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It is known that 12th Planet is approaching from Orion, a point Sitchen makes in his book Genesis Revisited. The Book of Job states this, the Giant Pyramids were reportedly positioned to sight toward Orion, and Planet X was discovered in Orion. However, Sitchen also states that "the most recent determination" is that the 12th Planet will come in from Sagittarius, quoting a single phrase from the book Reports of the Magicians and Astronomers by R. Campbell Thompson which states that the 12th Planet "in the Zodiac of Cancer will become Nibiru". Nibiru is perihelion, the closest point to the Sun during passage.

Comets usually do a tight turnaround at perihelion, curving around the Sun, and approach the Sun from a point nearly on the opposite side of the Sun in order to effect this curve. However, the 12th Planet is not a dirty snowball comet, composed of water and less than a mile in diameter. It is a planet 4 times the size of the Earth. Thus rather than making a tight curve around the Sun, it barrels through the Solar System and only makes a turnaround when back out in space, where both the Sun and its second focus are toward its back. Passing between the Sun and the Earth, having assumed a retrograde orbit, the 12th Planet would have its perihelion in Cancer, as viewed from Earth.

Offered by Nancy.