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Lou Gentile Show
Jun 29, 2005
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LOU: [Welcome back Nancy. Nancy has been on the show frequently, for years, and updates us about Planet X. What do you have for us today.]

NANCY: Hi, glad to be back. Lots of stuff, and I wanted to point out to your audience, our audience, how important it is to tune in to the monthly updates. The reason is, I was stressing the Stretch Zone in the North American plates, the diagonal stress that's put on the New Madred fault, last month in a very timely manner. I just had a hunch I should do an elaborate update on this because it was going to be needed, because this month it manifested. Now, to bring anybody new on board, I talk to aliens from Zeta Reticuli. Well, they communicate to me telepathically, giving me concepts, which they've been doing for many decades but I just formally started ZetaTalk in 1995. I'm a contactee. And their warnings are about great Earth changes, what they call a pole shift where the crust will shift, that's to happen in our near future. It lines up with ancient prophecy and a lot of current Earth changes are manifesting all those prophecies including ZetaTalk predictions. So every month on Lou Gentile I like to give an update of these Earth changes, and what the Zetas have to say about them, and I likewise am pointing out, frequently pointing out, how this lines up, the current Earth changes, with something the Zetas warned about, or maybe Edgar Cayce warned about, or whomever, because these prophecies carry a great deal of worth. They're going to tell people how to plan to survive, what to look for, when to run, etc. So I have a couple of items that came up this last month that I'd like to touch on briefly.

Now, last month we talked about, and previously in January and February, we were talking about an Earth torque, something the Zetas described, where Planet X, which is creeping past the Sun and coming toward us. And we are in a stalled Earth orbit. We are not going round and round the Sun. We're rotating. And benign aliens are tipping our North Pole toward the Sun for Summer and away for Winter because they don't want us to roast and freeze. And they've done that, they stated recently, during the last few pole shifts also so that mankind does not die out. And we're stuck for an indefinite period of time - weeks, months, maybe even years - until we have a terrible passage in which we'll have a pole shift, huge floods rolling inland, volcanoes exploding, Richter 9 earthquakes all over the world, and civilizations just fail. And that's what you should prepare for.So, last month, or in January and February after the tsunami quakes and the like, and the ripping and tearing down there in Sumatra, they talked about a prediction they had made almost a year earlier, about what they called a Torque Effect where the North Pole is turned with the rotation to the right, and the South Pole is held back by this big magnet. Planet X is a big magnet. Planet X is also Nibiru, Wormwood, Marduk, the Destroyer, it's sometimes called in different literature or legends. Pulling back to the left for the South Pole, like you're opening a jar of pickles. That's what's going on with the globe. That is why that plate popped out near New Zealand and we had those large quakes.

It's doing more than that, it's folding the Pacific, folding the trenches in the Pacific. And this is something, new ZetaTalk that was written on June 9 because I was noticing a very peculiar wobble on the live seismographs of the USGS. Not a day followed, then we had Wake and Midway islands on the seismographs go black. By the 13th, we had a large quake in Chile and on the 15th, we began to have all that series of quakes up and down the West Coast which got everybody all excited, from 6 something off Oregon to 5's and 4's in California that went on for a few days. Well, this is to point out, the Zetas were right on the dates. On the 9th they said the Pacific was folding, and this other stuff followed in the days to the 15th and the like. And that's not a long stretch. But let me point out something else the Zetas talked about, which is new land popping up between the tip of South America and the tip of Africa. Way back, in 1997, they talked about the compression in the Pacific would cause the Antartic Plate to pop up at that place and it would be new land after the pole shift. Why would the Pacific fold? Well we have some very deep trenches out there and we also don't have the floor of the Pacific mapped very well. When Midway and Wake went black on the 10th on the live seismos, there wasn't any big reported quake because we don't have those seismosgraphs all over the ocean floor. And there are fault lines out there that we're unaware of and there are deep trenches that will just fold. The Marianas Trench near Guam is very very deep, I think the deepest in the world. And I've felt for a year that we were going to just collapse, just snap shut like a mouth, and what an impact that would have with the Americas moving into that void, shifting West. When that happens, and we have folding, the North American plate is going to shift such that Mexico is pulled in more than Alaska and Greenland, and this is going to cause a diagonal stress along the New Madrid fault. My next point to discuss.

Very much in the news, this last month, the New Madrid. Scientific articles coming out, in particular the US scientists conclusions and concerns about the New Madrid fault line coming out in the British scientific journal, I think it was, Nature. Why all this concern? Well they know, not only was New Madrid a large 8+ earthquake, not quite 200 years ago, 1812 I think it was, but there's a map. By the way, folks, I have a page up for my monthly updates with Lou. It's on my website,, on the right hand side, Lou! If you click it, you get the webpage, graphics, links, and links back to all the special monthly summary webpages I've put up for over a year. Very informative, and I recommend you go there, click back, and listen to them. Listen to the archives, from my updates, and get educated. And you heard it first on the Lou Gentile show, and stay tuned. Now, on the New Madrid fault line, there was a map put out by one of the sites warning about the New Madrid showing a huge area affected. Boy, it looks like 10 to 20 times greater than a quake along the coast would be. And this is because of liquifaction. To those new to Earthquakes and what happens during them, if you have soggy, loose soil, wet or loose, it becomes like liquid in an earthquake. Like quicksand. And down goes the infrastructure, and buildings can just sink into it, like quicksand. Well, all along the Mississippi Valley, up into Ohio, and up into Iowa along the Missouri, it's so much loose, wet soil. So it will be devastating when it hits there. And we're about to get that diagonal pull.

Now, the Zetas years ago talked about the St. Lawrence Seaway ripping open further during this coming pole shift, and how we won't have a Niagara Falls, there will be an inland sea there up to some of the Great Lakes. Well, there was also an article, people are being warned, like that Yellowstone Supervolcano TV special. These articles about the New Madrid fault, we're being warned, in pieces, by scientist who can't bear not giving us some kind of warning. Because there is a coverup about what's coming, a cover-up about this big planet, big magnet that's floating through our solar system, slowly coming toward us. And this second article was about fault lines under Lake Ontario, and how they always thought the Great Lakes were just kind of carved out by the Ice Ages, and now they realized there are fault lines. Well, I have a US Army Corp of Engineers satellite photo showing some evidence of that. The finger lakes in New York, for instance. You can just see the stress of the land being kind of pulled outward toward the Atlantic. And in Wisconsin also. I'm clearly aware that the Peninsula, Green Bay and the like, you can see that land being ripped apart, pulled eastward. There are lakes in Madison that follow that rip point. If you get a detail map, it's obvious. So, the stretch zone and the breaking apart of the St. Lawrence Seaway is something the Zetas have warned about and described from day one of ZetaTalk, and now being admitted to some degree by scientists.

Magma Slam, something that we've discussed a great deal on the Lou Gentile show, especially after Dec 26. They said we were going to see three places. It's because of an Earth wobble. And when the Earth wobbles, the magma tends to double up in some places, and slams in other places and the like. Voids and double whammy places. They said down where the Dec 26 tsunami quake hit, the spine of the Andes, and the African Rift. On the 13th, we had a 7.9 quake in Chile. The largest since that areas over there by Sumatra. And they predicted that. And we discussed this ad naseum on the Lou Gentile show. Couple other things that they predicted in the past, this is why it's important to stay tuned, snow in Summer. For the first time, this past June, Somalia had a snowfall, in June, and Somalia on the Equator, in the tropics. Something the Zetas predicted in the year 2000, early in the year 2000. High tides was another one. They said, also in January of 2000. Not related to earthquakes, just immensely high tides. Well, they had to move 15,000 people out of India, because in the Indian state of Kerala, and had a huge tide. And this was not a tsunami, it was just a normal tide that just kept rolling in! And there was no earthquake that they could relate that to.

LOU: [Are you hearing from amateur astronomers? Do they confirm this?]

NANCY: Yeah, and I hear from them. I will get information from astronomers. Not many, but I've gotten confirmation from them that what I'm saying, about, we're not going round and round in our orbit, that we're being tilted and we're wobbling. They would never go on record. If I issued any kind of a name, there's as good as dead. And amateurs try to go to observatories and universities. There's a cover-up on this. Now why are we hearing about the Michael Jackson trial, and the like, and we're not hearing about other things that impact our lives. You can almost see what's allowed to be discussed by the media and what's not. How do they control the media with a cover-up like this? National Security. Oh, people will panic. They'll withdraw their money from banks. There will be bank failures. They won't show up for their jobs and will run screaming in the streets and making demands. So it's National Security to keep quiet about this. And NASA actually had a meeting one time about this. It was a brain storming session, and said 'well, if there was going to be an extinction level event, something terrible that we couldn't do anything to stop and would impact people's live terribly, should we tell them or not?'. And they concluded, people should not be told. And this is CIA/NASA conclusion based on brain storming sessions. I mean, they're telling us that they would not tell us, and they're not.

Now in 1983, they found Planet X near our solar system. And it hit the Washington Post front pages. Then the cover-up started. They would like to be able to tell us, but they fear panic. At a certain point all of this is going to become too obvious. But people should know Plan A / Plan B. That there's a cover-up in place and Plan A is 'everything is normal, trust your government' and Plan B should say 'eh, I'm not so sure, I've been watching, and I think maybe this other thing will happen and here's what I would do if it looked like it was about to - my camping gear, my seeds, my hand tools, whatever, my route into the hills'. People deserve to be able to rescue themselves if the government is not going to be honest with them, and the government may not be honest at all.

And by the way, other people come forward too. Robert Dean was recently on a national radio show, talking, he talked to Art Bell, and said 'yes Planet X exists, they're covering it up, they're not going to tell you, they may never tell you. And they think it's coming within the next two years, going to make a passage within the next two years. And they're watching it and they're monitoring it'. And this guy worked for intel, and has a military record and is very well respected. I had a story to tell about that. I saw him in 1999 on the lecture tour. He was in San Francisco. I was there. And he got all choked up at one point and said 'everyone in this room is going to survive'. And then went back to his lecture. And he was all emotional and he never did explain why he got all choked up and made that statement. He knows, but he's been told, 'keep your mouth shut, and if you go to the San Andreas [fault line] for a lecture, don't you warn all those people that are sitting on the San Andreas.' There's a cover-up.

Amateurs tell me they get stone walled. Absolutely. In fact, most of the photos in my photos section are from amateurs, and I hear from them all the time. And I know because in 2002 when it was far out and coming into the solar system, heading for the Sun, we were taking CCD images and we tried to submit to the IAU, which names all comets and names all new minor planets and the like. And they wouldn't accept our submission. They were complaining endlessly, but we were doing everything right. Bottom line, it was not going to go on record that we had located something that was not on the star charts. They just refuse to acknowledge it. You have this information, and you go there and you say 'what about this' and they refuse to even acknowledge you, where do you go with it? On CNN? They won't play it. The Moons orbit it so far off, twice a month. Once it's too far North, once it's too far South. The Full and the New Moon is the only time it's lined up where it ought to be. People are talking about this all the time. 'It's shining in windows where it never shined'. And there's nothing on the news about this. There's a cover-up going on.

And I know we've got to take a break. I've got some really good stuff about the Kolbrin, and ancient book that tells us what happened during the Flood, what happened during the Exodus …

LOU: [You're not into that too, are you?]

NANCY: Oh, I got the book, and I'm telling you it is rich with information, and it'll take me 5 minutes to go through it.

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