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Signs of the Times #933
Slinging past the Sun in its sling orbit, Planet X has moved closer to Earth since last Fall. The Earth is now frozen in her orbit, with Planet X and the debris in the tail coming closer. Compare the photos from Italy and South Africa.
Signs of the Times #932
There was a morning haze on Eastern horizon here in El Paso and the Sun was a huge orange ball [Jun 22]. With filters over my 12x25 binoculars I moved the view left of the Sun and there, about 1 1/2 Sun diameters left and below the Sun, was the usual three moon swirl complex with a long writhing dragon flowing toward Earth and the fourth and huge object lower and to left of the three with a stream of debris. I got out of the car and looked and I could just very barely see the four objects, which were reflecting the sunlight. I had just, for the first time without an eclipse box, viewed Planet X and moons. The Sun rose and the view was gone. It only lasted about ten minutes, but I have seen what's very close to us. Thrilling and chilling at the same time. [and from another source] I have been observing the Sun through my #10 welders lens here in the central Yukon Territory in Canada over the past eight days [Jun 16-22] at 8:30 AM and believe that I have seen the Planet X complex (below). [Note: both viewers are descibing the String of Pearls shape (photo from Italy, at right), the Moon Swirls.]
Signs of the Times #931
In El Paso [Jun 21], the Sun rose at 6:04 AM at Azi 48° (relative to Transmountain Road which runs E/W). Skymap expects the Sun to rise at Azi 62°! Far NORTH, a fact confirmed by many. [and from another source] Ursa Major was viewed at 11:00 PM, the Cup at Azi 315° Alt 60° (bottom of cup), the Tail with the tail tip pointing South to Azi 275° Alt 80° (top of tail). Skymap expects the same Azi, but much lower, Alt 40° for the Cup and, tail more sharply upright ending at Azi 295°. This is too HIGH in the dome, again. Note that the Big Dipper overhead is considered a Winter constellation view. [and from another source] In Wisconsin at 11:00 PM, the Moon was observed at Azi 260° Alt 60°. Skymap expects Azi 230° Alt 25°! This puts the Ecliptic far NORTH and the Moon high, thus LATE. [and from another source] Around 8:30 PM [Jun 26] here in Baton Rouge, I noticed that the half moon was situated to the SE. The reflected light was visible from the LEFT half of the Moon. At approx 11:00 PM I glanced out the back window of the house which faces to the SW and saw the Moon's light now visible over the RIGHT half of the Moon. Skymap expects the light to be consistenly on the RIGHT side, the earlier a reflection light from Planet X! [and from another source] In Wisconsin at 11:00 PM [Jun 26] Jupiter was observed setting at Azi 290°, Skymap expects the Ecliptic to be at Azi 270°, the Ecliptic NORTH. [and from another source] The strange Solstice has confirmed. The sun was in the max position towards the north in the days June 8 to June 11. [and from another source] Sunrise [Jun 25] was later than last reading here in California, equal to the June 1st reading so appears that slowdown is quickening, not symetrical to the approach to the Solstice. On the Solstice day, the satelite indicated the tilt only reached 23 degrees, 26'. It is reversing at what appears an excelerating rate compared to approach, already to 23 20'. [Note: Orbit aberations, with tilt and lean of the Earth, continue to be noted.]
Signs of the Times #930
Evacuation Signs ‘I am a law enforcement officer who resides in Brooklyn, New York. I was born and bred in New York City living 25 years in the Bronx. I have never seen any sign about evacuation any where in the five Boroughs of New York, then all of a sudden as if prompted by certain media events these signs appeared on the streets of Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. I finally found the information as to who put up these signs and why. It was the Office of Emergency Management better known in NYC as the OEM. This is the mayor's agency that responds to disasters. They are being placed because we are moving into hurricane season, and I suspect that they are preparing for the possibility of a hurricane colliding in full force with New York City. Since an unheard of hurricane developed and landed on Brazil, they may be bracing for one this year. Usually hurricanes don't affect New York City as much as they do the coastal towns of Long Island and New Jersey, but I do remember two hurricanes that actually hit New York and all they did was bring heavy rains, nothing more.’
Signs of the Times #929
A New Terror Threat [Jun 27],9171,1101040705-658292,00.html ‘Along with this now familiar general warning, the FBI has introduced the specter of a new terrorism threat: booby-trapped beer coolers. Look out for plastic-foam containers, inner tubes and other waterborne flotsam commonly seen around marinas that could be rigged to blow up on contact. FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials say no such devices have actually been discovered, nor is there any current intelligence that terrorists are hatching plots involving floating bombs.’ [and from another source] These baseless alerts every time a national holiday rolls around are beginning to get annoying. Wouldn’t it be prudent to alert the citizens most likely to encounter a bobbing beer bomb in the water? The fishermen, boaters, beachcombers, surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, scuba divers, crabbers, Jet Ski jockeys, kayakers, canoeists and anybody else who’ll be flocking to the beaches and waterways over the weekend? That is, all the rest of us? There’s a difference between a terror warning of what is possible and a terror warning of what is probable.
Signs of the Times #928
Billions of Revenue from Oil 'Missing' [Jun 28],2763,1248752,00.html ‘A Christian charity has accused the coalition authority in Iraq of failing to account for up to $20 billion of oil revenues which should have been spent on relief and reconstruction projects. Liberal Democrats are demanding an investigation into the way the US-led administration in Baghdad has handled Iraq's oil revenues. The coalition is obliged to pay all oil revenues into the Development Fund for Iraq. Christian Aid, in a report today, claims that the US-controlled Coalition Provisional Authority, which hands over power to an interim administration in Iraq this week, is in flagrant breach of the UN security council resolution which gave it control of the country's oil revenues. Resolution 1483, passed in May 2003, stated that the money should be spent in the interests of the Iraqi people and independently audited, but an auditor was appointed only in April.’
Signs of the Times #927
4000 scientists challenge Bush! [Jun 29] ‘More than 4,000 scientists have signed a petition accusing George Bush of twisting their work to further his political agenda. Suddenly, science is responding in what is almost certainly an unprecedented revolt against the government. Earlier this year, the non-profit group, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), put together a petition that has so far been signed by more than 4,000 scientists, among them 20 Nobel prize-winners, demanding that the Bush administration change its behaviour. It also published a 38-page report detailing the government´s scientific distortions.’
Signs of the Times #928
Polarization happens increasingly, where those in the Service-to-Other get increasingly serious minded and dedicated and group together in order to accomplish their goals, and those in the Service-to-Self band together increasingly in order to likewise have an uninterrupted focus on their goals without the distraction of discussions on whether the common man should be helped. Thus thrown together, and nervous about losing territory, the Service-to-Self are mean spirited with each other. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Leveling Wars.] At a certain point in the young souls development, birthing guides become involved to help shape the circumstances of the next incarnation, so the setting is one which will maximize opportunities for learning for this particular entity. In all these exceptions with the Rule of Non-Interference, manipulation is done to things, not the incarnated human or life form, and thus does not interfere with the setting the emerging young soul can control. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Things vs People.] The pole shift we have described, a conflict between the core of the Earth and its crust, requires two dictates, in conflict. This conflict is likewise present the week of rotation stoppage, as we have explained, because the Earth moans, complaining that it cannot turn as the core wants to do. Thus none of the horrors we have described have evaporated, but are still in the Earth’s future, regardless of any temporary respite that a lack of conflict or an earthquake plate lockdown may provide. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Lockdown.]
Signs of the Times #927
Baseball size hail pounds Texas [Jun 22] ‘Winds gusting to 70 mph and hail the size of baseballs pounded the Texas panhandle.’ [and from another source] Egg-size hail stones injure 32 in northern China, cause serious damage [Jun 21] ‘Egg-size hail stones pounded China's northern city of Handan, injuring 32 people and causing serious damage to houses, farmland and trees, state media reported Monday.’ [and from another source] 5th day in 80s breaks Alaska record [June 23] ‘Juneau set a record Tuesday with its fifth straight day over 80 degrees, and the streak is poised to continue.’ [and from another source] W-w-where's M-M-Minnesota's s-s-summer weather? [Jun 23] ‘In parts of northern Minnesota, unseasonably cold air could leave a frosty coating on windows this morning.The National Weather Service in Duluth said Tuesday that a low-pressure system from Canada is causing patchy frost and lower temperatures across the area. Today's highs are expected to reach only the 50s along the Canadian border.’
Signs of the Times #926
All that is needed is your own two eyes! It isnt just Scorpio, but Scorpio is the constellation noticed and easily seen by folks. In fact it is all the stars. Right after dark, Scorpio is very easy to see in the southern sky. It is in a an almost vertical position with the tail downward. As the evening progresses, Scorpio will lay down on right side by around midnight, and by the time it is ready to set, it will almost totally invert itself, almost unrecognizeable, due to its being almost upside down! Moon posts, ecliptic posts, now constellation post, are tied to Earth changes! I was a amatuer astronomer myself for several years.. had a great telescope.. 8" Newtonian, Meade brand name. The stars do move a little at night, in a circular pattern with Polaris, the North star as the seemable pivot point! But the constellations are not supposed to invert themselves almost, during a nights passing! [Note: per Skymap, Scorpius should go from an upright slightly leaning to the right position to laying on its right side, not inverted, during the night.]
Signs of the Times #925
I thought I would let you see my device. The level is naturally aligned by it's bubble and I checked it with a makeshift plumb bob, pictured here. I checked the angle of the string with the bottom of the level. It is 90*, thereby ensuring the level is correct. The protractor is mounted in a groove cut in a piece of wood, by the table saw, and then wedged into the groove and clamped to the level. The string attachment brad is in exact alignment with the protractor center point. [and from another source] Sharpen a nail. Pound through a bit of plywood that is flat, no warps. Place nail in middle of wood. To observe. Put a sheet of paper over nail. align paper with north via compass. Make reference line on paper. Date the paper. Pin the paper to the board. Then at periodic times go a put a pen point on the very tip of the shadow being cast by the sun and the nail. Get as close to the point as possible. Then for each point, on the paper, and near the mark made, note the time from manual watch. Every day change the paper and keep them handy. To compare, merely line the holes in the paper up, then the north pointing reference points. Such solar observation stations were used for centuries to good effect prior to telescopes with solar filters.[Note: rig to measure Earth tilt and lean, in Seattle, and method for measuring dead noon, in Japan. Results in the Orbits and Slowing sections.]
Signs of the Times #924
The Earth will experience more than a twirling wobble during the passage, more than a simple 90° turn during the hour of the shift, as a complicated magnetic dance is about to ensue, beyond what man might imagine. The Earth's magnetic field participating in a slow roll WITH Planet X such that no one on Earth could deny that something is amiss. The cover-up, blow apart and shattered, without warning. The panic the establishment hoped to avoid suddenly upon them. The controlled panic the establishment hoped to gain by open discussions on the issues such that the populace is aware of what to expect, and what to do, and when, no longer possible because they had failed to degrade the cover-up and focus rage on the perpetrators in time. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Slow 270° Roll.]
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