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270° Roll Speculation

I got two bar magnets for a simplistic test since I didn't know if they would align side by side regardless of which way the the poles faced. I didn't know, for sure, if the magnetic repulsion/attraction allowed magnets to remain in that orientation. Well, my test proved it does.

The 270° Roll predicted by the Zetas is based on the S. Pole of Planet X, currently leaning away from the S. Pole of the Sun as it moves along the magnetic flow lines surrounding the Sun, will continue to point away from the Sun as Planet X does a 270° Roll to align side by side with the Sun. During this 270° Roll, the Earth will not be unaffected. Paul has provided graphics to show a possible scenario. Notably, predictions and folklore describing the Sun rising in the West would be the case if the Earth's S. Pole were pointing North, for a time. See Signs of the Times #978 and Lou Gentile show Summary.