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ZetaTalk: Lockdown
written June 27, 2004

We have explained that the Deep Quakes that rose exponentially from about 1985 until the year 2000 were a reaction to the loss of heat particles from the core of the Earth, such that the crust plates, floating on the sea of magma, tightened into each other. This trend ended and another emerged, the global shuddering noted only in the Spring of 2003 and continuing at regular intervals during the past year when the Earth is forced into a conflict position between the Sweeping Arms of the Sun and the magnetic dictates imposed by Planet X. Weak points in the crust crumble during these conflicts creating the periodic disaster scenarios which have shown an obvious Pattern. Since we have described the globe as being subject to constantly trembling ground, emergency crews exhausted with an endless series of disasters, and the public clearly alerted to the need to move to safe locations if they have not already done so, then are these disasters to continue, increasing, until rotation slowing to a stop occurs?

Conflicts occur where two dictates exist, the winner not obvious. This has been the case when Planet X moved into the inner solar system during the later part of 2003, the Earth coming round in her orbit and thus Planet X at the side, the Sun at her face. Slowing rotation occurred, to a minor degree, during this time, because there were two touch points the Earth was trying to honor, one holding her back from her rotation, the other the dominant Sun. Conflict has existed during the first half of 2004 because Planet X was rising from beneath the Sun, passing the Sun’s South Pole, and moving toward Earth and thus moving between the Earth and her Sun. Thus, increasingly, as the Sun’s voice is blocked, the Earth has less conflict, but is in the grip of Planet X. Like a snared rabbit, struggling to escape when hung by the ears by its captor, the struggle only proceeds when there is hope for escape. The Earth is now snared, with no hope of escape, resigned, and is twisting and tilting and leaning in step with Planet X like a compliant captive.

Thus extreme tilting can occur with little warning or violent earthquakes. Until the situation exists that will institute the start of rotation slowing, there may be little or no earth changes like the past year has presented. The pole shift we have described, a conflict between the core of the Earth and its crust, requires two dictates, in conflict. This conflict is likewise present the week of rotation stoppage, as we have explained, because the Earth moans, complaining that it cannot turn as the core wants to do. Thus none of the horrors we have described have evaporated, but are still in the Earth’s future, regardless of any temporary respite that a lack of conflict or an earthquake plate lockdown may provide.