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Extreme Changes
on Oct 29
on GodlikeProduction Message Board

Going into the 3 Days of Darkness, we lean left, the N. Pole of Planet X coming round clockwise, pushing us over.

OK, Nowwwww, the Moon is coming up even farther North tonight! The south celestial pole was 15 degrees higher off the horizon while the Moon simultaneously was setting about 40 degrees further North of West. If the pivot point is not the North Celestial Pole, but on a lower lattitude, Polaris should have been observed ‘moving’. The Moon is moving, moving moving. By tomorrow night it will be rising almost north at this rate.

I can confirm Moon postion on rising is approx. 10 deg North of East. Sun also is 10 deg further north. I am expecting sunset to be 5:15 local time today based on the current position of the Sun (meaning that in three days we lost an hour). Moon last night was too low, and rose far too quickly North of East ( as I have stated previously).

I work nights in the oil field, so the guys and I check out the moon every night we´re on the rig. We have some pretty good equipment here that is used to keep the rig perfectly over the drill hole, and have used it to check out the Moon´s movement. Notice I said movement - not possible movement. We are also linked to the NOAA and Naval Observatory and GPS and other stuff I haven’t been trained on. The point is this, the Moon is supposed to move a certain amount every day in a certain direction and then back again over the course of a month. What it IS doing is way off the mark. Three nights ago the moon was 17.3 degrees South of East. On the 27th when we watched the eclipse it was almost due East. Last night 4 degrees North of East, and now tonight we measured Moon rise over the horizon at 22.7 degrees North of East. We are using presision electronic equipment that keeps the rig aligned directly East/West along a particular latitude. From this latitudinal marker we measure the deviance from due East and compare it with what the Naval observatory says it should be. I can´t post the whole log we´ve kept for the past few months, but our observations show the moon to be measureably out of place an average of twenty three days each month!

I´ve been watching the moon for over 50 years and from both ends of the Earth. This crazy shit didn´t start til last May. Anyone with one eye and half sense can see that the moon is exactly where it shouldn´t be. Since the last full moon here in New Zealand, it has moved waaaaay North in just a few nights. It´s bouncing all over the sky. We´ve even proved that it´s been up to an hour and a half late rising and setting at times.

In 3 days or nights I have seen it move from South to major North. There is a mountain in front of my house so I know the ridge on the South end and the one in the middle and the one on the North end. It is beyond easy to see that it is way North. Any idiot with eyes could see clearly the large distance it has changed.

Sun appeared ready to set about 5 degrees further to the south at 6:00PM. Later, Sigma Octantis is observed 10 degrees left of terrestrial target, thus suggesting Earth is swaying to the right.