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Signs of the Times #945
For those of you interested in the potential for a dramatic slowdown in the Atlantic Conveyor and abrupt reversal of the Gulf Stream, you may be interested in the sea surface temperature anomalies (SST) off the Eastern Seaboard. A huge pool of cold water is growing and is now extending across the Atlantic towards Ireland, the UK and Europe. Around Labrador, SSTs are up to 10C lower than average. [and from another] So far this summer, the UK has had crap weather. It is cold, colder than normal. Elsewhere, there has been a distinct lack of tropical storms, indicating colder than average SSTs. See this SST Latest. [and from another] Here´s the navy´s SST Anomaly plot which shows the growing cold anomaly stretching across the Atlantic. It is consistent with the Gulf Stream shifting southward. Stand by for an unexpectedly unsettled autumn followed by a particularly severe winter. [Note: alongside the Hudson Bay cold spot, the Atlantic Ocean has a cold spot.]
Signs of the Times #944
For Jun 28-Jul 1 Whiplash, the Two occurred on June 29 and the Three on July 1 [and from another source] Huge Mile-Long Crevasse Opens along Fault in Western Mexico [Jun 29] ‘A gaping, mile-long crevasse opened early Tuesday along what officials described as a geological fault line in western Mexico. The crevasse reportedly opened without warning early Wednesday. It stretches about one mile (2 kms) across farm fields in a sparsely populated area in Zapopan, a suburb of the western city of Guadalajara. It is as much as 15 feet (5 meters) wide in some places.’ [and from another source] Sinkhole stops work on sewer line [Jul 1] ‘The discovery of a sinkhole near Highway 100 east of Franklin forced work to stop last week on the city’s sewer extension project that will mainly service businesses and industries at the I-65 interchange and Sanders Industrial Park. The ground fell in last Thursday. ‘
Signs of the Times #943
Russia’s Guta Bank (a Top 20 Bank) Suspends Operations [Jul 6] ‘Guta Bank, one of Russia's top 20 banks in terms of assets and capital, said Tuesday that it is unable to service its clients, according to a notice posted on the doors of several of its Moscow branches, Russian news agencies reported. The news site reported Monday that the bank had been refused a $400 million loan by state-owned Vneshtorgbank, which would have been pledged against the bank's industrial assets. Interfax quoted Guta Bank sources as saying that "technical reasons" were behind the suspension of Guta's operations. A crisis of confidence has hit Russia's smaller and medium-sized banks, but Guta would be by far the largest casualty to date.’
Signs of the Times #942
Fifth Consecutive Year of Decline in Level of Stocks of Grain is Forseen by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization ‘The trend shown reflects all the various aspects of an economy in breakdown - lack of infrastructure to compensate for adverse weather, high energy costs for agriculture inputs, loss of family farm systems in many big grain regions, domination of grain trade by cartels, etc. Year World Grain Stocks (million metric tons) 2000/2001 598.5 2001/2002 570.8 2002/2003 474.9 2003/2004 est. 397.8 2004/2005 forecast 362.7’ [Note: the Crop Shortages predicted by the Zetas.]
Signs of the Times #941
President Hussein´s upper teeth naturally close in front of his lower teeth, a normal condition for nearly all of us, but not for the man on trial, who in at least fifty of Christiane Amanpour´s separate video frames proves he suffers from a rare condition known as ´underbite´, where a defective or misshapen jaw bone causes the lower teeth to close in front of the upper teeth. This single forensic fact is absolute proof that the man on trial is not President Hussein. On the same day that the mock trial was announced, Iyad Allawi declared that the death penalty had just been placed back on the Iraqi statutes. So we can take it as read that the President Hussein, who was never captured by the Americans at all, will be ´executed´ at a classified location for security reasons. [Note: see earlier Signs #791 and #540 & 541 and #139 demonstrating that the captured man is a double, Saddams cousin, and his dead sons look-alikes from a local prison. Bush Co deception, again.]
Signs of the Times #940
Planet X is now moving away from the Sun, approaching the point where it will pierce the Ecliptic, and thus from the viewpoint from Earth, the Moon Swirls have been around the Sun. Given the 32° angle, Planet X pierces the Ecliptic in accordance with the ZetaTalk Triangle and continues its climb, over the top of the Earth, bringing its complex, the corpus and moons, within 14 million miles of the distressed Earth. This close pass allows debris in the tail, by that time streaming toward Earth due no only to the solar wind blowing it there but also the magnetic interplay between the Earth and Planet X. The tail, composed of oxidized iron particles, participates. This debris is already arriving. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Tail Debris.]
Signs of the Times #939
As they had not expected this, they were unprepared with cover-up stories, and the silence over these phenomena in the media was deafening. It created: 1. a delay, where none was expected, exhausting the cover-up artists 2. constellations askew, increasingly out of synch with the seasons and at an odd angle 3. tilt and lean in the Earth, where the Sun was too far North and with a high arc 4. because of the Earth tilt and lean, the Moon face oddly viewed, and the Moon often off orbit. It is often said of confrontation, that whoever blinks first loses, and the last man standing wins. Where the long wait has exhausted individual parties prepared for a pole shift over a year ago, it has devastated the cover-up. What does this mean, for the common man? 1. the cover-up is cracking, with serious plans being developed to inform the public about the presence of an interloper in the inner solar system 2. this announcement includes, per force, discussion of survival plans the common man can employ, as to avoid and reduce panic such discussions are deemed necessary 3. plans to trap the populace in major cities such as New York, Boston, Philly, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Mexico City, Rio, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and Paris by blocking travel and poisoning hundreds of millions were shelved as timing was critical to success. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Cover-up Consternation.]
Signs of the Times #938
Brutality, genocide, and virtual slavery in economically depressed areas - all exist today because somewhere in the world food is being grown, products are being manufactured, and commerce flows. The pole shift brings an abrupt halt to that. All travel is impeded, fuel runs short so that even a means as flexible as the helicopter comes to a halt. Manufactured parts for maintenance are lacking, and the broken link effect sets in, machinery abandoned and rusting in disuse. What is missing from the picture also is the big fist, the arm of the oppressor that comes in with the big guns to establish control. Africa before colonization was tribal, and feuds were balanced. The Americas before immigration to the new world was likewise tribal, minor feuds the only issues. What Africa and the Americas experienced was the big fist from Europe, machine guns, cannons, conscripts required to fight or be shot so the big fist included armies and navies that had no choice but to be brutal, upon command. Remove the big fist, and oppressed people soon set matters right. The oppressor is killed in the night, savagery returned in kind, Iraq with the rage against the occupation an example of the seething that turns savage with opportunity. When weapons, ammunition, supper, and backup called in readily are missing, the bullies, the oppressors, are slaughtered. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Thug Control.]
Signs of the Times #937
We have relayed repeatedly that Planet X stuggles to pierce the Ecliptic, drops from a 11° angle below the Ecliptic to a 32° angle for the passage, due to crowding at the Ecliptic. To what degree is a slingshot effect, ejecting a body that has created an imbalance, come into play? The Ecliiptic is where a backwash of particle flows return to the Sun, and Planet X is heading into this backwash as it attempt to leave the Sun, thus creating additional crowding. It is not the direction of particle flows that matter, it is the degree of crowding. What symbolism could the circle maker use to relay the thrumming stuggle of this massive planetary magnet, 23 times the mass of Earth, as it attemps to punch through the crowded Ecltipic, facing a massive headwind but driven on its path by the Repulsion Force from the Sun. It presses forward but this creates additional crowding, so is driven back a bit, then another press forward. Is this not the anoying buzz of an insect? It is balance that is sought, in particle flows, and when entering a side of the Ecltiptic where this particle crowding is absent, the Repulsion Force that has been pressing Planet X forward on its path has free reign. A sudden, and violent, exit from the solar system! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Buzz on Out.]
Signs of the Times #936
Terang man Rocked by Drop-In [Jun 28] ‘A Terang man believes a meteorite whizzed past his head in the early hours of the morning last week. Mr Lakic said the hole created by the rock was diagonal, suggesting it had hit the ground at an angle.’ [and from another source] New Zealand Residents Report Meteor [Jun 27] ‘A South Island radio station is being swamped with reports of a meteor strike in the Mackenzie Country. People from Christchurch to Timaru say they saw a bright light streaking across the sky around 9.30 PM on Saturday night. It exploded before it hit the ground, and flames and debris were seen in the sky.’ [and from another source] Meteorite reported in Western Australia [Jun 29] ‘The Perth Observatory says it has had reports a meteor has crashed near Walpole in Western Australia´s south. Witnesses say they saw a large, fiery object zigzagging through the sky at about 5:30 PM yesterday. The witnesses say the object left a trail of thick smoke and then they heard a bang.’
Signs of the Times #935
I was sitting outside with friends 8:40 PM [Jun29] looking out over the Superstition Mountains in the east valley of Phoenix (out by Gold Canyon) and a saw a large flare of white light streaking quickly across the horizon, turning to orange and then suddenly disappear. I´ve seen meteor showers before but this streaking light was huge. [and from another source] Large Meteor Observed Over South East Texas [Jun 27] ‘At 4:15 AM an operator at a major Petro-Chem complex in Texas City, Texas observed a brightening of the sky ... a very bright streak across the sky ... a very large colorful meteor streaking across the sky west to east at a high altitude. ... described it as lighting the sky about as bright as a full moon with a nebulous head similar to a comet. It was leaving streamers of blue, red, yellow and green behind.’ [and from another source] One streaked through Toronto at 11:47 PM [Jun 27]. I was smoking on the back porch when I saw it. It was awesome - the size of the moon in the sky and only a few thousand feet above us.
Signs of the Times #934
Global quakes at the Face point on June 28 reverberated across the N American plate, every monitor around Yellowstone spiked at 10:00 UTC. [and from another source] Powerful earthquake jolts southeast Alaska [Jun 28] ‘A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 jolted Alaska panhandle residents out of their sleep early today.’ [and from another source] Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake Strikes Midwest [Jun 28] ‘A brief earthquake struck the Midwest early Monday, rattling windows and awakening sleeping residents from Wisconsin south to Missouri and from Indiana west to Iowa.’ [and from another source] A second set of global quakes a day later on June 29 at the Face point saw a sudden blackout in many parts of S´pore [June 29] ‘Many parts of Singapore was hit by a blackout at around 10 PM on Tuesday night.’ [and from another source] and Central American quakes on June 29 at 07:03:53.0 Mag 7.3 off Oregon Coast, at 07:01:45.0 Mag 6.3 Honduras, at 07:01:33.0 Mag 6.1 Costa Rica, at 07:01:31.7 Mag 5.9 Nicaragua, at 07:00:38.8 Mag 6.2 Galapagos Islands [Note: another Sweep cycle has begun.]