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Re: Zetas RIGHT Again! (Summary 2)

In a refreshing change for sci.astro discussion surrounding ZetaTalk, 
several SCIENTIFIC minded posters began a discussion based on known
FACTS about solar reversals and the magnetic alignment of the Sun and
planets.  The results, based on the findings of the Mariner and Ulysses
probes is that the orientation of the planets is:


  Mercury at 0°    and  11°    =  11° where N is Up   with  .0033
  Venus   at -2°   but  NA
  Earth   at 23°   and -11°    =  12° where N is Up   with  .3076
  Mars    at 24°   but  NA
  Jupiter at 3°    and  10°    =  13° where N is Down with 4.28
  Saturn  at 29°   and   1°    =  30° where N is Down with  .210 
  Uranus  at 98°   and +59°    = -34° where N is Down with  .228
  Neptune at 29°   and +47°    =  77° where N is Left with  .142
  Pluto   at 118°  and   ?     =   ?  where N is Up   with    ?

It seemed that the outer planets are trying to return to the solar
system (Sun) N is N orientation, while Jupiter and Saturn are acting in
opposition, which the Zetas explained is the gaseous planets not having
any resistance to the Sun's far reaching field and just hosing magnetic
particles north to south, THROUGH the planet. 

Then, quietly sitting on the NASA web site, was the recent statement
that indeed, the Zetas were correct, as the Ulysses probe had found the
Sun had NOT reversed polarity, as expected, during its recent passes of
the south and north poles of the Sun in 2001.  Per the NASA web site:

JPL September 9, 2001

    Space physicists predict gusty winds for the next
    few months at the Sun's north pole, an area that
    will be observed when the Ulysses spacecraft 
    passes over it starting on Aug. 31 [2001]. This 
    pass over the pole occurs at a time of solar 
    maximum ... This will be Ulysses' second pass 
    over the Sun's north pole. It completed a circuit 
    of the Sun in 1996  ... In 1995, Ulysses saw 
    strong and simple magnetic fields at both poles 
    of the Sun.  ... 

    As Ulysses passed by the south pole of <===
    the sun a few months ago, scientists   <===
    expected to find that magnetic lines   <===
    were pointing outward, because         <===
    observations from Earth show that      <===
    the magnetic field has already         <===
    reversed at the Sun's surface.         <===
    Instead, they found that they          <===
    Magnetic lines were still pointing     <===
    Inward, just as they had been          <===
    Throughtout solar minimum.             <===

Zetas right again!