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ZetaTalk: Surging Magma
written May 30, 2003

Leading into rotation stoppage, the Earth comes increasingly into the grip, magnetic primarily, of the approaching Planet X, riding up from 32 degrees below the Ecliptic at a sharp angle so as to pierce the Ecliptic quickly and thus avoid the backwash of particle flows that the Ecliptic represents. Where it’s approach from afar resulted in a lineal increase in earthquake frequency and strength, and a lineal increase in erratic weather, and a lineal increased in polar and glacier melt, at the point where it is rising from the 32 degree angle and floating to the Point of Passage there are dramatic and rapidly changes. These are best understood if both the Earth and Planet X are viewed as the large magnets they are. Both are aligned with the Sun, and as analysis of the Planetary Alignment (usenet) within the solar system has relayed:

The Earth and Planet X are both aligned with the sun, but not positioned side to side, and not positioned exactly end to end, as Planet X has assumed a retrograde orbit, and thus is moving diagonally toward Earth from below and to the side. What is that doing to the Earth?

This surging magma creates a temporary magnet under the Atlantic Rift, the southern portion of which is facing the approaching Planet X when the Atlantic Rift is on the day side and buffeted by surging magma as this portion of the Rift escapes to the dark side, and the northern portion of which is most accessible through a slice of the Earth’s crust and core toward the North Pole and up thorough the thin Pacific Ocean floor. Thus South Pole surging is noted during the day, and North Pole surging during the Atlantic Rift night, and during this surging, the Atlantic Rift, as a highly magnetized part of the crust and in close proximity to the liquid magma, being a deep rift, is collecting magnetized magma which clings to it. This creates, with every passing hour, a stronger magnet at the Atlantic Rift, a phenomenon which results in the Atlantic Rift being gripped and stuck for rotation stoppage.