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Signs of the Times #744
During the last Sweep on Mar 26 and the days following, several observers noted a change in the position of the Moon. For El Paso, TX, the lighted portion of the Moon indicates the direction of the Sun, indicating a TILT toward the Sun of the N Pole. Per Skymap, an Ecliptic difference of 30°! The lighted portion should lean to the NW, not directly North, indicating a TILT toward the Sun. For Wisconin, the Moon was observed at midnight to be low on the horizon and SOUTH of where it should be. Jupiter was observed at midnight to also be SOUTH and the Ecliptic angled a full 22°. For Japan, the Moon was HIGH overhead, by 10°, suddenly. in Mississippi, a difference in two hours on the Moon rise was noted between Mar 26 and Mar 27, not the one hour per day for the Moon transit, a tilt different of 15° for that one hour! And again, the reflected light not the correct angle. [Note: graphics and detail on the Moon and Planets page.]
Signs of the Times #743
During the last Sweep on Mar 26 and the days following, several observers noted a change in the position of the rising and setting Sun. For Victoria, Australia, a detailed report on the location of the Sun pre Sweep showed the Sun a full 15° to far NORTH and to high. The detailed report continued to 6:30 PM when the Sun was reported still well up long past sundown, LATE. Thus a TILTED Ecliptic, perhaps overall 23°, in keeping with ongoing observations at the time. Note Australia is on the early side of the Dateline, thus their Mar 26 is a day ahead of those on the otherside of the Dateline, Mar 25 in effect so before the Sweep. On Mar 28, after the Sweep a radical change was noted, a strong shift to the SOUTH by 10°, and putting the Sun lower in the sky. This would be in keeping with an increased LEAN toward Planet X, putting the Sun broadside to the globe. For El Paso, TX, Sunrise is EARLY and SOUTH after the Mar 26 Sweep, with an extremely HIGH arc. Note this coincides almost exactly in time to the late sundown in the Southern Hemisphere. Sunset TILT toward the NORTH indicates a the N Pole pointing more toward the Sun. [Note: graphics and detail on the Mar 26 Sweep page.]
Signs of the Times #742
A South Atlantic Tropical Cyclone [Mar 26] ‘Literature dealing with tropical weather would agree: hurricanes are unknown over the southern Atlantic Ocean. Yet, as of early Friday, a storm with a well-formed eye about 300 miles east of southern Brazil has all the look of a hurricane.’ [and from another source] First-Ever Hurricane Forms in South Atlantic [Mar 27] ‘The first hurricane ever reported in the south Atlantic swirled off the coast of Brazil on Friday, and forecasters said it could make landfall in the South American country during the weekend. It's about 225 miles east-southeast of the Brazilian coast and it's moving westward at about 7 miles per hour. A hurricane has never previously been reported in the south Atlantic.’
Signs of the Times #741
On Mar 25-26 the next Sweep [Mar26] occurred with a S American crunch due to a Spreading Atlantic and the 12 Hour Wobble continuing in the Pacific. [and from another source] 32 Earthquakes in Just Three Days 4.0 or Greater Mar 24, 25 and 26th count them. 32 on IRIS and that means you can probably double for the actual number . Unbelievable, who or what is shaking our earth [and from another source] Mysterious blackout strikes Eureka [Mar 26],1413,127~2896~2043403,00.html A PG&E spokesman said the utility has no explanation for a massive power outage that struck the heart of the city for two hours Thursday affecting 7,500 customers, including the county Courthouse and Jail.’
Signs of the Times #740
Gas line explodes near Woodward [Mar 26] ‘A MidAmerican Energy underground gas main erupted two miles east of Woodward at approximately 9 AM. Flames shot hundreds of feet into the air and could be seen as far away as Perry and Minburn. The roar of the burning blaze sounded like an jet engine during takeoff. Emergency crews were called in immediately and established a one-mile perimeter from the source of the fire for safety reasons. The cause of the accident is under investigation.’
Signs of the Times #739
Congo Train Derails [Mar 23] ‘A train derailed in the south of this Central African nation, killing 31 people and injuring scores of others, a government spokesman said Tuesday. It was unclear what caused Sunday's crash, which occurred about 90 miles south of the capital, Brazzaville, government spokesman Alain Akouala said. The rebels, who call themselves Ninjas, have been blamed for ambushing trains in the area in the past, but there was no indication they were responsible this incident.’
Signs of the Times #738
It was close to noon in Argentina and everybody had seen the grey circular ring with a redish rainbow right next to the sun, 1/5 the size of the Sun. It lasted a very long time, time enough for the people to start calling the radios and TV stations. By 1:20 PM somebody from the observatory phoned the media and explained that it was water particles in suspension. Not a cloud in the sky at that moment. The only cloud in the sky was next to the sun and traveling with it! [and from another source] I was driving east at 15:00 hrs [Mar 26] in El Paso and checked my passenger sideview mirror, near the bottom of the circular tinted glass were two suns. One to the left had a red orange face with a long red orange tail, the other sun was bright white with a red orange circular field around it.
Signs of the Times #737
A very rich and powerfull politician in Argentina named Rodrigues Saa is in very deep trouble. He’s getting the heat as the new Argentinean president decided to go after corruption. Rodrigues Saa came out to the media, the TV, and gave a conference, trying to uncover the whole thing and take down some with him. He said ‘its all a US CIA complot, a planet called Hercobulus (Inca name for planet X) is coming. Its up there and they want to take over after some climatic problems.’ [and additional info] His name is Rodolfo Rodriguez Saa. He was an interin president for some days in 2001. I don’t know what TV station it was on, but for sure it was on a couple. I’ll try to search in the Newspapers. , Search : Rodriguez Saa Rodolfo Hercobulus. [and additional info] I’ve been searching for the note but everything close to Planet X , Hercobulus, and that conference has disapeared. But the note apeared on TV because everybody commented about this guy in deep trouble coming up with that answer!
Signs of the Times #736B
As has been seen since Dec 25, 2003, a planet halted in its orbit despite the influence of the Sweeping Arms is the lesser when faced with a strong Repulsion Force issue in front of the planet, halting in an orbit is not a rigid rule. Thus, in this crunch, the Earth’s dark twin or Mars may halt their orbits, and even reverse, to ease the crunch. But where is the earth in this? She has Venus to her left, Mars to her right, and her dark twin bringing up the rear! The big squeeze, and Sweeping Arms throw them all at her, and bouncing Planet X toward her, regularly! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Big Squeeze] The Earth, thus, cannot be expected to react during any future sweeps in the exact manner she has in past sweeps. Like a python increasing its squeeze only when the victim exhales, there are pause points when no change seems to be the rule. ... At the present time, the massive tail of Planet X, debris and Moon Swirls, is aimed outward from the Sun, but as the tilt of Earth toward an end-to-end magnetic alignment increases, the oxidized iron ore in this tail will swarm toward Earth, creating a drama in the sky described also by the ancients. ... The Earth rotates from West to East because the molten lava surrounding her core is reaching in this direction, attacted go elements elsewhere. In a severe tilt this reach would not be from West to East, but move more to a South to North flow, thus potentially changing the geographic N Pole and S Pole and/or putting bumping stress under the crust. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Waiting to Exhale.]
Signs of the Times #736A
Earthquakes swarm at Oregon´s Three Sisters [Mar 24] ‘A swarm of more than 100 small earthquakes has been detected at the Three Sisters volcanic center in the central Oregon Cascade Range, seismologists said Wednesday. The swarm begain about 10 a.m. Tuesday. The quakes ranged in magnitude up to about 1.5. The activity was occurring in an area centered 3 miles west of South Sister volcano, where a bulge in the ground has grown about 10 inches since 1997. Scientists said they believe the bulge is the result of about 50 million cubic yards of magma (molten rock) accumulating about 4 miles beneath the surface.’
Signs of the Times #735
Don't they know it's the end of the world? [Mar 25] ‘On October 22, 1844, a man named William Miller gathered his followers -- many of whom had sold all their earthly possessions -- and awaited the end of the world, as he had predicted months earlier. The group later became the Seventh Day Adventists. The world went on. On December 31, 1999, the odometer turned over on the millennium. People, primed for a Y2K computer glitch and terrorist activities, worried something dramatic would happen. But the calendar changed to 2000 without a hitch. The world went on. On September 11, 2001, jetliners pierced the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon outside Washington. The New York buildings collapsed, 3,000 people died, and Web sites trumpeted the predictions of Nostradamus and concerns Armageddon was at hand.’
Signs of the Times #734
During the anticipated Mar 23 planet lineup clearly a Doctored Mars was inserted in a number of photos. From Pensacola, FL, a clear paste at Mars location, per a professional analysis ‘Note the Pixels in the blow up insert. The Words, Mars, and the Pleiades are all showing larger pixels indicating a type of altering. Perhaps a paste.’ From Cascade, CO, pasted large stars over air brushed cloud cover, and pixel differences at the Mars location. ‘This photo is more clever. I adjusted the full contrast and brightness to bring our the photo art aspects. It is my opinion that the star background is genuine but the large stars, clouds and foreground are all layered on top. It makes the photo more authentic looking but is the reverse of a small cut an paste. In stead it is large art cut and paste. If you look closely at the cloud features by enlarging the area you will see large rectangular areas of apparent art brushing.’ For some odd reason, 3 of 6 photos provided by the NASA site showing Mars were from the Netherlands, and these were obviously done by professionals. ‘Pixels are uniform with no apparent cut and paste etc. I have adjusted the brightness and contract to bring out an interesting feature, not in the sky but instead on the foreground. The horizon of a citiscape is a straight line like it is cut and paste in. If that is so then the photo has been altered in some way with a fake location.’ And Mars has been placed in a Crowded star field, to confuse the issue. [Note: the halted Orbit of Earth has put Mars well behind the Earth, not where expected.]
Signs of the Times #733

Mars has moved along rapidly in its orbit, while Earth stalled, and Mars thus rises too late, as it did for the Conjunction on Feb 25. This has been noted during Observations, and because of this focus, a keen eye noted on Mar 23 that a photo on SpaceWeather.COM for that date included Mars and did a Close Check. SpaceWeather.COM says, of this photo received from Quebec. Click on these links for the Small and Large versions, untouched as copied from NASA's SpaceWeather web site. The cut and paste is not obvious, unless contrast is adjusted to bring this forth. [Note: this is a NASA affiliated site, are we surprised?]

Signs of the Times #732
At sunset today, I was outside and saw two suns setting. The first sunset was more north than the second sun. The second sun was setting in a more south east position relative to the northern sunset. About 20 minutes later, the second sun was gone and only one remained. All the Planet X sightings have apparently occurred at dawn or sunset and were reported by witnesses who always were surprised by the Second Sun. [and from another source] The sun rose [Mar 22] here in SW Michigan this morning without a cloud in the sky on a weekday for the first time in months. I leave for work at 6:15. I drop a child of at Daycare and arrive by 7:00 AM This morning I saw a plume that at 6:15 was located about 1:00 relative to the sun. By the time I was at work at 6:55 it was at 9:00 (again relative to the sun), having traveled with the sun, arcing above it to get there, while maintaining equidistance to the sun. I call it a plume because it was not a cloud. In and of itself, (not the same movement in relation to the sun described above) it was moving, changing, almost spiraling. [Note: the see the Animation done with photos from Italy.]
Signs of the Times #731
Right now [Mar 22] you can see the entire moon sphere like another light source is playing on it or somehow it is lit up differently. [and from another source] If the moon is a crescent because the Earth is blocking the sunlight, then the dark side of the Earth is facing the moon. And since there is no air in space to refract the light hitting the moon, just what the heck is going on? Is there some freaking behemoth gigantic looming glowing red brown dwarf somewhere between the Earth and the Sun? [and from another source] The unlit part a brownish color above the crescent on the bottom. [and from another source] At 6:45 today [Mar 23] I noted the Azi of the Sun to be 97°, and the Alt a full 30° up. Per Skymap, this is the correct Azi, but the Alt should only be 8°! We have consistently noted an extreme arch in the sky. [and from another source] The crescent moon is a day or two early, and it seems strange to me to see lunar movement stop only an hour above the western horizon, here in Mississippi, but it did last night [Mar 23]. Instead of overhead at about the midnight hour this was about 7:00 in the far west, and still tracking north of where it should be. Even my wife noticed the lack of movement and commented on it. [Note: the Earth Tilt.]