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Signs of the Times #225 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I live on an island not far off the equator. In the last few days the sun has gotten way brighter and the heat that is felt on the skin is also hotter. Those of us who have lived on islands like this know about the heat of the sun more than those of you who are on the large land bases. Today [Aug 25] while observing the sun at noon as I do everyday as I eat my lunch, I noticed a large object, circle like to the lower left of the sun. Did anyone else see this sort of a thing?
Signs of the Times #224 (via email to Nancy)
Today, [Aug 25], nation wide, the USPS began placing Homeland Security ‘Get Ready Now’ brochures in their lobbies. Among the four steps of safety/survival in the text for #2 is the following: 'if you see large amounts of debris in the air,... you may want to shelter-in-place'. Sounds like Planet X tail-matter, to me. Please notethat these brochures were created just for post office lobbies - in ‘partnership with the Salvation Army and CitizenCorps’ I wonder how long they've been printed, and waiting for distribution? My station received ours today.
Signs of the Times #223 (via email to Nancy)
Penn State University [Aug 25] discusses planetary shift of the Earth's axis and Earth-like planets with potential outcome. ‘In B science fiction movies, a terrible force often pushes the Earth off its axis and spells disaster for all life on Earth. In reality, life would still be possible on Earth and any Earth-like planets if the axis tilt were greater than it is now, according to Penn State researchers.’ [Note: check the new analysis of Planet X Position over last two weeks, apparently Earth or Planet X orbit changed direction.]
Signs of the Times #222 (via email to Nancy)
Today [Aug 25] in Scotland at about 2:00PM I looked at the sun and I’im sure Icould see the winged globe! Both sides of the sun two rays extended into the sky and branched off to make the appearance of wings and at the top and bottom of the sun two thick rays extended into the sky. Tonight the horizons were a deeper shade of red which shocked me to see how much progress it has made in such a short time. I have also noticed the moon's erratic patterns some nights the moon would take ages to go over the sky, sometimes it would be larger in the sky somtimes it would be small
Signs of the Times #221 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Does a lens fare go behind the trees while setting? ../teams/rogue/nancy475.htm [and from another poster] I am not an expert. I did zoom the pic up to 500%, and the tree line certianly does appear to be in front of the anomolie. [and from another poster] I enlarged the pic and how come I can´t see the trees through it [ie not a lens flare as flares are transparent]? Good pic to me. Not lens flare. But then I have only been taking pics for 40 years. [and from another poster] I am not an expert. I did zoom the pic up to 500%, and the tree line certianly does appear to be in front of the anomolie.
Signs of the Times #220 (via email to Nancy)
On Saturday [Aug 23] there was a huge powercut in Helsinki, Finland. The most of southern Finland was darkened for 15 to 40 minutes at 08:22 PM. All the trains and underground stopped. The reason of powercut is unknown, but they suspect it's because of this wire touched the ground in the center of Helsinki. Yeah, right, three big power plants went down because of that one wire. [Note: Finland, like the St. Lawrence Seaway, is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #219 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
If the rotation was screwed up would it effect the stationary satalites? I´m in the north east and I point SW towards TX. The satalite is over the equater south of TX right? I just had it installed a couple of months ago and the signal deteriated this week and I had to go out this morning [Aug 25] and realign the dish. [and from another poster] My signal has been getting screwy for a few days now and today I had to reset everything. [and from another poster] Don´t have a satellite dish, but my atomic clock can´t find a signal. It just keeps trying to set, then a blank line, then it tries again, over and over all day. [Note: land between the NorthEast US and Texas is in the stretch zone, and is moving.]
Signs of the Times #218
Insurers droped 2.5 million households in US in past 24 months 'Insurers continue to raise premiums, drop customers. ... And in some parts of the country, homeowners have been hit with higher rates and "non-renewals" for no reason other than location. ... A study by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America found that 51 million homeowners are paying higher premiums than they did two years ago. ... Insurance companies don't deny that they're raising prices and choosing their customers more carefully than they used to. ... According to Don Griffin of the National Association of Independent Insurers, which is the largest trade association for the property and casualty insurance industry, insurers have been paying out more in claims than they've collected in premiums.'
Signs of the Times #217 (via email to Nancy)
I went to the Naval Astronomical Application Department,and according to them at 4:50AM on 8/23/03 [Aug 23] the moon should be 76.7 degrees east of north. Well my compass shows the moon to be 50 degrees east of north. The moon is far to north for this time of year. My house faces exactly east, I live in Florida . [and from another email] The community here (near Tacoma, WA) has finally noticed anomalies with the moon's position and are asking if the earth's axis is changing!
Signs of the Times #216 (via email to Nancy)
Magnetometer graph shows that since the first week of August there has been a definite eastward trend as shown by the upward curve of the red line [Aug 23].
Signs of the Times #215 (via email to Nancy)
A new trend of readings seems to be emerging on the HAARP magnetometer. Massive readings [Aug 22] are showing at the face point and goes quiet when the Atlantic Rift is facing away from Planet X. This has only been happening for a couple of days but has not shown this before. As the Zetas stated: ‘But when the fields engage to the degree that the lesser body's ability to resist is overcome, then suddenly there are changes. This is about to occur, with rotation stoppage, and there is scant movement in Planet X required to enact this.’
Signs of the Times #214 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Re: Latest NZ earthquakes, I found more information on the aftershocks. Interesting how they were not recorded on the quake site itself, under recent quakes. The following earthquake has been recorded by GeoNet: ‘Universal Time: 2003 Aug 22 15:29, Richter Magnitude: 5.1, 70 km west of Te Anau’ Aftershock of Friday morning´s magnitude 7.1 event. These are continuing at a much reduced level. So far, there have been a total of 14 aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or greater, with the largest being a magnitude 6.2 event at 2:12 AM on Friday morning. The next largest was a magnitude 5.7 event soon after the main shock, at 12:29 AM.
Signs of the Times #213 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Using digital cable company time and the Lat and Long from this site: 8/04/03 1:31PM, 17´12´ N Lat Axis tilt for seasons, 96´29´ W Long. 8/21/03 1:31PM, 11´44´ N Lat Axis tilt for seasons 97´6´ W Long. I know the Latitude is supposed to change based on seasons. However, I thought that the Longitude was supposed to stay the same. The number indicate the change in latitude and longitude from Aug 4 to Aug 22. Thats 70 miles or 110 kilometers. [Note: Details a link from the Slowing page.]