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TOPIC: Vitamins

The first few years following a Pole Shift find the Sunlight Dim and vegetation struggling to grow. Drinking orange juice for the Vitamin C and fortified milk for the Vitamin D and Calcium will no longer be the answer, and Manufacturing vitamins is difficult, so we will need to Be Practical. Many Wild Edibles contain vitamins such as A and C. Sources for Vitamin C are Pine, Rose Hips, Blood, Sorrel, Water Cress, and various Vegies. Vitamin Deficiencies may develop if the right Balance of foods is not consumed. Fortunately, all the Food Sources needed for vital health can be grown or harvested. By learning to Eat Smart, in the right combinations, the nutrition potential from foods can be maximized. Milk is Not Necessary for strong bones and teeth, and can even Cause Problems. Information on Vitamins and Minerals such as Zinc or Potassium is widely available, and Trace Minerals are important too, and MSM can give a boost. As vitamins have a long Shelf Life, they should be stocked.