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Signs of the Times #1025
For those looking for signs, we would point to the convergence of signs, all recognizable by mankind. The known orbits of Venus and Earth appearing in a crop circle, the visible span of the Moon Swirls as they fan behind Planet X in its retrograde orbit, and observations and photos of Venus, looming. Sign1: Venus, too large in the morning sky, too bright, too close to Earth despite the dictates that force the planets into their respective orbits. Sign 2: The orbit of Venus is approximately 2/3 of the distance from the Sun of Earth's orbit. What does the Ashgrove diagram show us? If the first ring represents the orbit of Venus, positioned outside of the diagram to fix the Ecliptic position for the viewer, then Earth rides the next ring, another 1/3 out from the center of the Sun. Sign 3: The location below the Ecliptic can be surmised in Coventry, on July 4, moving toward the approximate 7° shown in Ashgrove on July 27, 2004. Sign 4: As we explained, the Dance of the Moons [zeta137] fans behind Planet X, but does not wrap round before it, and as recent crop circles have clearly presented, this 120° span is the width to be expected and most often appearing in photos. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Converging Signs.]
Signs of the Times #1024
Characteristic of the recent hoaxes, all of which have appeared recently in Witshire county in the UK. is their preference for straight, rather than curved, lines, and inclusion of mazes. No legitimate diagrams to date have included a maze, anathema to the intent of the circle makers which seek to educate, not confuse, mankind, yet hoaxes almost prefer them as a maze has straight lines. Hoaxes also tend to be small in size, or in locations distant from public view. Hoaxes lack the characteristics of legitimate circles which are crop bend at the growth nodes, not broken, and crop laid in different directions overlaying each other, and precision in line and curve. What is to be learned from the hoax circles? They take the symbolism of legitimate circles and distort them, not unlike the disinformation distortion given our words. Legitimate circles do not include faces, as in a prior year hoax of the face of a Zeta or Art Bell, not mazes interpreted to be binary or other code. Hoaxes hope to grab public attention by such gimmicks, and when revealed as hoaxes, cast aspirations on all circles. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Hoaxes.]
Signs of the Times #1023
We explained that the Coventry diagram showed Planet X along the Sun's magnetic flow lines but still well under the Ecliptic, on July 8, Ready to Tip into a 270° Roll . In the recent Etchilhampton, it has reached the Ecliptic, centered on the crop lines, a clear warning for mankind that their days of slow awakening to what is about to grip them have passed. We have explained that the Yin Yang symbol represents the clash of rotation direction between the Earth and Planet X, a factor in the Earth's rotation slowing to a halt. In both Westbury and Beacon, this symbolism is shown to be central, with both the Earth and Venus now caught before the retrograde press of Planet X. The clockwise, retrograde, sweep of Planet X has now become the dominant influence for both. No escape for the hapless planets in its path. We have explained that Orbit Lock occurs because planets are held where they cannot leave due to the gravity pull of the Sun, but can come no closer because of particle crowding they are sensitive to. The double lines seen around the Sun in Nukerke and Nashenden imply an intensified lock, a lockdown, during this time when the gravity pull of Planet X adds to the pull of the Sun. The planets in this lock cannot escape the coming clash. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Reminder Circles #4.]
Signs of the Times #1022
That is not Venus! [Aug 1] That thing is huge how the heck can Venus get so big? ... If that´s Venus, it´s comming closer to us! ... It is Venus, but something is pushing it closer to us. Venus is supposed to be moving away from us, but it is 100 percent for sure moving closer to us. ... I´ve seen the planet the last few mornings and it´s the brightest thing I´ve ever seen in the sky. It´s truly brilliant. Personally, I believe it´s Earth that is getting closer to Venus and not the other way around! If something is indeed pushing Venus closer to Earth, what would that do to us? [Note: the size of Venus, compared against the crescent Moon on July 14!]
Signs of the Times #1021
The One in the new Sweep set was accompanied by Meteors and Art Bell reported sighting and an Oregon alert, the Two again close behind and a Three a day later. [and from another source] Three separate callers phoned in to the Coast to Coast A.M. radio broadcast last night [Aug 1] all reporting the exact same thing. The first caller described it as a "softball-sized light in the Eastern sky just above the horizon that does not move and remains there until the sunrises' light blots it out." The second caller reported nearly the same thing, and confirmed that it was not Venus. It is a rare thing indeed for the same report to be made by four different people to that radio show's host, Art Bell, in the same broadcast. Could this be the incoming object everyone's been concerned about lately? [and from another source] Hanford Plant Shutdown Sounds 'Uncommon Alert' [Jul 31] ‘An emergency shutdown stopped power production at the Columbia Generating Station nuclear reactor in southeastern Washington on Friday morning but posed no health threat to workers or the public, state officials said. At about 9:30 a.m., the reactor sensed some problem and automatically shut itself off.’ [Note: Sweep sets have been occurring every 8-11 days.]
Signs of the Times #1020
Sky Lights Up For NZ Post Pilots [Aug 3] There have been sightings of a meteor streaking its way across the upper South Island and lower North Island. Pilots describe seeing a bright white and green light that lit up the cockpit as if it were daylight. The meteor had crashed into the sea somewhere off the east coast of the lower North Island. [and from another source] A huge fireball lit up the night sky over Cardiff in Wales UK on Friday night. [Jul 31] Four hours later, at 2:45 am Saturday 31st July 2004 a second object impacted a remote hillside near Cwmaman in Aberdere, Wales. Witnesses say the impact lit up the sky and a huge explosion shook all the houses in the area. Three fires were seen burning on the hillside and it was soon covered with police and firemen with torches. Despite an obvious large presence of the local authorities who cordoned off the area, subsequent enquiries to the police and the fire brigade have been met with denial of any events that night. Police claim that there is no record on their computer of anything happening that night. The mystery deepens. [Note: cover-up increasing as Earth changes increase, the worse it gets, the less we hear, as Predicted by the Zetas.].
Signs of the Times #1019
Floods cause problems, evacuations in Philadelphia [Aug 2] 'Torrential rain and flash floods caused airport delays, transit stoppages, apartment evacuations and a few vehicle rescues in the Philadelphia region. No serious injuries were reported in the wake of the heavy rains that moved through southeast Pennsylvania on Sunday. The storms caused the closure of the Broad Street subway in Philadelphia, as well as the Southeastern Regional Transportation Authority's regional railways. Most trains resumed running by noon. Area roads including parts of the Schuylkill Expressway in Philadelphia were blocked, reopening Sunday afternoon. In Upper Darby, flooding filled the basements and parts of the first floors of four apartment buildings, officials said. A supermarket and other businesses in the area were flooded, and cars were flipped on their sides or overturned by the floodwaters. Nearby Darby borough declared a state of emergency and the American Red Cross was helping about 80 families totaling 250 people who were displaced.’ [Note: the force of Water described by the Zetas.]
Signs of the Times #1018
Bridge Collapse Dallas Rains [Jul 30] ‘More than a foot of rain fell in the Dallas area. State transportation officials were investigating why concrete columns collapsed in the bridge in the small Ellis County town of Ovilla.’ [and from another source] UK Flooding Preparation Plans [Jul 29] Plans to tackle the growing problems of flooding and coastal erosion in England due to global warming. Solutions include using minor roads as flood channels, bolstering sea and river walls, and creating saltmarsh buffer zones in coastal areas and wetlands near rivers to act as flood storage areas should they burst their banks. In 2000, four out of every 10 affected houses were flooded by drains or ground water. ‘ [and from another source] More than 70 towns hit by floods in eastern Slovakia [Jul 30] ‘In the village of Kapusany, the floods affected a large fuel storage site belonging to the Slovnaft refinery company, with water rising up to 1.5 metres high, and some tanker trucks remained trapped in water. Slovnaft spokeswoman Kristina Felova said that the company's workers had taken measures to prevent an ecological disaster.’ [and from another source] Forest Fires in Spain, Portugal [Jul 30] ‘Hundreds of firefighters in Spain and Portugal were Thursday battling raging fires. In Portugal, the southern province of Algarve, one of Europe's top tourist destinations, officials were forced to evacuate residents of the village of Alportel because a fire that has burned out of control for three days started advancing on their homes. ‘ [Note: the alternating droughts and deluges Predicted by the Zetas.]
Signs of the Times #1017
Floods destroy crops in North Korea [Aug 3] ‘Reports from North Korea say heavy rains and floods have caused widespread destruction in the country. The country's official news agency says there has been severe damage to crops and farmland. Millions of North Koreans already depend on food aid from abroad and famine has caused thousands of people to leave the country for China.’[and from another source] Rain offers little for grain crops [Jul 29] ‘Recent rain has been too little too late for the Darling Downs grain growing areas of southern Queensland. Graincorp is predicting a 13 million tonne winter harvest, up 2.8 million tonnes on last year. In terms of the inner-Downs, we estimate only about 25 per cent of that has been planted.’ [Note: the weather related crop failures Predicted by the Zetas.]
Signs of the Times #1016
Global Warming Challenged [Aug 2] ‘A pair of papers by a University of Rochester scientist in the July 9 issue of Geophysical Research Letters hammers at shortcomings in the computer models and temperature readings that scientists have been using to predict how carbon dioxide will affect the Earth's temperature. The first paper looks at temperature readings at various heights in the Earth's atmosphere over the past 20 years against what the leading computer models predicted. According to the study, the computer models indicate that temperatures in the upper atmosphere should be rising; yet the opposite is happening. The second study took various temperature readings from weather balloons and satellites — data provided by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. According to the study, the new temperature readings show an Earth about a degree cooler than ground-level readings had found.’ [Note: Global Warming as an excuse for Planet X effect on the globe, as Predicted by the Zetas.]
Signs of the Times #1015
This is a clothing label from a small American company that sells their product in France. Here’s the translation of the French part of the label: ‘Wash with warm water. Use mild soap. Dry flat. Do not use bleach. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not iron. We are sory that Our President is an idiot. We did not vote for him.’
Signs of the Times #1014
Reports That Led to NEW Terror Alert Were Years Old, Officials Say [Aug 3] ‘Much of the information that led to the new terror alert was three or four years old, but even the dated evidence was troubling.’ [and from another source] Following are excerpts of Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge´s news conference in which he announced raising the terror threat level to orange in NYC, Washington DC and Newark. N.J: ‘Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. President Bush has told you and I have reiterated the promise that when we have specific credible information, that we will share it. This afternoon we do have new and unusually specific information about where Al Qaida would like to attack.’ [and from another source] Bush Misleads on the State of the Economy [Aug 2] ‘A new GDP report by the Commerce Department revealed that the economy grew at a slow-paced 3 percent annual rate in the second quarter, renewing concerns about a weak overall recovery and the potential for mediocre future job growth. The figure was the slowest growth rate since the beginning of last year, down 1.5 percent from the previous quarter. Growth in consumer spending also plummeted, falling to just 1 percent - down three points from the previous quarter.’ [Note: using terrorism to distract from the state of the economy.]