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Jason Martell vs Nancy Lieder Debate
on Lou Gentile, Jul 2, 2003

A Lou Gentile Network Presentation: Fri. 7/11/2003 Debate: Planet X
Nancy Lieder and The Zetas VS Jason Martell; Judge/Referee - John Kenneth Hutchison
3 hours; 10 PM to 1 AM Eastern; 7 PM to 10 PM Pacific;
Pro Planet X - Spokesperson for the Zetas:Nancy Lieder
DeBunker: Jason Martell;
Judge/referee - John Kenneth Hutchison;
Host: Lou Gentile; Sr. Exec. Producer: Aerielle Louise
Date Changes: The change from June 20 to June 27 was due to Lou having forgotten that he was scheduled to be a guest speaker that evening. The change from Jun 27 to Jul 11 was due to continuing problems with the 800 number setup, inability to receive phone calls during the program. Both Jason and Nancy were available for all dates.
During the Fall of 2002, Lou Gentile show asked both Jason Martell and James McCanney to debate Nancy on the issues. Both declined, but Nancy was willing. Recently Jason mailed Nancy in a virtually private forum, initiating a discussion, and Jason made the response very public, finally accepted a debate! Apparently, calling Jason a coward and an ass is not professional, but calling Nancy a charlatan and childish is. The debate is on!
Are you game?

On Saturday, I received an unprofessional yet disturbing letter from
Nancy Leider of Zeta Talk. These days, it seems, Ms. Leider has stooped
to name-calling. Among other expletives, she’s asserting I’m a “coward”
and won’t debate her on national radio. This is the furthest thing from
the truth.

Myself, along with the creditable researchers in this field, will no
longer be bullied or deceived by the childish ranting of a charlatan. Therefore,
I’ll gladly accept any offer to a debate on national radio.

Full Article Here -
Jason Martell

Below, the inciting email exchange, already made public by Jason to his friends.

Subject: Re: [tt-video] X
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 09:03:43 -0500
From: zetatalk <>
References: 1

Who do you think you are talking to here Jason? It is just you and I :-)

And I know that you care only for YOURSELF, as when you are wrong about Px 
it "won't matter" as you stated to Robert Sep, not to YOU perhaps but to 
the billions lied to, it matters. You're an ass, and you call Lou Gentile 
and moan at him when I am on, but won't debate me on live radio. It is YOU 
he is complaining about and stating he does not respect. A COWARD, and I'm 
sure you don't care either that you're called this, either. How do you live 
with yourself? I just sure hope you are on the Coast in a couple weeks, and 
LIVE with your self centered, self serving statements. Hope you live with 
the situation you put others, little children, in. But cowards run, and you 
will save your sorry worthless ass, I'm sure. And not a thought for others. 
By the way, PX just showed up on the Jun 14 SOHO again, so they took the 
site down, again. Ass hole. 

Jason Martell wrote:

> Hello,
> Rest assured that the hype surrounding planet x's return this year is
> completely false. There is NO evidence to say a planet x is heading
> towards us at this moment. There is evidence to suggest a planet x does
> exist. But to say where planet x is, let alone when it will return is
> not an easy thing to pinpoint.
> The research of James McCanney is interesting due to his background with
> Cornell and the Viking probes. I know Jim well. However, I fear that he
> too is trying to catch the planet x wave of misinformation currently
> getting allot of media attention. The only 2 sources for research on
> planet x that can be authenticated are the now deceased Dr. Robert
> Harrington, and the author Zecharia Sitchin.
> This year at the expo I will be discussing the latest advances in space
> science imaging and how that relates to the search for a planet x.
> However, the main focus of my lecture will be on the idea of "Ancient
> Astronauts". I hope to see you there.
> Sincerely,
> Jason Martell