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Signs of the Times #923
For the Jun 20-25 Whiplash, the 12 hour stress points on the crust were notable in Venezuela, Equador, Kamchatka, Kenya, Tibet, and Houston, the Globals accompanied on the 20th by SOHO Door Closed and an Omaha water main break and an Alberta Midnight Sun and the Moon North, on the 22nd by another Tilt North and Mammoth Lake jitters.
Signs of the Times #922
Water Main Repaired [Jun 20] ‘A broken 8-inch main at 114th and Dodge has been repaired and the street has been resurfaced. Traffic at the busy intersection is back to normal. The line burst at 10:30 PM Sunday and one lane of westbound Dodge had to be shut down. Crews worked through Monday night to repair the rupture and the damaged road surface. The water was restored to commercial customers in the area by 3:30 Monday morning. The road surface was restored by Tuesday.’ [and from another source] El Paso found the Moon full 25 degree to far North the evening of June 19, but days later the Moon returned to its proper location. [and from another source] Last week, here in Alberta, the Sun was rising noticeably early at around the NNE position at about 2:30 AM. It would arc all the way south and exit at about the WSW position at around 11:30 PM. Then, last night, June 21, it actually set earlier than before. On Saturday night, [Jun 19], the Sun barely had set, again in the same positions as noted above, but was barely below the horizon with the sky still showing a rose sunset light across the whole northern horizon before coming up again a few degrees east of North. We are too far south to be truly the ‘land of the midnight sun’, being on the same latitude roughly as Belfast, Hamburg, Vilnius, etc. [Note: Alberta is reporting a sudden tilt to the NORTH, on the evening going into the June 20 sweep date, such that they were suddenly into the Midnight Sun zone]
Signs of the Times #921
It is 7:40PM in Colorado, [Jun 22], and the Sun is not setting, it is rather remaining horizontal at this moment, and is traveling across the mountain tops. [and from another source] I´ve noticed the same in Michigan with the sun seeming to set more North than usual. [and from another source] In Wisconsin on the morning of [Jun 22], there was a sudden change to where the sunshining through the red colored glass on my East window wall lands on bedroom wall. Just the day before, the red circle was near the floor, but this morning it was 3 feet higher but at the same place on the wall. This indicates a move further NORTH. In our North facing bedroom, the Sun was also noted for the first time coming through the window and shining on the West wall. In that it has to climb over a hill and trees to come into the window, it has well risen by this point, far NORTH. The next day, at 6:00, the Sun having risen high above the hills and trees, at least 20° above the horizon, the Sunlight is coming across the lawn at a 45° angle! Way NORTH and too HIGH. [Note: again on the second sweep date, June 22, another tilt NORTH.]
Signs of the Times #920
Over 450 Law Professors Suggest Impeachment for Torture Scandal [Jun 16] ‘More than 450 professors of law, international relations, and public policy - led by Harvard Law School faculty members - sent a letter calling on Congress to hold accountable, through impeachment and removal if appropriate, civilian officials from the top of the Executive Branch on down for policies developed at high levels that have facilitated the recent abuses at Abu Ghraib. The letter has been signed by 56 law teachers at Harvard Law School, including former Dean Robert C. Clark, and Professors Laurence Tribe, Alan Dershowitz, Lani Guinier, Detlev Vagts and Frank Michelman. It has also been signed by leading experts on international relations, public policy and constitutional law across the nation.’
Signs of the Times #919
The effect of the sweeping arm, enveloping the Earth as shown in most recent crop circle from Honey Street, impels the rotation of Earth counterclockwise, BUT, the arm has a different influence on Planet X, moving clockwise and rotating clockwise as it passes through the inner solar system. This is a clash, a reversal for Earth when it encounters the massive field of Planet X, and thus the serpentine influence, as in Tistead. This is also shown as a blocking influence, as in Windmill and Ontario, where the rotation direction of the magnetic fields directly clash. Who wins in this? It is no contest, and one of the reasons for Earth's rotation slowing to a stop during the passage is this clash. The magnetic field of Planet X is slinging AT Earth's field, a constant barrage, as the distance between them closes. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Serpentine Dance.]
Signs of the Times #918
The establishment in fact has been hoping to keep the public unaware until the very last minute, diminish unwanted populations, be able to call martial law and select out just the workers they wanted, but they cannot do this because they need to know an exact date and time in order to declare martial law which cannot really be maintained for very long before it degrades. Therefore, they are forced, because they do NOT know a date and time, to partner with the populace in order to get strong survivor groups which are their worker base. [and more] We have explained when we gave the White Lie, ... that they would be trapped in the cities, they would be poisoned in the cities, trapped where they would drown, and therefore we are NOT giving the date because hundreds of millions of people on Earth, innocents, are affected by this. We of course could give you not only the date, the hour, and the minute perhaps, but we will not because until the establishment is sharing the information that they know, on a timely basis, with the peoples of the world, they will use this information to harm you and not help you. [Note: partial Transcript of Lou Gentile show on night of Jun 21, 2004.]
Signs of the Times #917
Iraqi Poll: 2% see Ameritards as liberators ‘The Bush administration´s last remaining justification for the invasion of Iraq has been demolished by a private poll revealing that only 2 per cent of Iraqis regard the occupying forces as liberators. The poll, which was commissioned by the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) last month and which was leaked yesterday, reveal that only 2 per cent of the Iraqis polled in mid-May see coalition troops as liberators, while 92 per cent said they were occupiers. In a crumb of comfort for the coalition, only 3 per cent expressed support for Saddam Hussein. A total of 54 per cent believed that all Americans behaved like the guards at Abu Ghraib. Asked whether they would feel safer if the 138,000 US troops left immediately, 55 per cent agreed, nearly double the 28 per cent who held that view in a poll carried out in January.’