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ZetaTalk Triangle

On July 4 another Wisconsin crop circle was placed not more than 20 miles from the other also placed on July 4, both showing the ZetaTalk Triangle. This second circle formation, also determined authentic, was not reported to investigating teams until much later, however. As noted below, it shows multiple ZetaTalk Triangles, relates by size of circles to the first circle formation, and might imply by lines and orbit location the timing of rotation stoppage.

A very large crop circle formation was discovered in wheat near the village of Clyman (pop. 370) in Wisconsin, roughly 20 miles from the [July 4] Kekoskee / Mayville formation on Saturday, August 9, 2003 by Jeff Wilson and his team. After obtaining permission to enter the field from the farmer (who requested to remain anonymous), they were struck by how large the formation was, because when they spotted it from the road, only part of one circle was visible - but the formation was over 350' along one axis and over 175' along the other axis. It consisted of seven different-sized circles - one with a ring; the largest circle being around 78' in diameter; all were connected by pathways. An additional four circle "grapeshot" formation was also found in the field.
The farmer was the first to enter the field only the day before, and we became the second - but this formation was spotted as being in the field on July 18 by the farmer, and by a neighbor who lives within view of one of the circles ‘around the 4th of July,’ so it may be nearly 6 weeks old or more. Amazing that no one had reported it before Jeff and his team! They immediately found expulsion cavities/blown node collars in all parts of the formation, conclusively confirming its authenticity, proving this was no hoax. They hastily arranged for a pilot and a plane, and took a number of aerial photos before returning to the field to collect soil and plant samples. This was a good thing too, because later in the day the farmer began to harvest the field, and by the end of the day the field would have been completely harvested.
Crop Circle News
The first Wisconsin circle formation was interpreted where the largest circle is the Sun and the three smaller circles within the Sun showing relative size at various times. The second Wisconsin circle formation has the same relative size.
The first Wisconsin circle formation contained the exact ZetaTalk Triangle. Here the triangle is repeated 3 times, so the relationship to the first Wisconsin circle cannot be missed. The larger circle is clearly intended to be the Sun, at the 18° point, and the 23° at the distant edge representing Earth. In that the retorgrade orbit of Planet X would cause it to move past Earth, the center circle at 139° represents relative placement of Planet X.when it reaches the visibility represented by the two circles on the outer edge.

In the Eastfield circle indicating Solstice, the current period is aborted at an end of August timeframe, as though the tilt of the Earth would change then. The June 21 Waden Hill circle implied a pendulum swing going into and out of the Summer Solstice, something occurring early September. These same themes echo in the second July 4 ZetaTalk Triangle circle.

Considering the primary line from the Sun to be the Summer Solstice, June 21, the odd line branching to the left might be considered a Guide Line indicating a late August time frame. Considering the primary line from the Sun to be July 4 instead, this Guide Line date would then be early September.

The Solstice interpretation is supported by the reported ' additional four circle grapeshot formation' found in the second July 4 ZetaTalk Triangle field.

Per Skymap, someone standing to the left of the second July 4 ZetaTalk Triangle circle would indeed find Orion/Taurus in the sky after dusk. Note that the Skymap was produced to show location at 18:00 CST, so the location of the Sun could be determined. Planet X at that time was placed below the right shoulder of the Taurus bull, dropping rapidly to 32º below the Ecliptic at that time.