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Signs of the Times #1013
The Three in the last Sweep set was accompanied by a Belgium gasline explosion and Illinois heaving road and collapsing a Pennsylvania quarry and Meteor reports and an Earth Lurch . [and from another source] Road Uprising [Jul 30] ‘In Terre Haute. A block of road was near the intersection in normal condition last week, but since then it has risen three or four inches out of the ground. We asked the City Engineer's office for comment, but they say they still don't know what's causing the road to rise up.’ [and from another source] Quarry Collapse [Jul 29] ‘A huge chunk of earth surrounding a quarry collapsed overnight. You can see big fissures in the ground right along side thepavement. The cause of the collapse is under investigation.’ [and from another source] Meteor over Germany [Jul 26] ‘This should be an enormous meteor said the astronomers.’ [and from another source] Meteor lights up central Victorian sky [Jul 29] ‘A huge meteor has been seen in the skies over central Victoria. It just had a large blue tail and a bright red ball and then as it went across it just exploded into pieces.’ [and from another source] The Sun Altitude at high noon, per official Navy charts, should not lurch North (after the Solstice) by several degrees, then sudden South by several degrees. This lurch occurred on July 28, a sweep day.
Signs of the Times #1012
Belgian Gas Pipe Blast Kills 15, Destroys Plants [Jul 29] ‘A huge blast on a leaking gas pipeline in Belgium Friday sent giant fireballs in the air and catapulted bodies hundreds of yards in the biggest industrial disaster in the country's recent history. At least 15 people were killed and more than 100 injured when the explosion ripped through the underground pipeline 25 miles southwest of Brussels. The explosion tore through a section of the underground line carrying gas from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge to northern France as repair men were working to plug a leak, a spokesman for the agency said.’ [and from another source] On Saturday July 24, 31 cars of crushed rock derailed and spilled in Stuart FL while traveling at relatively high speed on the Miami/Jacksonville route. It was blamed on faulty fasteners. But on Tuesday 7/27, while at 10 MPH, seven cars derailed. Engineers noticed "slippage" as the rails had apparently moved. No fasteners broke. 20/22 trains travel here daily. Source: Palm Beach Post [and from another source] Last night, July 27, when I went to bed, I felt the bed slightly vibrating. It went on for about 12 minutes. This morning, there was another water main break on State Line Road, nearer the actual main part of Kansas City. There was a water main break last week also. [Note: Earth changes on the uptick, with less media coverage. The worse it gets, the less we hear.]
Signs of the Times #1011
Cold in Peruvian highlands is a killer this year [Jul 29] ‘The United Nations is appealing to the international community to help hundreds of thousands of people, especially children, who face starvation and disease in Peru as a result of severe cold weather in the Andean nation. UNICEF said more than 80,000 families in Peru have been affected by the severe cold, which also has caused major losses of livestock. Thousands of llamas, sheep, and cows — whose meat, milk, and wool sustain the indigenous communities in Peru's Andean highlands — have frozen to death. Snowstorms in the area are said to have mostly tapered off, but freezing temperatures dropping to minus 22 degrees Celsius (-8 Fahrenheit) have persisted, causing many children and elderly people to contract pneumonia and bronchitis, according to Peruvian health officials. The Children’s Fund said the situation could worsen drastically in Peru, as the coldest winter temperatures usually occur in August or September.’ [and from another source] The Earth wobble has Japan and Asia suffering extreme heat, getting more Sun, and logically on the opposite of the globe, in Peru, there should be less Sun and more cold, and there is! [Note: Earth Wobble well documented in the Orbits section.]
Signs of the Times #1010
Maldives: Paradise soon to be lost [Jul 28] ‘For as well as being blessed with sun-kissed paradise islands and pale, white sands, this tourist haven is cursed with mounting evidence of an environmental catastrophe. Since 80% of its 1,200 islands are no more than 1m above sea level, the country's 360,000 citizens would be forced to evacuate.’ [and from another source] Greenland ice-melt 'speeding up' [Jul 28] ‘First you hear a savage cracking sound, next the rolling crash of thunder. Then as the icebergs rip away from the margin of the ice-sheet they plunge into the grey waters of the Atlantic with a roar that echoes around the mountains. Nothing prepares you for the sheer scale and drama of events in this forbidding terrain and all the signs are that the changes at work here are gathering pace. Results are alarming - the edges of the ice-sheet are melting up to 10 times more rapidly than earlier research had indicated.’
Signs of the Times #1009
We are not speaking here of material goods, the homes lost, the business inoperable, the value of what had been put aside in savings diminished or gone. We are speaking of the thousands of depressing deadlocks that hold people in their ordinary lives, which they see no way of escaping, suddenly broken. The most obvious is the bondage that material goods place on their owners, and the social obligations that societies place upon their members. Where formerly, the weight of what was to be lost was on the side of the status quo, now the status quo is dwarfed by a compelling emergency. The clingy and demanding spouse, the possessions demanding to be polished, the inane boss demanding to be considered brilliant, all can be ignored. Life has received an infusion of energy, charged not only by need for action on the part of anyone with a heart that cares, but also by the breaking of virtual bondage that most societies represent. A downside, suddenly up! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Downside Up.]
Signs of the Times #1008
Where there have been many reports lately of the Moon being too far South lately, this careful documentation shows it dramatically! Note on the Skymap that the Moon should be about midway between South and West, but is found almost directly South, instead! [and from another source] Here is the panorama. It was taken during the day and then I removed the sky and put a black background and moon on it. Where I have the moon in the panorama is where it was at 12:37 AM on Wednesday morning, July 28. I can just never remember seeing it so low at such a southerly location before.
Signs of the Times #1007
Lunar Lunacy: A Dispatch from our Boomer on the Ground on Terra Not-So-Firma 'The moon was not moving like it was supposed to. It was out of position, too low or too high in the sky, coming up or going down in the wrong place, moving to far west, or too far east, in short, behaving not at all like a steadfast and predictable celestial object to which we pay scant attention simply because it is there all the time. ... When placed side-by-side like this it becomes clear to the observer that there is disturbing and radical movement of the moon, as seen from the earth for whatever reasons may cause such movement. ... I have so far heard many theories about the possible causes of this movement, but none of them have come from the astronomical community, either amateur or professional, though they have been called upon on several occasions to offer opinions.
Signs of the Times #1006
Pewsey20 is a reminder that the Earth is chasing ahead of the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, which move counterclockwise. Orbit lock is heavily implied in Etchilhampton by the primary numbers 13, 11, 7, 5. No mixing or subdivision possible. At the Point of Passage, it transfers this particle crowding from beneath the Ecliptic to above, predictably during a sweep. ... Again in Tan Hill we see this insect with its stinger pointed in a clockwise manner, ready to sting the Earth, sweep toward it in a counterclockwise manner. The Reverse Direction of the respective planetary rotation is a factor in the Earth slowing to a stop in the week prior to the shift. That this point is about to begin is shown in the recent Avebury diagram. As shown in Strzyzawa, the 23° Angle taken on exit is a result of this, the easier path to reducing the crowding. ... Brunoy shows this dual 270° roll to be in opposite directions, and in close proximity to the Sun. Thalheim shows us this engulfing occuring in two different directions, as the dual 270° Roll of Planet X will place the planets in a radical Juxtaposition. As both Patney and Wylatowo show, Planet X is moving at an angle toward the Ecliptic, and thus an imbalanced crowding occurs, tossing both it and the Earth into voids during the 270° Rolls. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Reminder Circles #1, #2, #3]
Signs of the Times #1005
Project Wormwood, Learmonth Solar Observatory, Studies in Planetary Defence and Space Debris ‘Planetary Defence is defined as that activity concerned with protecting the Earth and its inhabitants from destruction due to impact by a large piece of space debris such as an asteroid or a comet. Interest in Planetary Defence ... first started in 1995 following a visit to the site by ... US Air Force Space Command. ... Following this, a research grant was made available by AFOSR to acquire equipment to restart observations of near Earth objects. ... This led to birth of Project Wormwood.’ [Note: quote from the site, which is in Australia, the southern hemisphere, where views of Orion are best.] ‘The third angel sounded his trumpet,and a great star, blazing like a torch,fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water - the name of the star is Wormwood.’ Revelation 8:10-11
Signs of the Times #1004
Nancy Reagan to Bush: 'We Don't Support Your Re-Election' [Jul 30] ‘The widow of former President, and Republican icon, Ronald Reagan has told the GOP she wants nothing to do with their upcoming national convention or the re-election campaign of President George W. Bush. Nancy Reagan turned down numerous invitations to appear at the Republican National Convention and has warned the Bush campaign she will not tolerate any use of her or her late husbands words or images in the President’s re-election effort.’ [and from another source] Sullen, Depressed President Retreats Into Private, Paranoid World [Jul 29] ‘A sullen President George W. Bush is withdrawing more and more from aides and senior staff, retreating into a private, paranoid world where only the ardent loyalists are welcome. Advisors are worried the depressed President may not be up to the rigors of a tough re-election campaign. Bush's erratic behavior and sharp mood swings led White House physician Col. Richard J. Tubb to put the President on powerful anti-depressant drugs after he stormed off stage rather than answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth J. Lay, but White House insiders say the strong, prescription medications seem to increase Bush's sullen behavior towards those around him.’
Signs of the Times #1003
The Egyptians relayed to Plato that in the past the Sun rose from the West, during times of great catastrophe, and prophecy predicted this for the coming cataclysmic times. If we have predicted such a horrific pole shift for the Earth, after a week of rotation stoppage, would the Earth not be horrifically affected if stood on its head so the Sun would be seen rising in the West? ... During this roll, the Earth's rotation does not change, its molten magma revolving in the same direction regardless of how the core or crust might temporarily be positioned. The magma is not magnetic, is indifferent to the magnetic dance ongoing, so continues its direction as before. The Earth's core is magnetic, as is the crust, due primarily to the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift. Thus the core and crust participate in the 270° roll, while the magma rotates as usual. As the roll is slow, there is no tearing of the crust, no sudden motion of the crust, so the massive earthquakes predicted for the pole shift do not occur. This is instead a drama in the skies, which the establishment, hoping to keep the populace quiescent until the last minute, will find a horror. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Sunrise West]
Signs of the Times #1002
I got two bar magnets for a simplistic test since I didn't know if they would align Side-by-Side regardless of which way the the poles faced. I didn't know, for sure, if the magnetic repulsion/attraction allowed magnets to remain in that orientation. Well, my est proved it does.
[and from another source] The 270° Roll predicted by the Zetas is based on the S. Pole of Planet X, currently leaning away from the S. Pole of the Sun as it moves along the magnetic flow lines surrounding the Sun, will continue to point away from the Sun as Planet X does a 270° Roll to align side by side with the Sun. During this 270° Roll, the Earth will not be unaffected. Paul has provided graphics to show a possible scenario. Notably, predictions and folklore describing the Sun rising in the West would be the case if the Earth's S. Pole were pointing North, for a time.