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Re: Planet X - March 06 Image

In Article: <1eO9a.44145$> David Tholen wrote:
> Steve Havas writes:
>> A single 1200 second 1 x binning image was taken last night, March 06.
> How can you distinguish between non-moving nebulosity and a
> moving object with just a single image, Havas?

And what nebula would that be, Dave? At the coordinates of
    RA 4.19413
    Dec 11.67481
given by the Zetas last Feb 3 for the Mar 7, 2003 date.

The public will please note that the debunkers can no longer claim pixel
defects, or asteroids, for what is being imaged.  The current debunking
term for the massive DUST DLOUD being imaged is that its a nebula.

In Article: <> Ante wrote:
> It is famous Orion nebula! I checked the surrounding star field.
> Look at the 2 stars in the left part of the nebula and somewhat
> dimmer star right under them. You can recognize them and other
> stars in the picture at:

Dear brain dead Ante, please check the USNO chart provided and compare
more closely.  I'd suggest you get new glasses but the problem seems to
be with your brain.

Wally Anglesea wrote in message <>
> John Steinberg wrote:
>> Just for grins, I inverted the image in Photoshop and darn, if it
>> doesn't look a bit like a really bad image of M16 (or even M42).
> Except their (zetatalk) coordinates are Taurus aren't they?

Oops.  Another debunking faux pas.

In Article:  <b4a4v4$qmm$> John Oliver wrote:
> Fin Fahey wrote:
>> Yes, looks like they've superimposed a bad image of M42 on a
>> regular bit of sky (probably a genuine section of Taurus?)
> I'm not sure about the M42 bit ... the stars are correct for the
> coordinates ...

So sad, the debunking team debunking each other! Eating their young.