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Planet X: INBOUND! Trends #1

When the Fall, 2002 imaging session began on Sep 21, Planet X was viewed
as a complex, the:
  - planet corpur
  - close hugging dust swirl
  - tail of dust and debris
  - trailing moon swirls
all viewed as a single entity, on the images, a dot.  This dot showed
through on the Sum and Median, not on the comparison DSS and NEAT star
charts, but not even visually evident on each frame until Oct 11. This
was due to its DISTANCE, so the independent parts of the complex were
not discernable.  Soon to change!

TREND #1: Complex seen as a single dot, components not discernable, then
becoming identifiable.

    Where Planet X came through in the Sum and Median (when
    generated) of the images, indicating presence in all frames over
    the background, it was often only discernable in single
    frames at first.

    In the red-filtered images, there is a dim item exactly at the
    Sept 15. coordinates.

    The object is both on the sum and on the median, and
    not on the DSS. Especially on the ESO DSS-Red, which is
    the nearest of the R filter and the most sensitive.

    Frame 1 has a spot just slightly below the identified white
    spot from the Oct 4 images and looks the same.