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Lou Gentile Show
June 21, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview, during the second half, and this is all that is available.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by others has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link

C1: Orbit is normal because the constellations are in their correct place.

N: That’s a very interesting question, because someone in our Village here, who knows the constellations, we had a clear night, night before last, went out and looked where Ursa Major is, and I have to tell you it is NOWHERE near where it is supposed to be. Its supposed to be about, the cup is supposed to be about 50° up, you know, if you consider 90° to be overhead, and it was 80° up. And the arm of the Dipper was slung toward the South and its supposed to be slinging up toward the dome. And I actually just uploaded that on my web site. Its in the orbits section, its also in the Signs of the Times, a link there. I don’t know what sky he’s looking at, but its not the sky we have over Wisconsin, and I check this PERSONALLY. So, its not.

C2: Orbit is normal because the dark twin would have come up behind us by now.

N: Well it HAS. Actually, the last Lou Gentile, and there’s a link on the bottom of that page I prepared, that I have a couple of photos. One was caught by, we had it show up coming out from behind the Sun last January February, and we thought it was a blue persona, we thought what on Earth is this, and we didn’t recognize it until people began seeing it in the night sky after sunset, or right about at sunset, as something that appeared very yellow and then shrunk to be blue. And the Zetas explained why this is, being colors that are not absorbed by the dark twin, which it is black. And it is behind us, and its one of the reasons we get the bump, ba-bump, ba-bump when we have the sweeps. Its not directly, its not going to smash into us, because as anybody who follows ZetaTalk knows, large bodies, like our relationship to our Moon. The Moon is up there and does not crash down to Earth, and moving SO slowly. It is not centrifugal force that is keeping it up there, its a factor of gravity particle flow, which is called Repulsion Force. Gravity particles flow comes down into a gravity center and then spews out suddenly, and that spewing out suddenly is like a fire hose toward a large body, and it keeps large bodies at a distance. Therefore, we don’t have planets wanging into each other, and we’re not going to get bumped from the rear by the dark twin. But it is behind us.

C2: Orbit is normal because it would be on top of us now, but is not. Where is the dark twin now?

N: Yeah, here’s one way to calculate how far. If the sweeping arms happen 8 times a year, that brush us along in our orbit counter clockwise, all the planets counter clockwise. 8 time a year if we’re moving, 16 times a year if we’re standing still. It takes 2 days, about 2 to 2 and a half days, for the dark twin gets bumped, and that additional pressure causes kind of wobbling and bridges fall and factories explode and its one of our sweep patterns. 2 to 2 and a half days later that arm hits Earth. Now I’d have to sit down and do the math but you could probably figure it out. 365 days, divide that by 16, you know, how much is, what is the distance for 2 to 2 and a half days.

C2: I’m looking, and I’m not seeing it.

N: It has been sighted and has been photographed but it is like asteroids, which we don’t see until ‘oops, my goodness’, they’ve slung by the Earth. Because if you have something that is absorbing light particles, and by the way, it has also halted, it is not continuing to come toward us, but that’s the distance it should be, and it should be the size of the Earth approximately.

C2: My GoTo scope is working.

N: Well you know, that counters an awful lot of testimony I’ve gotten from many many people who have posted on message boards. They say absolutely their GoTo scopes are not working. They have to constantly tweak them.

C2: Do you know how GoTo scope work?

N: I’m a little bit familiar with it, but my point is, that you’re saying it works, but dozens of other people have said it does not, and said this on public message boards and defended that angrily.

C2: If you went to XXX amateur message board and said that you’d be told otherwise.

N: Well actually, I used to post on sci.astro back in ‘98 and ‘99 and I’m aware of the pressure that’s put on anybody who counters what the official line is supposed to be.

C2: My scope is bla bla and I go out every week and see all this stuff.

N: Well good for you, but can you explain why we’re having global quakes every few days like this, where the entire globe shudders? This is USGS siesmos. I would suggest you go to the USGS live seismos site and watch, on a daily basis, when the whole thing goes black worldwide. There has never been an official explanation for that. And this is a phenomena that has only happened since March of 2003.

C2: Quakes are felt elsewhere, not just where they happen. Ear to the train track example.

N: Well actually, these seismos ALL AROUND THE WORLD will shudder at the same time, and this is a phenomena that has happened only since March of 2003 and there are more earthquakes at that time. So what’s your explanation for that?

C2: This isn’t happening in Houston, we’re not having any quakes.

N: I’m sorry but Hockley, TX is in Houston, a suburb of Houston, and it shudders. This is not earthquakes, this is a global shudder, and if you take a look at the live seismos, which I have many many examples of in the Quakes and the Sweeps, you will find Hockley definitely shuddering with the rest of the world.

C2: I work under contract to the military industrial complex here in Houston.

N: Oh, I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised to hear you say that. You got your loyalties right out there. You know, its a scary thing to counter the establishment. Have you been familiar with the Emperors New Clothes child’s tale? Well, I’ll tell you, people worry about losing their jobs these days, they worry about getting pressure and threats. You’re under contract, a military industrial contract, but you’re speaking freely right now.

C2: I’m not working on any thing that requires a security clearance, so they can’t squeeze me.

N: Nevertheless, you have to worry about offending your employer. I guess we’re agreeing to disagree.

C3: Why aren’t the other planets in the solar system affected, Planet X has not affected them.

N: Well, actually, it HAS. And this has been pointed out that moons and planets seem to be heating up and the like. The orbits of the outer planets like Neptune and Saturn, the big guys, there’s a very long slow turn so basically they look about the same place in the sky from our close-to-the-Sun orbit, a slight difference. And there ARE slight differences. Our Ecliptic is not where it should be, our Sun arc is too high, and people are finding Jupiter too high in the sky, for instance, and delayed. If you actually go out and look, folks, use your OWN eyes, don’t listen to people who are TELLING you, aggressively, that everything is normal. You have to get, um, I have an old program, Skymap, that has a database that I got before the year 2000, and it predicts, based its on time honored, how long it takes these planets to move and where everything is supposed to be, so I know where its SUPPOSED to be and I check where it actually is, and there are differences.

C4: I’m in Hawaii, and I don’t work for the military industrial complex, and my GoTo scope works.

N: Well that’s good, and I think that there is some torquing that the Zetas have talked about where the North American continent is twisting a little bit, you know, to change, so I think depending upon where you are on the globe it may be different, but GoTo scopes basically pick up Polaris, for instance, and say ‘all right now, I’m ON Polaris and therefore the planets or the star constellations should be here or there’ and it seeks out and searches and does pattern analysis and locks on.

C4: It doesn’t do pattern analysis.

Editorial Note: drift alignment indeed does pattern analysis. 
Quote from sci.astro.amateur: 
> That brought up the question about how to polar align
> when I couldn't make out Polaris.
Worth remembering, that Polaris, is only a 'starting point' anyway. It
allows you (with a good polar scope), to get within a few fractions of a
degree. Hence the process is iterative. Normally you start from the
'Polaris' reference, and then improve the accuracy by drift alignment. All
that not being able to see Polaris does, is potentially degrade the
'starting point'

N: Well now what do you do about the fact that your ground may not be completely level?

C4: It does get pointed at a star like Polaris.

N: OK, so once you lock onto Polaris, if you want to go to a constellation nearby, its using a database of information that it should be to the right or to the left, so many degrees.

C4: Finds them every time.

N: The STARS have not moved, our EARTH has moved. Well actually, if you lock on Polaris, YOU position it. So, for instance, you could be standing upside down but as long as we locate your belly button we can find your feet. You see what I mean? That doesn’t say anything about Earth being out of position.

C5: Orbit is normal because Solstice happened at Stonehenge.

N: Oh bull shit, bull shit. I followed that this morning and you know what happened? They couldn’t, they didn’t GET the sunrise until about an hour and 15 minutes after it came up. This is a business of where the Sun is to come between a couple of stones and fall on a Heel stone, and this is rough hewn stone, so if it falls on the Heel stone in the middle or, I don’t know, some spot, then that means we’ve seen the Solstice. Now, in the first place, it was an hour and 15 minutes AFTER the point where it was supposed to fall on the Heel stone that the sunlight even came through. AND, they had an arranged, they called it an impromptu dance with torches and people, and there were thousands of people crowding around, hundreds, bobbing about, having a dance with TORCHES in front of the Heel stone, so it was a very confused situation even if the Sun HAD broken through. What we know is that a bunch of people showed up and there was a party. That was it.

C6: What is the motivation of the establishment to inform the public about Planet X?

N: OK, here’s ZetaTalk on that, thanks Diane.

The establishment in fact has been hoping to keep the public unaware until the very last minute, diminish unwanted populations, be able to call martial law and select out just the workers they wanted, but they cannot do this because they need to know an exact date and time in order to declare martial law which cannot really be maintained for very long before it degrades. Therefore, they are forced, because they do NOT know a date and time, to partner with the populace in order to get strong survivor groups which are their worker base. And this is their motivation.

End of ZetaTalk.

C7: Why can’t the Zetas give a date, why can’t they even say what year?

N: And this is ZetaTalk.

We have explained when we gave the White Lie, on the Lou Gentile show as a matter of fact, for specific dates of May 20th to the 27th and Code Orange was called by Tom Ridge that they would be trapped in the cities, they would be poisoned in the cities, trapped where they would drown, and therefore we are NOT giving the date because hundreds of millions of people on Earth, innocents, are affected by this. We of course could give you not only the date, the hour, and the minute perhaps, but we will not because until the establishment is sharing the information that they know, on a timely basis, with the peoples of the world, they will use this information to harm you and not help you, and we are holding out for the right to give our message to the public of the world before we get specific on dates.

End of ZetaTalk.

L: How long has ZetaTalk been around, when did it start?

N: Since 1995. It started on January 19, 1995 in Michael Lindemann’s chat group in America Online, and within 6 months was on the web. I have never spammed or promoted my web site. All the notoriety I get from around the world, and its internationally famous, some will say infamous, because of the gripping, it comes together with a ring of truth, a vast amount of knowledge that a single person could not know, and remarkable accuracy on predictions. An example is all the meteors and trash what they said in 1995 would come in an voile, it appears on photos and is coming in. 1995, not after the year 2000 when other people jumped on the Planet X band wagon. We were the FIRST to talk about this in 1995, the weather changes, the meteors, and the effect. Trust the originals, accept no substitutes.

L: Have you heard of XXX? What do you think of them?

Editorial Note: Nancy was thinking the question was about a site like 
Sky&Telescope or Spaceweather, NASA affiliated, so the Zetas addressed 
the concept in Nancy's head with the above ZetaTalk. Skywatch, the 
amateur group tracking Planet X related matters is legit and run with 

N: I’m unfamiliar with it. This is Nancy. Here’s ZetaTalk.

Any astronomical organization is going to be closely tied with NASA and JPL and therefore a mouthpiece. They all hang together, they all support each other, and until NASA becomes honest with you, which is unlikely to happen, EVER, you won’t get the truth from them.

End of ZetaTalk.

L: Thanks dear, always a pleasure.

N: Thanks Lou, I love every minute of it, you’re just such a gentleman.