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 Signs of the Times #146
Drought, Heat Wave Cool Europe's Economy, Associated Press, July 29 ‘A heat wave and a drought are gouging a multibillion-dollar hole into Europe's economy, crippling shipping, shriveling crops and driving up the cost of electricity. ... The worst drought in years, brought on by a prolonged heat wave that has kept temperatures well above 86 degrees for weeks, agriculture ministers from the European Union were demanding compensation from EU headquarters for affected farmers. ... The Danube, which flows across 10 European countries, is also an essential source of electricity, supplying water to hydroelectric and nuclear power plants across the region. The volume of the Danube was at 3,066 cubic yards a second, the lowest in 160 years ... Rivers in the forest areas in northwestern Croatia were so low that some systems were pumping only mud instead of water and residents had to have bottled water delivered to their doorsteps.'
Signs of the Times #145 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
With all the serious shaking going on, now HAARP has not shown the the three data points since before the morning of the 28th! And IRIS Seismo Map has not shown anything alledgely for at least 24 hours for the big red circles. All we have now is the European Seismo list which is already staggering this morning on July 29. A 7.0 in and near the very scarey Canary Islands, a high 6-7 in Portugal. ... Seems to be the pattern. Earth´s magnetic field goes bonkers, Earth starts quaking, sites go down or info dissapears. ... I suspect some funny business went on with the Euro site as well on the 28th. Activity dropped off too fast once again. This only serves to confirm some kind of a cover up. What are they hiding? ... HAARP magnatometer going off the chart now.
Signs of the Times #144
‘Something's cooking in Yellowstone National Park [July 27], and it's not just the weather. ... The ground temperature has risen to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in places, hot enough to boil water at Yellowstone's altitude. That's also hot enough to cook eggs on the ground, not to mention kill trees and other plants. Things are changing rapidly enough that the National Park Service has closed about half of the famous geyser basin to visitors due to safety concerns. ... The increased activity was first noticed July 11.’
Signs of the Times #143
Volcanoes in California, Idaho and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruption, ‘Not only is the trend continuing, but it also has escalated to an entirely new and disturbing level. ... In planetary terms, the volcanoes, vents, geysers and fault lines serve a dual purpose: They are both hot water taps and safety valves. Not for those who live on the surface of the Earth, but for the planet itself. ... Some of these precursor events will make the news. Others will not, because while they will be observed, knowledge of the events will either be suppressed by governmental agencies for reason or another, or ignored altogether by the mainstream corporate media.’
Signs of the Times #142 (via email to Nancy)
Check this out Try the loop feature [July 28] it will blow you away, the target="_top">Stripes don't move!
Signs of the Times #141 (via email to Nancy)
I'm having trouble making international calls [July 27]. Even the operator can't get through. My international email is also way off in volume. Also, two days ago, my ISP said that for over 12 hours, they received no email through the night. It took more than 12 hours to get it all fixed, when it all arrived at once! Yahoo email not working well either, yesterday. .. In the last week I've had cellular problems - cutting out, phone going dead and voice mails taking hours to receive. Last night [July 30] a friend reported it took 9 hours to get a voice mail from someone in the same area of Salt Lake City. Others have said they are having the same problems.
Signs of the Times #140 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
Strong Quake Jolts the Coast of Japan ‘A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.1 shook northern Japan on Sunday [July 27], but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. ... The agency said the latest quake was unrelated to Saturday´s three major quakes that hit another northern state, Miyagi, leaving at least 420 people injured and hundreds of homes damaged.’ [and from another poster] Volcano going off in Russia, and Russia just had a 7.l quake too. [and from another poster] and look at Rainier and St Helens on the graphs
Signs of the Times #139 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
Uday & Qusay Hussein Forged Photos – Forensic Analysis 'Look carefully at the real Uday Hussein’s fine nose and then compare it as best you can with the nose on the cadaver. As you can see, the two noses do not match, not even approximately. Now draw an imaginary [or real] horizontal line from the top of Uday’s left target="_top">ear around to the front of his face. Mark this reference point with a red felt-tip pen. Now do the same with the cadaver and you will find there is a variation of 2.5 millimeters. ... You are only allowed to see the uppermost portion of the cadaver torso ... the real Uday has some very significant scars from the attempt on his life. ...Details of the [Qusay Hussein] ear are wrong and [seriously] mismatched between photograph and cadaver. The real Qusay has an upward kink in both eyebrows, which is completely missing from the cadaver, as is the deep fleshy outcrop on Qusay’s target="_top">forehead. ... These two unknown men did not die in a hail of gunfire and Hellfire missiles inside a Mosul villa. The massive target="_top">bruising around and behind the eyes of both men proves that both were beaten severely [ target="_top">tortured] while still alive.'
Signs of the Times #138
‘Stung by cries for help from tens of thousands of producers from smallholders to industrial farmers who will start to see their crops wither within days, EU ministers petitioned the European Commission -- the EU's executive arm -- for help in tackling the cash flow crisis affecting farmers. Following the meeting, the EU's farm commissioner Franz Fischler called the drought a "catastrophe" for Europe's farmers, and said the Commission was looking for ways to help.’
Signs of the Times #137 (via email to Nancy)
I'm in southern Minnesota. Local broadcast TV reception [July 25] has been terrible for 2 months now, and I've been here 10 years. Local TV stations lately running stories about bad cell phone signals. Noon sun shadows showing 1 to 2 mins late for a while now, and increasing. Also seeing many pink and red sunsets, and grasshoppers seem to be showing up early this year. Corn fields also seem too mature for this time.