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Worldwide Quakes
July 15, 2004

Last Updated: Thursday, 15 July, 2004, 10:23 GMT 11:23 UK
Earthquake hits northern Pakistan
An earthquake measuring five on the Richter scale has jolted northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. There are no immediate reports of casualties, officials said. They say that the epicentre was in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan, about 250 km north of the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Pakistani seismologists say that the quake was felt in the north-western city of Peshawar, and in the Afghan capital, Kabul. They say that its intensity was not immediately known. But a spokesman told the Associated Press news agency that the town of Abbotabad, about 150 kms northeast of Peshawar, has been badly hit.
Small Earthquake Shakes Mo., Ill., Ky.
A minor earthquake shook up parts of southeast Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky. The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 3.5, according to Bruce Presgrave, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center. Presgrave said the quake was considered minor. There were no immediate reports of damage. The quake occurred around 10:30 PM Thursday. The epicenter was about 10 miles south of Cairo, Ill., in Mississippi County, Mo.

Note that where the tear point at the bottom of Brazil is black, literally, during the Global Quakes on July 15, 2004 and Venezuela also shows a strong quake, there is no mention of quakes in South America in the quake databases. For the quake in Fiji, Iris (USGS) had the quake at 4.1, Puma (European, more honest) had the same quake at 7.1.

2004/07/15 12:07:59.0 Mag 5.7 Northwest Territories, Canada
2004/07/15 12:07:04.5 Mag 5.4 British Columbia
2004/07/15 12:07:04.1 Mag 5.6 Vancouver Islands
2004/07/15 12:07:00.4 Mag 5.1 Vancouver Islands
2004/07/15 12:06:57.0 Mag 5.5 Vancouver Islands
2004/07/15 12:06:51.8 Mag 5.7 Vancouver Islands
2004/07/15 12:06:49.9 Mag 5.6 Vancouver Islands
2004/07/15 12:06:48.5 Mag 5.4 Vancouver Islands
2004/07/15 12:06:28.0 Mag 5.8 off Oregon Coast
2004/07/15 12:05:42.3 Mag 5.1 North Pacific

2004/07/15 08:18:55.0 Mag 5.2 Uzbekistan
2004/07/15 08:18:42.0 Mag 5.1 Uzbekistan
2004/07/15 08:18:30.4 Mag 5.2 Afghanistan
2004/07/15 08:18:27.3 Mag 5.3 Afghanistan
2004/07/15 08:18:23.6 Mag 5.3 Afghanistan
2004/07/15 08:18:10.0 Mag 5.1 Pakistan
2004/07/15 08:17:53.0 Mag 5.4 Kashmir
2004/07/15 08:17:34.6 Mag 5.5 China
2004/07/15 08:17:26.1 Mag 5.3 China 

2004/07/15 04:27:10   Mag 7.1 Fiji Islands