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Signs of the Times #1252
White House-linked to "vote switching" software [Dec 6] ‘An exhaustive investigation has turned up a link between current Florida Republican Representative Tom Feeney, a customized Windows-based program to suppress Democratic votes on touch screen voting machines, a Florida computer services company with whom Feeney worked as a general counsel and registered lobbyist while he was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, and top level officials of the Bush administration. According to a notarized affidavit signed by Clint Curtis, while he was employed by the NASA Kennedy Space Center contractor, Yang Enterprises, Inc., during 2000, Feeney solicited him to write a program to "control the vote." ... the end-product designed to be portable across different Unix-based vote tabulation systems and to be "undetectable" to voters and election supervisors.’
Signs of the Times #1251
Seven Top Military Men Say Bush Screwed Up [Dec 7] The Guardian (UK) talked to seven top retired U.S. military leaders and they all agree: Bush's war in Iraq is a total unmitigated disaster! Adm. Stansfield Turner, NATO Allied commander: ‘Iraq is a failure of monumental proportions.’ Lt. Gen. William Odom, Director of the National Security Agency: ‘It's a huge strategic disaster, and it will only get worse. The sooner we leave, the less the damage.’ Gen. Merrill McPeak, Air Force Chief of Staff: ‘The people in control in the Pentagon and the White House live in a fantasy world.’ Gen. Anthony Zinni, Commander in chief of the United States Central Command: ‘Did we have to do this? The sanctions were working. The containment was working. I mean, we had him by the throat.’ Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence: ‘Nothing in Iraq was guarded except for the oil fields, which tells you why we were there.’ Gen. Wesley Clark, NATO supreme Allied commander for Europe: ‘We got into this mess because the Bush administration decided what they really wanted to do was to invade Iraq, and then the only question was, for what reason?’ Adm. William Crowe, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: ‘Weighing the good against the bad, we have got to get out.’ [and from another source] Musharraf Attacks War on Terror [Dec 6] ‘The war on terror has made the world less safe and is not addressing the underlying causes of conflict, Pakistan's president has told the BBC. Gen Musharraf arrived in Britain on Sunday night after flying from the United States, where he met President George W Bush.’
Signs of the Times #1250
World Climate Can Change in a Hurry [Dec 3] ‘U.S. studies of ice sheets in the Antarctic indicate the Earth's climate can shift quite rapidly, a discovery important to the debate over global warming. The ocean warming was caused by shifts in the current triggered by changes in Earth's orbit.’ The findings were published in Friday's issue of "Science". [and from another source] I believe you would love the following article (unfortunately there is no English version) Specialists from Central Military and Technical Institute (Russia) have noticed a shift of Earth’s geomagnetic poles by 200 km. Leading specialist of the Institute explains it as a “geomagnetic influence of nearby space systems”. This causes weather anomalies and change of Earth rotation speed. Scientist warns that current changes need to be understood in order to consider their practical consequences. He believes that an increasing number of plane crashes could be caused by this phenomenon. [and from another source] About 100 miles/hour gusty wind blew in Tokyo [Dec 5] and suburbs of Tokyo, damaged buildings and affected all transportation. After this gusty wind, temperatures went up over 25C like a September climate. This is the highest temperature in December ever recorded. [and from another source] Will this trend continue, and become more extreme? Why would it not? The push of the Earth’s vulnerable N. Pole away will occur with more violence, the rebound back to align with the Sun’s dominant voice will occur with more violence, and the weather will follow! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Weather Wobble.]
Signs of the Times #1249 Here in Vilvoorde (not far from Brussels, Belgium, Europe) we live near a canal. Of course we have bridges. The one in our town was undergoing maintenance work and this afternoon the cables and their brakes malfunctioned with the result on the picture [right]. Its identical sister 10 kilometers further away is also in maintenance and was closed yesterday because the brakes on the cable mechanisms malfunctioned and made it slam hard down. How's that for coincidence? Sure is a bit spooky. [and from another source] If a weak individual cannot succeed by demanding or clinging, there is only one option available for comfort - denial. They need not worry because it is not happening, all is normal. The government propaganda is that the economy is on the rebound, jobs being created, and a firm hand at the helm. All evidence to the contrary is simply not absorbed, and if pushed to be acknowledged, is denounced in a shrill voice and slamming doors. These individuals entertain denial, in an increasingly shrill and angry manner, as the threats to their secure world increase. What does one do when they are being threatened? They consider themselves under attack, and respond accordingly. This proceeds along these lines, more rigid denial, more vicious attacks against the message, until the day reality breaks through and it can no longer be denied that something is amiss. At this point the denial changes to red faced demands for these weak individuals, hopping up and down and loudly demanding that someone reinstate their security and take care of them. [Note: new ZetaTalk: The Insecure.]
Signs of the Times #1248
Note the cold spots are not along the geographic line from the N. Pole to the S. Pole but where the globe, tilted and tipped, is getting the least amount of sunshine! Depending on the tipping and what part of the globe is getting sunlight, the coldest spot is not the geographic N. Pole, but that part of the globe that gets less sunlight. On the weather maps below, the Italy Face makes Russia, not Sweden, receive less sunlight as Sweden is tilted toward the Sun. The Americas Face makes the areas NW of Hudson Bay, not the N. Pole, receive less sunlight as this part receives a shorter day as it is pushed into an early sunset during the tilt swing. The New Zealand face shows an uneven distribution of cold along latitude 60° as the globe is pushed up and away from the Sun over New Zeland. This is then pulled forward over the India Face for warmer temperatures North of Mongolia. The weather maps, and the verbal descriptions, match. [and from another source] California Dec 2: The sun is setting in the San Francisco Bay Area a full half hour before it set, last year at this time. I have the photos to prove it. Note at sunset, the globe is tilting California away from the Sun, Sun setting early. [and from another source] Wisconsin Dec 3: Sunset Azi 223°, not Azi 244° as expected, far South by 21° [and from another source] Australia Dec 3: at 8:05 PM Azi 235° S/W and Alt 8°. Note Skymap expects Azi 244 Alt 3, so sunset is to the South.
Signs of the Times #1247
U.S. Group to File Iraq War Crimes Case in Germany [Nov 29] ‘Lawyers acting for a U.S. advocacy group will Tuesday file war crimes charges in Germany against senior U.S. administration officials for their alleged role in torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. German law allows war criminals to be investigated wherever they may be living. Those to be named in the case to be filed at Germany's Federal Prosecutors Office include Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, former Central Intelligence Agency chief George Tenet and eight other officials.’ [and from another source] Chilean communists sue Bush over prisoner tortures [Oct 28] ‘Cheney, Powell and Rumsfeld are also mentioned in the law suit. Leftist lawyers want to question US President as soon as he arrives in Santiago to attend to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation council summit, which Vladimir Putin is also expected to attend.’ [and from another source] Bush Accused of War Crimes [Oct 28] Chileans opposed to the Iraq war have accused US President George W. Bush of war crimes in a criminal complaint lodged on Tuesday, less than a month before he is scheduled to visit the country. The suit asks local courts to invoke international human rights treaties ratified by both countries and arrest Bush and members of his Cabinet for questioning during their visit to Santiago for a summit of Asia Pacific leaders Nov. 19-21. [and from another source] Court Date to be Set for Torture Charges against Bush [Dec 2] ‘Torture charges against Bush were laid November 30th 2004 by Gail Davidson, co-chair of Lawyers against the War--LAW, under provisions enacted pursuant to the U.N. Convention against Torture, ratified by Canada in 1987 and the United States in 1994. The charges concern the well known abuses of prisoners held by US Armed Forces in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and the Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba.’ [Note: Bush Co on the ropes, prosecuted in Canada, Chile, and Germany.]
Signs of the Times #1246
Something's Fishy in Ohio [Nov 30] Chicago Sun-Times ‘In the United States, massive and systemic voter irregularities go unreported and unnoticed.’ [and from another source] Watchdogs Want to Know: Did Every Vote Count? ‘Talk radio and the Internet are abuzz with suggestions that John Kerry was elected president on Nov. 2—but Republican election officials made it difficult for millions of Democrats to vote while employees of four secretive, GOP-bankrolled corporations rigged electronic voting machines and then hacked central tabulating computers to steal the election for George W. Bush.’ [and from another source] Votergate - More Details Emerge [Dec 1] ‘Those familiar with the use of Diebold machines to commit voter fraud have revealed that the hardware and software used in Diebold machines used in casinos and polling places is essentially the same, including the back door used to dial in over telephone lines to change payoff odds in gambling machines.’ [and from another source] Miami Herald hand recount of 3 Florida counties indicates signficant Kerry gain [Dec 3] ‘If Kerry gained votes at the same rate statewide, he picks up nearly 400,000 votes and wins Florida.’ [and from another source] ‘Voting Irregularities in Election 2004. The hearings will be held by the Democratic members only at this time since all Republican members of the committee have refused to take part in the investigation so far.’ [Note: the murmur in the press seems to be on the increase!]
Signs of the Times #1245
Is it just an amazing coincidence that Dan Rather [NBC] and Tom Brokaw [CBS] are stepping down at nearly the same time after many many years of being lead news anchors, or do they know more about Planet X than they are letting on. Moyers [PBS}, too is retiring. Is this a statement about media suppression? [and from another source] Where does that leave the second level in the cover-up, those cooperating because they have been told it is a national security issue, to prevent panic and looting and the like? They are getting dual orders! The Puppet Master, who controls ownership of the media, is issuing instructions to start debate on the cover-up, leading to comfort with the subject so when serious discussion needs to be before the public, this has a smooth transition. The Bush crowd is threatening all manner of abuse if the cover-up is not maintained. What’s a media anchor to do, when reporting the day’s news? Quit! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Muzzling the Media.]
Signs of the Times #1244
The moving object in November 2004 has been identified as C/2003 K4. However, a stationary bright orb remains unidentified. The Sun rotates every 4 weeks, so any solar flares or sun spots would move during the course of 3 weeks, and would not appear stationary on SWAN. This bright orb is much closer to the Ecliptic, stationary at -5, 195 and shows up in the SWAN images available, Nov 4, 9, 16, 21, and 25th. The Zetas have said that the Planet X corpus, heavily shrouded in dust, reflects light back toward the Sun in the main, and this view, 195, is toward the rear and slightly to the side. Is this the reflected light from Planet X, bounced back toward the Sun, of the Stationary Planet X which has risen to the Ecliptic, as the Zetas say? Here is the stationary orb at the Ecliptic. But the solar flares and spots during this same time period are not stationary!
Signs of the Times #1243
I think that SWAN shows Planet X. There are many white areas , but if a little group of dots is on in every new image and is moving , that is surely a cosmic object, planet, or comet. The other white areas are dust that emits xray when struck by the Sun's radiations. The dot that's moving can be Planet X , bacause in this moment there aren’t any planets or comets near the Sun. [and from another source] SWAN ‘When the maps are displayed in ecliptic coordinates any point seen moving on an image sequence is potentially a comet.’ [and from another source] SWAN presents a surround view in the Comet Tracker Maps, the dark areas representing the Sun itself. Since this is a picture drawn in photons and ultraviolet light and hydrogen glow, we need to compare the unusual orbs presenting during November, 2004 to other objects that appear on SWAN. Quite large when compared to C/2002 V1 Comet NEAT passing in Feb 2003. Even though the Sun was in Solar Maximum in the year 2000 and diminishing every since, November of 2001, 2002, and 2003 did not present such orbs. Note that at the Orbit Halt last December, SWAN matched activity with the Comet/Tail phenomena that emerged in photos at that time.