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Earth Orbit in Planet X Grip : Speculation

Temporary orbit disruption during the periodic passage of Planet X are legend, and do not spell doom. Rotation disruption and stoppage is also legend, and likewise does not spell doom.

At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives.
Politicus, by Plato
The Book of Joshua, compiled from the more ancient Book of Jasher, states that the sun stood still over Gibeon and the moon over the valley of Ajalon. Sahagun, the Spanish savant who came to America a generation after Columbus and gathered the traditions of the aborigines, wrote that at the time of one cosmic catastrophe the sun rose only a little way over the horizon and remained there without moving. The moon also stood still.
Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision

All planets in the solar system revolve around the Sun counterclockwise, so the Retrograde orbit of Planet X is clockwise. Based on Photos of the Planet X complex in August, it would appear that either the retrograde orbit of Planet X reversed or the Earth stopped in its orbit and reversed. The latter is more likely, as Planet X outweighs Earth by 23 times, and is 4 times the diameter of Earth. The photos below are from Italy and the American Southwest, comparable lattitudes and times of day. They show great consistency when tracking the White Persona, considered to be the true location of Planet X in the photos. The retrograde orbit of Planet X seems to have moved appropriately from the 5 to 7 o'clock position between Aug 11 to Aug 12, then reverses back to the 5 o'clock position by Aug 14, continuing backward to the 1 o'clock position by Aug 17-19. This seeming reversal as viewed from Earth would also occur if the Earth itself had slowed to a stop and reversed its orbit, as the Solstice crop circle implied it would.


 Please note this is preliminary speculation on Nancy's part, not ZetaTalk, and in this Nancy is a team member scratching her head along with her human compatriots.