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ZetaTalk: Likely Outcome
written Mar 13, 2004

Given the state of the cover-up, with its tight grip on the media and any sources with the potential to blow open the cover-up with a solid and respected admission, how is the common man likely to learn that immense news that an interloper planet is in the inner solar system, gone into a staring contest with the Earth and Venus such that their orbits are disturbed, and that the shuttering earthquakes and other indicators of its presence are most likely only the start. What news, on a personal level, could be as immense? That one’s spouse, employer, friends and relatives, are all deserting? That the dollar has no value so one’s savings and hard earned security systems are now worthless? That one is suddenly homeless and in the cold rain, starving, and all services to the homeless have been suspended? No warning, just here it is, the bad news.

The first reaction of the common man to such news will be that it must be minor, trivial, and life will go on as before. Has this not been the case, during the time when the establishment knew about it, but said nothing? A cracked cover-up will at first present that picture, but as the earthquakes and wild weather continue, worsen, and hard questions are asked of the governments tasked with protecting the people, the worrisome nature of this news will sink in. Governments and their Puppet Masters have concluded that an educated public, one aware of the potential of a crust shift and thinking about survival, will result in more successful survival communities ultimately than a public kept ignorant up to the end and in panic mode. Without a firm date, Martial Law cannot be planned, so they must partner with the populace.

Governments cannot pronounce to the public that they must rely on themselves, while simultaneously demanding taxes be paid. Thus, without a continuing cover-up, they must partner with leadership the public respects. ZetaTalk, and ZetaTalk alone, has been found, in trial focus groups worldwide, to be a known and respected source of information not only on what is happening, but on how to survive. A covert agenda in promoting ZetaTalk as the cover-up cracks is the hope that news the establishment can use for their own personal planning will be forthcoming, as we, the Zetas, have made it clear that unless the public hears new ZetaTalk on what to expect, the establishment will not hear it either. Given a cracking cover-up and media exposure for ZetaTalk, a source the public cannot make demands upon, what is the likely outcome?

Governments will get reclusive, be less available to the public, not respond to phone calls or demands for briefings except in a limited manner, and in general try to avoid the hard questions like whether a displaced public can expect to be fed and housed and who, if anyone, will repay them for the loss of their possessions and homes. These issues will be in planning, perpetually, in smoke filled rooms, with no final decisions to be announced. As disasters happen, those arms of the government or volunteer units tasked with responding will rise to the occasion, tents erected, meals served, and the message that it is important for each and every citizen to do some planning on their own, and rely on themselves, will come home. In that most families live from paycheck to paycheck, and have nowhere but home to go, the public will continue to report to work and children kept in school. The familiar comforts, routine keeps the mind off worry, and until a crisis hits home and moving is imperative, moves will not be made.

We have predicted that many will party into the pole shift, choosing to ignore danger as they have made a decision to die in comfort rather than adjust to a harsh new life without toys. Others, ill or aged, will made similar decisions out of realism, knowing they will be unlikely to do well when displaced, or not wanting to be a burden on others. But those who have determined to survive, taking their loved ones and others into a new life, can plan. Discussions and shopping trips, arrangements to send the wife and children to the farm well ahead of any crisis, plans and alternate plans and what to do if separated with the phone lines dead. All to the good, as all can make their peace with what is coming, all have an opportunity to say their good byes in loving times, and the best possible outcome for all will thus result.