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Planet X: INBOUND! Trends #3

The first component visible in the images as a separate entity from the
Planet X corpus was the tail, appearing as a haze on Nov 15, 2002.  This
haze increased dramatically in pixel count and brightness between Nov
15 and Nov 24th.

  Date  Pixels  %OverBack
  11/15    5       11%
  11/24   52       25%

The tail, including as not yet discernable moons, began appearing as
individual swirls, when overlapped in an image as a dense splotch! On
Dec 28, the splotch was so dense it looked like a huge cancerous lesion
on the image.

TREND #3: Tail first becomes evident as a haze, then a dense splotch,
while moons not yet discernable.

    The tail first appeared as a pixel brightness haze, increasingly
    brighter and affecting more pixels, then seen as distinct
    swirls and then when the swirls overlapped, as Dense

    If the Zeta are saying the dust cloud and moons are in the pics,
    the pixel analysis shows some interesting brightness
    following behind Planet X.

    I see a huge smudge where the circled red from me and
    your circled candidate was. Just like Nancy said, huge.
    Huge, vast, gigantic, massive, giant, mammoth, colossal,
    titanic! That sure is a big smudge on the film. That spot
    on the film is unlike anything we've seen before. Certainly
    not something on the DSS pics at that location. I'm going
    to pixel analyse this. It's certainly not 'single pixel noise'.

    I agree that the big fuzzball on the Dec 28 image could
    be the dust cloud, or a red persona of a cluster of trailing
    moons plus dust or something similar. Whatever it is, it's
    pretty big.