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Re: Jan 25th Havas Images

In Article <b19sm2$ml7$> Jim Scotti wrote:
> There is absolutely no evidence in the geologic record of
> such an event happening in at least the last 3+ Billion years,
> as evidence Earth rocks at least that old. ... Further, what would
> happen to the Moon during such an event?  The angular
> momentum changes alone must have some affect on it and
> wouldn't it's pole shift as well (presuming it didn't get torn
> from orbit!)?

    The MOON's pole shift?  The Moon is magnetic, with a
    liquid core?  It is NEITHER! The face of the Moon that
    hugs the Earth would CONTINUE to do so, for its own
    reasons which you certainly don't understand, and ignore
    the magnetic drama going on between the poor Earth and
    its passing brother, Planet X.  And regarding your idiotic
    assumption that old rock on the light plates that ride
    ABOVE the heavy plates, regardles of the number of pole
    shifts that have occurred, what on Earth does that have
    to do with crust shifts!  Put a piece of foam floating on a
    bathtub, thrash the water around, and the foam STILL floats!
    What a collosal dummy you've become, Jim Scotti!

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