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James McCanny FlipFlops

James McCanny is featured in the Planet X Video, produced in 2000/2001. Archives of his past pronouncements are online.

James McCanny has an audio file up at CyberSpaceOrbit. He is stating [in August 2002] that Nibiru will not come in from Orion but in the opposite direction. He is stating that the Egyptians referred to Nibiru in association with Orion at its Perihelion, a point also made by Sitchin. He is claiming that the window of opportunity for spotting this will be over by October, 2002 when (since it is opposite from where Zetatalk says it will be) it will go behind the sun until appearing in April of 2003. Strangely enough he gives the ZetaTalk date in the spring of 2003 for when it is going to appear to the naked eye!

The sci.astro Usenets had some things to say about these statements.

Re: Professor James McCanney and Planet X <>
Re: Professor James McCanney and Planet X <>

Latest McCanney Update on PlanetX 5/2/2003 [thread in godlikeproductions message board]

Spoke about PX, and the fake date of May 15 (given by the Gov) so that when that day passes, everyone will not believe, .... another Y2K. But he is saying, there is something! "don´t throw the baby out with the bathwater" :-) He said the above, like 5 times, he sounded nervous (to me) or ruffled, as he kept on stammering with the quote. Then right at the end. He said, do not be put off by nothing happening on the 15th. He expects something huge to unfold on the planet in the latter half of May. This came out of nowhere, and I was like wow! HE DID NOT SAY, what it would be. HE DID NOT SAY, Planet X.

Planet X: Comets & Earth Changes, The EDGE Interview with James McCanney, by Cathy Smith

Let´s call any new planet to come into the solar system "Planet X," because that is a term that is used for objects that have not been named yet. These objects are the ones that have affected Earth in the past. We are now expecting another object, which possibly has been here before, to come into the inner solar system within possibly the next 10 years -- and there is a good reason to believe that it might be as early as May 2003. Other books that would be pertinent might be Mark Hazlewood´s book, Blindsided, which talks about the possibility that this object could be here as early as May 2003.

YOWUSA Discussion Confirms 2003 Admissions

He clearly says that a large object is coming into the solar system from the South. He repeats this on many shows thereafter.

I heard James McCanney trashing your website twice last week, on and his own radio show and seriously backpedaling on his previous statements about Planet X entering the solar system, which he had made late in 2004. The archives of James McCanney's previous statements are still on his website, he can hardly deny them, but he is. He now says, he NEVER said that it had been seen and that there are hundreds of Planet Xs out there - it just means that they haven't been named yet. However, it seems that he either has a mental/emotional problem because he doesn't want anyone repeating what he says, OR someone in one of the alphabet agencies has told him to shut up and he is. Something is definitely wrong there.