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Signs of the Times #1485
African Dust Cloud Heads For Florida [Jul 22] A cloud of dust from a massive African sandstorm is expected to move over large sections of Florida by early next week. Central Florida will see effects from a massive African sandstorm as early as next week, according to Local 6 News. The massive cloud -- nearly the size of the continental United States -- should arrive between Monday and Wednesday. The weather phenomenon is part of a cycle that brings tropical storms and hurricanes to Florida. [and from another source] [Jul 22] It might turn the skies milkier and leave a light coating of reddish-brown dust on your car, the result of a small amount of iron content. [and from another source] This is the same dust I photographed in the Summer of 2003 when Planet X was rising to the ecliptic. Was that desert dust too? Steve of Skywatch [Note: key point is how often we have seen these types of rust red particulate dust storms in the past, prior to 2003, when Planet X and its tail arrived. Photos below from 2003.]
Signs of the Times #1484
Planet X, meanwhile, is transiting the Ecliptic from South to North so must align with the magnetic flow lines by swinging her North Pole from pointing toward the Sun to pointing it away from the Sun, a situation we have described as the slow 270° roll. This is, rather obviously, what a recent Silbury Hill crop circle was relaying. Where are we on this roll, which starts with a 180° turn pointing the North Pole outward toward the Earth rather than inward toward the Sun? Not far along, just starting, but this is no indication of the pace, as this is not a steady pace. At some point, the impetus is stronger, pushing the North Pole outwards quickly, as magnets are know to move quickly when the threshold of pressure in the magnetic field changes. On can see what the circle makers are trying to relay by comparing to Coventry, laid down a year earlier, where Planet X had not yet moved in front of the Sun, from the Earth's vantage point. In Silbury, Planet X is positioned centrally, but is still just slightly below the Ecliptic, and of course, has moved closer to Earth as the relative size shows. This is the progress a year has brought. What are the signs, from Earth, that this 270° roll is progressing? Since the tail of Planet X, composed of magnetized iron oxide dust, hoses away from the North Pole of Planet X, this would start to turn toward Earth, increasing the red dust in the atmosphere and blowing the Moon Swirls and visible Moons either to the side or closer to Earth. Wafting toward Earth to be closer at hand, they will become increasingly visible as they will be larger. Or wafting to the side, they will be outlined against the backdrop of the Sun. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Signs of Change.]
Signs of the Times #1483
I have no astronomy background so I am not sure what I am looking at when I see the very dark, round object at the 3 o'clock position of the sun on the SOHO EIT 304 latest image for 01:19 on 7/18/2005. I don't believe it is an artifact in the photo. When viewing the enlarged version, the spot is quite pronounced. [and from another source] Using expert techniques used by NASA scientists I can finally say for definite that it isn´t an artifact! Using Photoshop and its numerous filters I have ascertained that the following is true: 1. The object is in front of the sun 2. Other stationary artifacts that can be seen in numerous previous pictures do not show up in colour and saturation analysis. 3. The object appears to have some form of lower extension. Below you will find a link to the analysis. Colour legend (variants of colour define extremes in stronger emphasis) : Cyan - Closer to us such as minor ejections and artifacts are present apart from the object. Green - Sun level Red/orange/yellow - Activity from minor and major sunspots [and from another source] I've heard that if the Sun is as large as an orange, the Earth is as large as a peppercorn. So this would make this object much smaller than Earth, more moon sized. Since the object is not reflecting light, it is standing in front of the Sun. How close is it? Size is relative to distance.
Signs of the Times #1482
Is Tony Blair Lying? [Jul 12] 'Military (archetype) explosives were used in the recent attacks. This is troubling on several levels . Where did "they" get them? They are highly regulated by the British military. I know this, because (in one of the many adventures in my life as a journalist) I worked with a British Army explosives expert in Belize at their jungle warfare training.' [and from another source] The Voice of the White House [Jul 10] The suspicions here inside the Beltway is that the Porter Goss band of trained attack dwarves have struck again. There was no chatter detected by MI5 or MI6 preceding the blasts. The present working hypothesis is that this means the perps were British homeboys, but it could equally plausibly be because the perps were CIA. [and from another source] The man with overall responsibility for public transport in London, the Commissioner and Chairman of London Transport, Bob Kiley, is a former CIA operative and is known to have worked directly for the Director of US Intelligence. The man responsible for London Underground, Managing Director Tim O'Toole, another wealthy American executive, reports directly to ex-CIA man Bob Kiley. There is an old addage in the intelligence community: "once CIA, always CIA." [and from another source] How the Government Staged the London Bombings in Ten Easy Steps [Jul 13] 1) Hire a Crisis Management firm to set up an exercise that parallels the terrorist attack you are going to carry out. 2) Hire four Arabs and tell them they're taking part in an important exercise to help defend London from terrorist attacks. 3) Tell four Arabs to meet up at London Underground and disperse, each getting on a different train. Make sure Arabs meet in a location where you can get a good mug shot of them all on CCTV [and from another source] London Stagecoach Employee Says Bus Bombing Suspicious [Jul 15] 'The bus driver pointed out that the number 30 bus was the only one to be re-routed after the initial bombs went off in the London Underground, every other bus carried on its normal journey, but for some reason this bus was diverted. A contractor came to inspect the CCTV on the buses at the depot. That person who came was not a regular contractor. Drivers in the depot already think the so called bombers had inside help because it was to organised. Some even think it had help from the company. This information makes it all the more suspicious that the bus cameras were not working. But don't worry, the media are drooling over this picture of supposed suicide bomber Hasib Hussain, who we are told detonated the bus bomb. Well, it's a grainy picture of a Muslim guy with a rucksack, case closed!' [Note: see Signs #1477 and #1478 for related info.]
Signs of the Times #1481
Hot Ground in Santa Barbara, California [Jul 11] 'Scientists are puzzled by a mysterious Los Padres National Forest hot spot where 400-degree ground ignited a wildfire. With the help of an air reconnaissance flight and thermal infrared imaging, scientists found that the hot spot covers about three acres. The hottest spot was 11 feet underground, at 584 degrees. They found no oil and gas deposits or vents nearby and no significant deposits of coal. The Geiger counter readings were normal for radioactivity, and there was no evidence of explosions or volcanic activity. One possible explanation still under study is that an earthquake fault may be the source of the heat.' [Note: where this occurred a year ago, in 2004, it is first hitting the news! Why the wait?]
Signs of the Times #1480 [Jul 16] NASA has indefinitely put off its long-awaited return to space, saying Friday that engineers were no closer to knowing why a fuel gauge acted up right before a scheduled liftoff two days earlier. It was the same type of problem that marred a fueling test of Discovery back in April. NASA replaced an electronic box and cables associated with the fuel gauge, as well as the fuel tank itself for other reasons, and chalked the failure up as an "unexplained anomaly." [and from another source] NASA's shuttle launch off till late next week [Jul 15] 'NASA said on Friday that the earliest it could launch the space shuttle Discovery on the first shuttle mission since the 2003 Columbia accident would be late next week, after liftoff was postponed two days ago because of a technical problem.' [and from another source] Problem That Halted Shuttle Is Still Baffling, NASA Says [Jul 15] 'NASA is still trying to resolve a baffling fuel-sensor problem aboard the space shuttle Discovery. The space agency has put together 12 engineering teams around the country to get to the bottom of the problem, which cropped up on Wednesday just hours before liftoff. The problem is that one of four sensors that detect the level of hydrogen fuel in the shuttle's external tank intermittently gives right and wrong readings. An incorrect reading could cause the engine to shut down. Mr. Hale said such unexplained, intermittent anomalies were uncommon; this one is the first in the Discovery's much-postponed mission. Shuttles have been grounded since the Columbia was destroyed on Feb. 1, 2003, in a re-entry accident that killed its seven-member crew.' [Note: per ZetaTalk: Columbia, written Feb 1, 2003, this disaster was a reminder that the elite must stay grounded with the common man. It appears that the reminders continue.]
Signs of the Times #1479
North Atlantic Ocean Temps Hit Record High 'Ocean temperatures in the North Atlantic hit an all-time high last year, raising concerns about the effects of global warming on one of the most sensitive and productive ecosystems in the world. Water temperatures were above normal right across the North Atlantic last year, from Newfoundland to Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Anchorage, Alaska, has seen annual snowfall shrink in the past decade, high river temperatures are killing off millions of spawning salmon in British Columbia and northern climates around the world have noticed warming.' [and from another source] It must be Late Summer (August/September) because the hurricanes are forming off of the coast of Africa. Anyone who follows hurricanes knows that in July, they usually form in the Caribbean are and not off the coast of Africa. Also, with the quantity so far of 5 named storms, it is like PEAK season in Early September or so. [and from another source] [Jul 12] 'From one end of the country to the other, Canadians have been facing extreme weather.' [and from another source] Some Weary Floridians Leaving for Good [Jul 14] 'After three hurricanes in a decade - including two in the past 10 months - [the Cambells] are now planning to sell their Florida Panhandle homes and move away from the water for good. In the meantime they're living in their small motor home parked at a friend's house on the mainland and making plans to move to South Florida - someplace inland.'
Signs of the Times #1478 'There is no reason for terrorist groups to attack England. As recently as this week, the Ministry of Defense announced that plans were being drafted that would pull British armed forces from the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the British effectively admitting they're throwing in the towel, the only motivation to stay could come from an attack that compels the forces to stay and fight global terrorism.' [and from another source] 'The similarities with the Madrid bombing [where] the so called perpetrators were quickly linked to an Al Qaeda cell in Europe but later as we reported were linked to the Spanish Security service.' [and from another source] What is lately happening in Britain? Support for the War in Iraq is lagging in Britain, so far down in the polls as to be disappearing. Could the London bombing have something to do with the recent announcement that Britain would be pulling out of Iraq? Spain likewise was bombed just AFTER they announced they would be withdrawing from Iraq, which the Spanish people took not to be a move by Muslim terrorists but rather by those wishing to manipulate public opinion. Here we have an undeniable pattern. The War in Iraq is dropping in the polls like a stone, and support for Bush vaporizing. Blair is on the ropes, will be unseated if matters go on as they are today with the trend of eroding support for his war efforts, and the London bombings are just the shot in the arm needed. [Note: new ZetaTalk: London Bombing]
Signs of the Times #1477
Toll From London Bombing Raised Above 50 [Jul 8] 'Police on Friday raised the death toll to more than 50 from London's terrorist bombings but said they hadn't yet been able to reach all of the dead. Commuters reluctantly returned to the Underground, but buses and subways carried fewer riders than normal in the aftermath of four rush-hour blasts. No evidence suggested that the attacks involved suicide bombers but that officials hadn't ruled out the possibility. The bombs were placed on the floors of the three subway cars that were hit. Based on evidence recovered from the rubble, investigators believe some of the bombs were on timers.'
[and from another source] Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast [Jul 8] 'Army Radio quoting unconfirmed reliable sources reported a short time ago that Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred. The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room.' [and from another source] An Insight from London 'There's a lingering question about who was behind the attacks. Noting unusual selling of the British Pound vs. to Dollar a full five hours ahead of the attack, specifically at 2245 hours EST on July 6th.'
Signs of the Times #1476
Spielberg is adept at delivering the correct message, the truth, even when struggling with the imposition of government censorship where the only message about aliens allowed is that they cannot be trusted, are here to enslave mankind, but the government can be trusted to be truthful and protective. A remake of the War of the Worlds, a known story line, got easy approval. While sticking to the story line, what hidden messages for mankind did Spielberg manage to deliver? Remove the arrival of vicious blood sucking aliens as the source of panic and replace this with the days of horror during the pole shift. What is the reaction of the populace? [new ZetaTalk: War of the Worlds] The planned explosions from several nuclear devices, in keeping with the story being told, was to occur simultaneously, a single flash, but what occurred was a series of flashes over an hour. Do dead, cold, dirty snowballs, separating so the parts drift off into the void and vacuum of space, ignite? What is it that ignites? Frozen water? Bits of dust? Ignition is from what man put there, bomb material, and the fact that several explosions occurred are proof that NASA lied, once again, and had several bombs, not one, aboard. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Deep Impact Result]
Signs of the Times #1475
Mission Accomplished: Probe Hits Comet [Jul 4] 'NASA´s fleet of space telescopes, including the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra X-ray Observatory and Spitzer Space Telescope, and dozens of ground observatories also viewed the impact.' [and from another source] Today in German PRO7 Evening News a representative of ESA (European Space Agency) mentioned that another objective of this mission was to find out if it would be possible to hit an incoming celestial body. The science team head said three times that he could not understand how their little impactor could have caused such a large reaction. It was still outbursting a half hour after impact. [and from another source] A Nasa scientist on the NBC world news tonight made the comment that we need to know if we can change the course of a comet in case one is on a collision course with Earth. [and from another source] During the BBC program the interviewer Graham Cox for the Open University BBC telephoned Karen and asked her, what was her response to the rather long after glow of the deep impact and she said something like 'well we don´t really know'. Karen was the one responsible for coordinating 100 observatories world wide over six years to home in on Deep Impact. [and from another source] I was listening to George Noory on C2C [Jul 5] with Hoagland and McCaney discussing the strike on Temple1. They speculated the NASA was lying and that they saw two lights one of which may have been a nuclear explosion. [and from another source] NASA scientists were astonished and expressed their amazement on camera and in no uncertain terms: The blast was 'considerably more energetic than I expected.' 'The big question is how did we make such a big splash.' 'I'm at a loss to explain it.' [and from another source] NASA keeps showing the same things. Pre-impact photo, post impact photo taken a few seconds after impact. Its been 45 hours! Where are the current images? [and from another source] 'CFHT Image (Canada France Hawaii Telescope) equipped with the Megacam camera, pre- and post-impact (image below)' [Note: analysis of the background stars indicates the series of blasts moved over a considerable area in less than an hour. This would be appropriate for a large black planet sized rock like the Dark Twin, but not for a comet sized, object. See also Sign #1469.]
Signs of the Times #1474
Japan Coast Guard Investigating Water Vapor Column Near Iwo Jima [Jul 3] 'Japan's Coast Guard dispatched aircraft Sunday to survey a 3,300-foot-high column of steam rising from the Pacific Ocean off a small Japanese island, in a possible sign of an undersea volcanic eruption, officials said. The water vapor resembling a huge cloud, was seen from the island of Iwo Jima on Saturday by Japanese troops stationed there, said Hiroshi Shirai, a spokesman for the Maritime Self-Defense Forces. Several soldiers witnessed the vapor in waters roughly 30 miles southeast of the island, he said. The defense officials who later conducted an aerial survey from a rescue helicopter also found the surface of the water in the area turning red, Shirai said, adding that there might have been an underwater volcanic activity. On Sunday, Japan's Coast Guard sent aircraft to the area to conduct a more thorough survey in daylight. Coast Guard officials said officials are still trying to find out what exactly has occurred in the waters, and no further details were immediately available.'
Signs of the Times #1473
High lake temperatures puzzle regional scientists [Jul 3] 'The average surface temperatures of the Great Lakes are at their highest in five years. Readings in the 60s and 70s from all but Lake Superior already are warmer than they were during last summer's most comfortable mid-August swimming days. Sturtevant said researchers might not make sense of current temperature data for months or even years, but there is evidence this is an unusual season. Experts say the trend doesn't provide proof of global warming theories, but may point to the extremes of natural weather cycles.' [and from another source] Disappearing Surf Mystifies Scientists [Jul 5] 'Something has caused the breakers to disappear from Europe's most famous surfing beach. The Basque Wave, which may reach upwards of 20 feet as it breaks, has been reduced to little more than a ripple. Scientists are unable to explain the disappearance of the wave, which was discovered by surfer Craig Sage about 20 years ago. The Basque Wave was famous for sweeping in from far out at sea, and offered the most exciting surfing experience in Europe. The wave may have been affected by offshore dredging or by changing sand bars, but its sudden disappearance suggests that changes in ocean currents or the structure of the sea floor could also be responsible.'