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Signs of the Times #977
Why Is The Sun Flaring Excessively? Why have there been 4 or 5 M class flares and two X class flares in the past 48 hours? This is highly unusual, even during solar sunspot max (which was supposedly 3 or 4 years ago). Modern scientists are absolutely clueless. [and from another source] ‘Region 649 spawned a major class X1.8 solar flare at 01:41 UTC on 15 July. It is still too early to discern whether this event was associated with an Earthward-directed coronal mass ejection.’ [and from another source] Solar activity will likely remain high for days to come. Sunspot 649 harbors energy for X-class solar flares like the one that erupted on July 15th. Another big sunspot is hidden on the far side of the sun. Solar rotation will carry it over the sun's eastern limb, and into plain view, as soon as July 17th. [Note: Planet X in the vicinity, not admitted.]
Signs of the Times #976
The One in a new Sweep set was accompanied by Worldwide quakes. [and from another source] Earthquake hits northern Pakistan [Jul 15] ‘There are no immediate reports of casualties, officials said. They say that its intensity was not immediately known. But a spokesman told the Associated Press news agency that the town of Abbotabad, about 150 kms northeast of Peshawar, has been badly hit.’ [and from another source] Small Earthquake Shakes Mo., Ill., Ky. [Jul 15] ‘A minor earthquake shook up parts of southeast Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky.’ [Note: where Riachuelo, Brazil is black, literally, during the Global Quakes on July 15, 2004 and Venezuela also shows a strong quake, there is no mention of quakes in South America in the quake databases. The cover-up continues.]
Signs of the Times #975
Heron Colony Vanishes into Thin Air? [Jul 14] ‘Biologists checking in on one of the region's largest heron colonies discovered it was gone. A healthy, thriving heron colony is easy to spot from the air. Flying over it, there's nothing to see – no birds, no visible nests, just an empty sea of trees. No birds or nests are visible from the air. To add to the mystery, Eissinger said just a few weeks earlier, the colony was its loud, active self. There were at least a hundred active pairs with young. The birds just disappeared. And while biologists try to figure out where the birds went, the bigger, more serious question is: Why did they leave?’ [Note: increased quake activity in this area may be a factor.]
Signs of the Times #974
Meteors Create Confusion [Jul 13] ‘A burst of meteors over Finnish coastal waters early on Tuesday prompted hundreds of Finns to mistakenly report the natural phenomenon as emergency flares from distressed vessels, officials said. red fireball moving swiftly through the night sky, spewing sparks and leaving a trail of vapour before turning white as it entered the atmosphere, Finnish news agency FNB reported. glowing meteor could easily be mistaken for an emergency flare, which is an international alarm signal for sailors in need of assistance, Salokorpi said.’ [and from another source] 100 houses ablaze in Egypt from meteors [Jul 15] ‘In several villages in the south of Egypt for the unknown reason have simultaneously burned down about 100 houses. In opinion of astronomers, fiery spheres, most likely, - large meteorites.’ [and from another source] At the time I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at because it was moving rather slow, but had a flare like appearance to it. After reading about the mysterious meteor shower and slow moving fireball as posted on, I am almost certain I was seeing the same thing from Baton Rouge. As you can see from enlargement (at right), the object is quite large and brilliant in appearance. It was visible for several minutes from the NW of the setting Sun on July 12.
Signs of the Times #973
Airport Delays [Jul 16] ‘A Southwest Airlines flight from Houston that was supposed to dock at Baltimore-Washington International Airport’s Gate C11 was initially reported to have as many as 12 people onboard who were not conscious when the plane landed, WBAL-TV 11 News reported. Fire-rescue crews from Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties responded to the airport, where as many as 20 ambulances were observed.’ [and from another source] Out of the Blue, Southwest Airlines Chief Resigns [Jul 16] ‘James F. Parker unexpectedly resigned yesterday as chief executive of Southwest Airlines, the largest low-fare carrier in the country. The abrupt departure of Mr. Parker, who is 57, came with little warning. Yesterday morning, Mr. Parker notified Southwest's board that he would leave immediately. Mr. Parker, a Southwest executive since 1986, said that his decision to go was prompted by a combination of things that he did not specify; he said his health was fine.’ [and from another source] As far as I know, SWA is connected with the CIA, they don't call themselves "The Company Airline" for nothing! [and from another source] Airlines Rack Up Losses, Southwest Shines [Jul 18, 2002] ‘Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines Co, the only major U.S. airline to report a profit each quarter since the Sept. 11 attacks, once again proved to be the sector's anomaly, as it posted a $102 million profit.’
Signs of the Times #972
These conflicting reports could point to an Earth wobble, a twirling wobble. [and from another] The sun from where I am located at in Chatham, Ont. is moving Northward [Jul 15] compared to last week and the week before. As I look at the horizon the sun is moving more to the left. It should be moving to the right a little bit more every day. [and from another] And the sun moved more Northward [Jul 15] along the horizon again today here as well. This has got me really worried now. [and from another] In my part of the world (California) the Sun is rising farther South, and later (13 minutes) [Jul 13] than at the Solstice. [and from another] This photo of Venus was taken on July 14 from the Eastern Sky at 5:30 AM here in Baton Rouge. As you can see the planet is far above the horizon, and unusually bright and close in appearance. [and from another] Here are some new pics [Jul 13] from Florida this morning just after 6:00 AM. [Note that consistently the Moon is lit from beneath, like a Nike zwoop, where Venus is lit from the side. Since they are both lit by the Sun, presumably, what is the second light source creating this difference?]
Signs of the Times #971
After June 21 the Sun was supposed to slowly start rising and setting a litle towards the South each day. Why is it still [Jul 13] moving North? [and from another] I noticed on my drive to work this morning, it does seem further North. [and from another] The Sunrise is stil moving North now, very odd. [and from another] Where I live in Kingston, Ontario the sun has moved a few degrees North as well. I get up and measure the sun every single clear day. [and from another] This is important and needs to be watched. The Sun is not receeding to the South after June 21 as expected. [and from another] Hey just an observation but the Sun is moving to the North still. How in the hell can this be explained away? [and from another] I live in England and I too noticed the sun is not moving South yet. It appears to be moving North by a bit more. [and from another] I live in the middle of NH on the east coast of the good ol USA. I have a window on my second floor of my house that faces NNE and it has never had the Sun shine into it before this year. I´ve never had to pull down the shade on that particular window to keep the upstairs cooler before this year. [and from another] Why does the sun set so far North that I have evening shade on my deck for the first time in 4 years? No, the house/deck has not moved. No, the trees are very large and old and have not moved. It is a dramatic difference. We grill out nearly every night. Either the Sun or the Earth has entered a new position. [and from another] And moving more North every day. There was a telephone pole lined up with the rising Sun last week from my front porch, standing on the corner of it. Now the Sun is to the left of the pole by about 5 pole distances. The sun has moved North more from just last week. [and from another] The sun is moving North in Michigan. I am at a camp here [Jul 14] and all the councellors were commenting on this around our night fire. Even the office staff here are looking and getting concerned.
Signs of the Times #970
At 15: 45 hrs today, Sunday, 07-11-04, in E Paso, the Sun was at appro Alt 85°, Azi 185/190°. [Note: at 15:45 in the afternoon the Sun should be in the SW at Azi 255°! This is a skew to the South well past noon, the Earth leaning!] Sun rise position report. Photos taken on June 15 at 5:03 AM, June 20 at 5:24 AM, and July 13 at 5:13 AM. In the last, the left light dot is the Sun rise. So, July 13, the sunrise spot if far North. [Note: per the static tree and rigging in all the photos, the Sun rising to the RIGHT of the bar on June 15, but far to the LEFT of the bar on July 13, much farther to the North. after the Solstice!]
Signs of the Times #969
The sequence is thus that Planet X first creates a tilt, lean, and wobble in the Earth as it rounds the Sun's S. Pole and skews along the Sun's magnetic flow lines. Then creates a tight end-to-end lock with the Earth while rising through these flow lines to the Ecliptic, where Planet X stands almost horizontally along the magnetic flow lines surrounding the Sun. Then Planet X continues its momentum in a 270° roll to align side-by-side with the Sun, creating gyrations in the Earth during this slow roll until the Earth likewise settles into a side-by-side lock with Planet X and rotation slowing to a stop begins. Crop Circles depicting the entire sequence look scattered or confused, as the various positions in the dance of the planets seems slung from this side to that in the field. Do the planets in fact move about during this process? Indeed, yet another part of the drama we decline to discuss at this moment, as the establishment is still not sharing the information they have with the public, and has still not positioned the media such that our message is received by the public simultaneously to the elite being privy to it. We are implying here TV and radio broadcasts, live. In the mean time, get ready for a magnetic dance of the planets beyond man's imagination. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Juxtapositioned Planets.]
Signs of the Times #968
'Zimbabwe's harvest will not meet the country's food needs and it will be forced to import food, the UN says. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says the country faces a shortfall of 325,000 tons of cereals this year. The Zimbabwean government has predicted a record harvest of 2.4 million tons of maize. But FAO says it expects the harvest to be less than half that figure - around a million tons of cereal crops. In a new report, the UN food body warns that between 30% and 40% of farmers may run out of food from their own production by the end of July. FAO's Henri Josserand, head of the Global Information and Early Warning System, told BBC News Online that he thought the country would be forced to import food to make up the shortfall.' [Note: Zimbabwe not in sub-Sahara, yet another country experiencing the crop shortages predicted by ZetaTalk.]
Signs of the Times #967
Sweltering Heat Causes Street to Rise 5 Inches, Crack, and Blow Up [Jul 13] ‘After seeing a large crack in the street, crews originally suspected a possible gas leak, but with a little investigation, they soon learned it was something else. The fire department, police and the gas company and even the city’s public works department were all called to Cardinal and Benjamin late in the afternoon, residents alarmed when they suddenly witnessed the ground rise and crack. Some of the curbing blew up and the street raised four to five inches, says Rob Hughes with the Wichita Fire Department. Experts say the crack is unusual, because the heat-related breaks typically occur in concrete, as opposed to asphalt. Because the damage is so extensive, part of the road has been closed.’ [Note: Kansas has been cool and rainy, not excessively hot. This is Earth movement, not heat.]