and from another source] City officials can't pinpoint cause of mysterious 'booms' in Richmond, VA [Nov 17] ‘Officials are at a loss. They say they've looked at everything from sewer gasses to kids doing mischief. They have even contacted the state's emergency management services. But, the source of those booms continues to evade them.’ [and from another source] Boom is Back [Nov 10] ‘Newschannel 15 and the Fort Wayne Police Department have each received dozens of phone calls about the noises. The Fort Wayne Police have no answers.’ [and from another source] Britain [Nov 8] ‘A Ministry of Defence spokesman said it was not a domestic fighter that caused the incident, although he was unable to confirm the source of the sonic boom. Police and RAF bosses received scores of calls from those concerned at the explosion.’ [Note: snapping rock, like the Seattle drums a year ago.]
Signs of the Times #1234
Seattle Nov 17: For the Seattle latitude, the sun should set at 235 degrees on Dec. 22, the winter solsitice. Today is November 17. Tonight, as I do every night, I took another reading of the sunset - 235.8. In other words, the sun is already farther south now than it should be 5 weeks from now. The ongoing Sunrise is within the parameter of where it is supposed to be. It is the sunset that exhibits this recent deviation. It's similiar to an off balanced top. And it's not good news. [and from another] Connecticut Nov 18: Weatherbug showed Sun to rise @6:41 on Nov 18. No Sun till 7:22 in Connecticut USA [and from another] The magnetic poles of Earth present themselves to the Sun each once a day, at diametrically opposing times. When N America faces the Sun and Planet X, the N Pole is exposed in its location just above the Canadian NW Territories. As the N Pole of Planet X is coming into play during the slow revolution of Planet X in place, the N Pole of Earth leans away from this hose of magnetic particles, causing the Sun to seem too far to the South. This effect lingers until the S Pole of Earth comes into view, dawn just South of Tasmania, at which point the N Pole of Earth is out of view and negated. The Earth now attempts to move back into alignment with the Sun, the dominant magnet in the solar system, overcompensating in this wobble back to place the Sun temporarily too far to the North for Siberia and Europe. The drunken lurch back and forth will become more accentuated as the slow 270 roll of Planet X continues, with the tilt of the Earth’s N Pole steadily moving away from the Sun, until the 3 days of darkness is evident. Is this drunken lurch not already evident? [Note: new ZetaTalk: Drunken Lurch.]
Signs of the Times #1233
Acting Secretary of the Army Resigns [Oct 17] Brownlee served as the Under Secretary of the Army from November 2001 to May 2003, at which time he also assumed the duties as the Acting Secretary of the Army. [and from another] Secretary of The Air Force James G. Roche Resigns [Nov 16] Secretary James G. Roche today submitted his resignation as Secretary of the U.S. Air Force. [and from another] For the first time in its history, NORAD will be under the command of an Admiral of the United States Navy [Nov 8] Navy Admiral Keating assumed command of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command from from General Eberhart in ceremonies here November 5th. [and from another] The US Military has been a sham, publicly, since August, 2003 when the football, the briefcase of nuclear codes, was taken from Bush, deemed a highly unstable megalomaniac as the War in Iraq demonstrated. The Navy, long at the heart of the Planet X cover-up in its position as timekeeper of the world and with tentacles into observatories worldwide, setting Sun and Moon times, and even controlling USGS and quake information before it is disseminated, allied with Bush. It was rumored at that time that prosecution or impeachment of Bush might occur, but this was deemed an impossible path given the Republican Congress and friends on the Supreme Court. Time would fix this wound, or so it was presumed, with the elections around the corner, but now that blatant election fraud has also occurred, the sham has become a burden. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Military Shuffle.]
Signs of the Times #1232
Now a sudden and unprecedented mass exodus of those close to Bush, those meeting with him regularly and taking responsibility for the administration of large segments of the US government - Justice, Commerce, Education, State, Agriculture, Energy, Homeland Security, Health - with the count at 8 of 15 Cabinet positions suddenly resigning. ... Does Bush take responsibility for his mistakes? He doesn’t make them, per him, so the buck does not stop at his desk. It stops at the desks of those beneath him, who must work magic, make his impossible promises a reality, and never complain that the tools they need are not being provided. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Cabinet Exodus] We suggested last July that Crop Circles held Timeline Clues and based on our comments our Emissary Nancy tried her hand, coming up with dates from late October to late November for the issues the Crop Circles were warning were about to materialize. What has emerged, only recently, to confirm these predictions? [Note: new ZetaTalk: November Reality.] Hungary Nov 14: This day, the sun went down N-NW! Is it possible, that the dance of the Earth has begun? Italy Nov 16: At 13 :18 o’clock I noted a stronger deviation to West of the Sun, then I checked with digital compass and was surprised : azimuth was 210°, too much for the natural 197° in that hour. Maryland Nov 13: I don’t remember ever seeing the sun setting in the SW. Seems like just the other day, it was back around slightly North of due West. Australia Nov 13: The Sun appeared to set 5 degrees farther south yesterday in the southern hemisphere. Often this can be confirmed by a later observation of the position of the South Celestial Pole(SCP). A 9:00 PM observation in the evening skies placed the SCP about 7 degrees further left of a terrestrial target and 5 degrees lower to the horizon according to my reckoning. [Note: Earth wobble increasing!]