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Signs of the Times #716
Going into 2003 NASA and their lackeys attempted to confuse the public by calling all manner of items Planet X. Should one do a search on the Internet, the true meaning of the inbound planet and the meaningful discussion about it would be lost in the noise. At this moment, when NASA has made so much of a ball of ice smaller than the Moon, located so far beyond Pluto to be considered a non-entity, months after it was discovered and even announced to the scientific community, one must wonder why. And the public is wondering why. Consider what NASA would do to confuse the common man so that terminology long used to describe Planet X would be associated by this hoopla with that distant ball of ice. Look at the commonalties in this attempted association. It is presented as red, presented as having an elliptical orbit, is presented as having an orbit of 10,500 years which is an approximate multiple of the 3,600 orbit ascribed to Planet X, putting it close to the time of the last Ice Age on Earth, and is called the 10th planet though tinier than the Moon! Why, when it is so tiny that the most powerful scopes were used to discover it in the first place, is it being presented as something the common man could see in the SW skies, larger than Mars or Venus? Because NASA also has a dilemma in the Earth’s dark twin rounding the bend and coming up behind it in the orbit path they share. This will become visible soon, if not already, and will come close to the Earth before other dramas intervene. What is the common man to presume? Ah, that’s Sedna, saw it on the NASA site. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Meaning of Sedna.]
Signs of the Times #715
The last pole shift, during the Jewish Exodus, was reported by both Egyptian scribes and those recording the event in the Bible, the Book of Exodus. Thus, the Egyptians, being advanced astronomers, took note, but their reports of the passage were not the reports the common man reads today, as the more dramatic events of rotation stoppage and the horror roaring in from the skies dominates the stage. But the Egyptian astronomers did indeed take note of events leading into the week of horror, and passed this on to Plato and others who respected such history. How would a temporary reversal, which could be noted as the pole shift did not yet have all life disrupted and in an emergency, occur? As we mentioned, magnets prefer to snap together to form a single magnet, but barring this possibility because of a gravity Repulsion Force, they will line up end to end, along the magnetic flow lines of the dominant magnet in the vicinity, which is, of course, the Sun. Where would the Sun be seen, in such a stance for the Earth? The Sun would be seen first over the N Pole, somewhat to the West, the lesser curvature and mass of the Earth at the N Pole and not in the direction known as East. As the day progressed, the Sun would be seen over the N Pole and moving toward the East. [Note: New ZeatTalk: Whither the Earth?]
Signs of the Times #714
This Dead Twin is in the orbit path ofEarth, which is farther away than the orbit path of Venus and Mercury, which those on Earth see as bright objects due to reflected sunlight. Why is it that asteroids are dark, in space, unless in a close fly-by. They are reflecting light only from their hard rocky surfaces. Planets which have gaseous atmospheres or are gaseous do more than that, they reflect light that is bounced around in all directions. An example is shining a light into a dark forest, against the dark trees. One see vague shapes. Shine the light into a fog bank and you see that bank, no question. Yet water is clear! Does not have shape or color! But the light has been returned to the viewer, having been bounced around, rather than absorbed. Thus the reflected light from the dark twin would be more muted than expected, but in a halted Earth orbit, this twin sharing the orbit would arrive from the West indeed, in an apparent collision course! [Note: New ZetaTalk: Dead Twin Visibility]
Signs of the Times #713
Given the state of the cover-up, with its tight grip on the media and any sources with the potential to blow open the cover-up with a solid and respected admission, how is the common man likely to learn that immense news that an interloper planet is in the inner solar system, gone into a staring contest with the Earth and Venus such that their orbits are disturbed, and that the shuttering earthquakes and other indicators of its presence are most likely only the start. What news, on a personal level, could be as immense? ... The first reaction of the common man to such news will be that it must be minor, trivial, and life will go on as before. Has this not been the case, during the time when the establishment knew about it, but said nothing? A cracked cover-up will at first present that picture, but as the earthquakes and wild weather continue, worsen, and hard questions are asked of the governments tasked with protecting the people, the worrisome nature of this news will sink in. Governments and their Puppet Masters have concluded that an educated public, one aware of the potential of a crust shift and thinking about survival, will result in more successful survival communities ultimately than a public kept ignorant up to the end and in panic mode. Without a firm date, Martial Law cannot be planned, so they must partner with the populace. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Likely Outcome.]
Signs of the Times #712
NASA Schedules News Briefing about Unusual Solar Object [Mar 12] 'The discovery of a mysterious object in our solar system is the topic of a listen-and-log-on news briefing on Monday, March 15, at 1 PM EST. Dr. Michael Brown, associate professor of planetary astronomy, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif. will present his discovery of the most distant object ever detected orbiting the sun. He and colleagues made the discovery as part of a NASA-funded research project. The virtual news briefing is only for reporters. Graphics supporting this news briefing will be posted Monday on the Internet by 1 PM EST: [Note: this object, smaller than the Moon and hardly a planet, has been known to the scientific community since November, hardly news. Why the hoopla?]
Signs of the Times #711
Italy indicates the high arc of the Sun where the noon shadow lands, due to Earth tilt. These are comparable photos, both taken at the same time and location. They show the Sun less high in the sky for Mar 13 where it is expected to be higher, the Sun coming later when it should be coming earlier, a result of an increased lean along the Earth's orbit line and less tilt toward the Sun. Though a slight difference, the southern hemisphere has also noted a change in just these same days. For Australia, The Mar 10 photo shows a much higher Sun, presumably to the left along the Ecliptic as the lines are lifting at a sharp angle, indicating a close drop from the poles. Australia states this is 30°! SkyMap shows they should be in about the same place, the 310° estimated by the photographer, but this is not the case either. An increased lean along the Earth's orbit line, stretching the Earth along the Ecliptic rather than across it and standing up, would likewise move the Sun's placement to the left, South, and put the Sun higher in the sky. This would be more dramatic for Australia, formerly tilting away from the Sun but now due to a lean along the Ecltipic, exposed to the Sun again, just when Summer is moving into Fall, there, presumably, and the opposite expected! [Note: the Mar 10 Sweeping Arms reaction was clearly an increased lean toward Planet X, What Magnets Do!]
Signs of the Times #710
That Evening Star is enormous [Mar 8]. Even if it is only Venus, it is very strange. Don´t know what is really going on , it´s not usual. My 5 year old even noticed and asked me what it was. It has been seeming to get bigger and brighter over the course of a couple of weeks. [and from another source] Strangely, Venus is suppose to not be more than 63% lit at this time (its disc), and yet, we all from the US to you in Australia, Europe, everywhere, globally, the worlds population are looking at it, and stating firmly "they have never seen it look so bright or big" ever. Never ever. [and from another source] I live in SE Florida, and last night the sky was very clear, driving to the store looking West, we saw the most humungeous star/planet I have ever seen. We kept watching it thinking it was an airplane coming close or something, because we never noticed it before. Busy, clouds, or whatever, but because it was so clear last night and there was nothing else in the sky but that object, we couldn´t believe it. I asked my husband what it was, he said he thought it was Venus. [and from another source] That big bright star is still high in the night sky when my star map says venus should be set already. This is in Australia. [Note: per the Zetas, Earth orbit halted on Dec 25 and Venus right behind it has also halted, by Feb 25, and the Earth pulled in toward the Sun. Thus, Venus closer and brighter. A tilted/leaning Earth would likewise put Venus into view for a longer span.]
Signs of the Times #710
The poor Moon is almost south, definitely in the southwest [Mar 10] here in Missouir. [and from another source] The Sun is way far North here in Arizona. [and from another source] This morning [Mar 11] the sun was higher than normal for 9 o'clock here in Ohio. [and from another source] Individuals with no prediction track record whatsoever are raised up as experts. Anyone with a dream, a hunch, a theory or an opinon is given the stage, but not Nancy. Going into 2003, the establishment wished to replace Nancy with others supposedly having her vision, plagarists who it was hoped would prove to be the Pied Piper desired. Hazelwood did so, well backed and funded, including the 2003 date predictions which he adopted as his own, and has suffered from this every since. If the White Lie caused the establishment to stumble, it also was a Hazelwood killer. So how to prevent such takeover attempts in the future? We knew, from our calculations, that the halted and reversed orbit would be difficult to prove, outright, as the lean and tilt toward Planet X, in the arrangement laid out in the ZetaTalk Triangle, would disguise this. Slowing counters the time change expected. The lean counters the view of the constellations expected. And as anyone claiming this would be subject to demands to prove it, none save the brash ZetaTalk is making the claim. Thus, we arrive at a point where this will become obvious, with none but ZetaTalk having made the claim. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Hazelwood Killer with documention showing that with tilting and leaning, constellation changes are not obvious, while Other Clues are.]