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Signs of the Times #201 (via email to Nancy)
Earth Tilt Readings ... If we put this together then you will see that Mars and the moon aren't going North. Instead it's the Earth that's going South out of its orbit as if something is pulling us down.
Signs of the Times #200 (via email to Nancy)
I live in NW Arkansas,and have noticed [Aug 18] federal police vehicles, ederal disaster vehicles (plainly marked on the side and with satellite globes), and other trucks and suburbans with US government plates. Very strange for this area! Also lots of Texas vehicles wandering around like they are lost. [Note: this is likely connected with the planned US Northern Command exercises per Sign #190 but Sign #195 re commercial airliners headed NE from Dallas and prior evidence that the Ozarks are an elite and military enclave for the shift should be noted.]
Signs of the Times #200 (via email to Nancy)
I’ve been observing people lately [Aug 18]. They are totally off the wall, they seem to be running around with their heads cut off not knowing why. It's just like when a weather man predicts a blizzard, everyone runs around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get prepared, but in this case they don't know. So much stress that no one can explain. That my observervation. I am also getting a lot of resistance to the info about earth changes. Noboby wants to hear the information that is presented, they can't stand it, it seems. It seems that they are just waiting for diaster yet they don't have a clue.
Signs of the Times #199 (via email to Nancy)
Reuters ‘An earthquake hit China´s northern region of Inner Mongolia toppling more than 2,700 homes and killing two people, officials said on Sunday. The temblor measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale ... could be felt as far away as the capital Beijing, about 300 miles to the south. At least 43 people were injured. ... 24,483 homes were damaged and 2,602 collapsed in 98 villages in the Bairin Zouqi area ... ‘The Red Cross said 700,000 people were seriously affected and were in desperate need of relief supplies.’ [Note: a 6.2 hardly creates this kind of damage, as recent under-reporting proof and suppression of quake occurence demonstrates.]
Signs of the Times #198 (via email to Nancy)
At least five times now [Aug 18] since March I have been aware of a trembling or vibrating sensation coming from the ground. On all occasions the vibration lasted just a brief time, one or two minutes or less. I have been waked up by this sensation. Having experienced this a few times now I am wondering if this is related to pulls on the rift zone. We live in the Appalachian mountains in Tennessee. I do not recall ever experiencing this before March of this year.
Signs of the Times #197 (via email to Nancy)
I tried to verify Sign #192 sunrise time discrepancy between Newscaster and Farmer's almanac. Based on my finding, the reported MO Framer's almanac sunrise times was not correct by the writer. Based on my research from link The actual Aug. 15 Farmer's Almanac should be: Sunrise at Charlston in MO: 5:14AM Sunrise at Jasper in MO: 5:33AM which does not include the writer's claim of 5:56AM. However, if we take consideration of sunlight saving time, the almanac time of Jasper, MO at 5:33AM is closed to the newscaster reporting time at 6:32AM. [Note: this demonstrates a discrepancy between the printed Alamac and the online Almanac, as online can be changed.]
Signs of the Times #196 (via email to Nancy)
On July 4 another Wisconsin crop circle was placed not more than 20 miles from the other also placed on July 4, both showing the ZetaTalk Triangle. This second circle formation, also determined authentic, was not reported to investigating teams until [Aug 9], however. As noted below, it shows multiple ZetaTalk Triangles, relates by size of circles to the first circle formation, and might imply by lines and orbit location the timing of rotation stoppage.
Signs of the Times #195 (via email to Nancy)
This morning [Aug 16] at 8:45 AM we observed a squadron of 6 commercial airliners headed in a north easterly direction. A similar group was observed yesterday [Aug 15] around 6 PM. We are in Texas about 70 miles north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. [Note: one of the enclaves of the elite has been identified to be in the Ozarks.]
Signs of the Times #194 (from OneStepAhead Message Board)
In the last 3 (min) to 5 (max) days (during the night), the moon rising [Aug 16] from the observational point (where I stand) has taken a 35 to 40 degree shift toward (to) the EES east/eastsouth (in order of area of domain) from the SSE south/southeast. [and from another poster] I too have notcied that the moon is off course in my star program. [and from another poster] I don't use a program but just by observing the moon it clearly changed position (a lot) during the last 4 nights (south/east). Even people on the street commented on this. [and from another poster] I have noticed the same variations here in Florida. The moon is rising from the SE very late in the evening near the time of midnight and setting way into the mid morning hours around 9 or 10AM from the SW.
Signs of the Times #193 (via email to Nancy)
Many have noted the odd dark gray clouds often associated with red sunsets or pink horizons. The dark brown or reddish color of the dust is often not noted until sunset or when passing in front of the face of the Moon, so looks gray during the day. A recent [Aug 16] photo capture from China shows the target="_top">source of this dust, target="_top">wafting directly down from the direction of the Sun, where Planet X is hiding as it is placed between the Earth and the Sun, and target="_top">disbursing to become the red dust in the clouds.
Signs of the Times #192 (via email to Nancy)
[Aug 15] Missouri #2 Slowing Report: Local newscaster said that Sunrise was at 6:32 AM which it was. But the pre-printed Farmer's Almanac said it was suppose to be at 5:56AM. That means the Sunrise was 36 minutes late! [and from another timekeeper] Sun even with Noon shadow baseline at 1:13PM on Aug 15 in VA -13 minutes LATE. It has not been as early as 13 minutes late since 8/8. Compass reading for true noon at 12:58PM - the earliest by 1 minute I have seen it since I starting observing on 7/7/03. [Note: Global Quake watch noted increased Rotational Surge on Aug 15, the day after the St. Lawrence Seaway rip, and three days after a significant Eurasian Plate adjustment. The Slowing Team, which is primed to notice when serious slowdown starts, noted a surge correlation. ]
Signs of the Times #191 (via email to Nancy)
A snippet of an article from ‘Infrared Eyes Set to Launch: On August 23, NASA will launch the new Space Infrared Telescope Facility into the first-ever Earth-trailing orbit. Using the same technology that allows firefighters to see in the dark, the observatory will provide researchers the astronomical equivalent of heat-sensing night vision goggles. The launch is scheduled for 1:37 a.m. EST from Cape Canaveral, Florida.’
Signs of the Times #190
AP,1282,-3032260,00.html ‘U.S. Northern Command, which is responsible for military operations inside the United States, said Friday it will begin an exercise next week to test its ability to respond to multiple domestic emergencies simultaneously ... The exercise, dubbed Determined Promise '03, includes a simulated hurricane, real and simulated wildfires, an airborne terrorist threat in Alaska and an outbreak of pneumonic plague in Nevada. It begins Monday [Aug 18] ... Fifteen federal offices and agencies will participate, including the assistant secretary of defense for homeland security, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as well as intelligence agencies such as the National Reconnaissance Office and the CIA. Also participating will be the American Red Cross and the American Association of Railroads, as well as seven state and local organizations, including National Guard units in Nevada, Alabama and Rhode Island. Twenty-eight active-duty military units will be involved, including the headquarters of Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, Va., and Air Combat Command in Langley, Va. ... The exercise will have 2,000 participants and cost $2 million, according to Northern Command. It ends Aug. 28’
Signs of the Times #189 (via email to Nancy)
I did a meditation on the Aug 2, 3002 Eastfield crop circle which I felt certain was very important to Planet X. A key points of what I intuited is the uncharacteristic squareness of the overall design as being a reference to the Solstices/Equinoxes as these represent 4 corners of time as the Earth circles the sun. The solstice this summer was June 21 (the day of the Waden Hill circle).