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Planet X: Mar 7 & Mar 8 CCD Camera Image Sets Available

Now available for the public to download.  Mar 7 images do NOT show the
bright dust cloud of the Mar 6 image.  Mar 7 (Mar 8 not analyzed yet)
DO, however, show a great number of new objects, some rivaling existing
stars, in the area of the coordinates.

Mar 7:
    6 frames, random coordinates indicated.

     Steve and I have taken 6 * 20 minutes images
     tonight. The random coordinates chosen can be
     seen in the image at right. I know that in frame 3
     and 4 I shifted the coordinates too much.

Mar 8:
    5 frames

    Once again the weather was clear so I took more images.

Also, the team has arranged a Latest Images page where FITS files will
be available within hours after being imaged.  Please note the typo
(exhausted sleep-deprived walking zombies putting up these pages) Plant
X will be fixed shortly.