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Planet X: the JIM (let-them-drown) SCOTTI Object [6]

    And to return to our opening statement, that you are
    DELIBERATELY mixing our words with your concepts,
    rather than clarifying, Jim.  It is because you have
    decided to let them drown, the innocents who will NOT
    be informed.  Murder the children, whose parents will
    NOT be informed, and help the Pope whose minions
    have been raping the altar boys, such is your decision.

In Article <> ZetaTalk wrote:
> In Message  <avatgh$r36$> Jim Scotti wrote:
>> if you are thinking of disrupting your life in any way, be
>> it by selling your possessions or moving or otherwise,
>> please reconsider.
>    When should they get alarmed, Jim, when the Earth
>    stops rotating and NASA and the White House are not
>    answering the phone?  When the flood tide is rising in
>    from the coast lines and they are sitting on their roof
>    tops wondering what to do?  You are advising the public to
>    stick their heads in the sand and NOT LOOK with amateur
>    scopes and take succeeding images and process them,
>    THEMSELVES.  You are advising the public to expect
>    something they can see TODAY, without an amateur
>    scope, when we have stated this is not possible until the
>    end of March, 2003.  You are posting erroneous information
>    claiming this is what WE have stated, to confuse the public!
>    Shame on you!  What harm does honest examination of the
>    skies do?  We have, and have always, stressed that the
>    public should come to their OWN conclusions.  And for
>    those who are concerned, we suggest a simple booklet,
>    available to be printed by Adobe Reader, free to the public,
>    that outlines the SIMPLE steps a family should take to
>    keep themselves safe.  Does not require money.  Does
>    not require expertise.  Does require them being AWARE
>    during those last weeks and not being mislead by their
>    so-called leadership, the Pope, NASA, and their lackies.
>    Or is it better they drown, Jim?
>        ZetaTalk™
> See: Survival Booklet (
> See: Safe Locations (

But Jim has decided, apparently, it is better they drown. Unlike the
Troubled Times nonprofit, which has provided a free Adobe Reader PDF for

    Troubled Times, Inc. is a public benefit nonprofit
    corporation dedicated to educating the public on the
    likelihood of the pending pole shift, solutions on
    how to deal with such a cataclysm, and solutions
    for life afterwards. Troubled Times, Inc. conducts an
    outreach with educational materials on a number of
    different media forms.

    Troubled Times, Inc. intends to have solution sets for:
    - surviving the pole shift, whereby humans can escape
      injury to their person during earthquakes, tidal waves,
      fire storms, and high winds;
    - surviving the pole shift, whereby supplies and
      technology emerge undamaged;
    - living hand-to-mouth off the land temporarily, whereby
      safe water and atypical food sources are detailed;
    - rebuilding settlements, whereby gardens and housing
      are quickly established;
    - maintaining health and adequate nutrition, whereby
      atypical foods such as worms and algae are utilized;
    - dealing with volcanic gloom, whereby indoor gardening
      and water distillation methods are detailed;
    - re-establishing an Internet, whereby short wave or
      other means supports an Internet independent of
      satellites or land lines;
    - generating electricity, whereby the methods for
      stand-alone installations such as windmills or
      hydroelectric are detailed.
          Troubled Times Survival Booklet

The nonprofit’s blind Secretary in Ontario spent hundreds of hours
listening on her speech synthesizer to the pages in the massive Troubled
Times web site:

    Table of Contents:
    Introduction: Troubled Times, Pole Shifts, Safety
    Survival: Earthquake, High Winds, Being on Foot,
       Drinking Water, Eating Weeds, Bugs as Food, Sudden
       Shelters, Hygiene, Mental Health, Warm Clothes,
       Staying Cool, Heat, Light
    Homeless: Supplies, Temporary Housing, Containers
       as Homes, Adaptive Structures, Materials, Furnishings,
       Hunting, Fishing, Sewage, Cleaning Products, Medical
       Care, Creating Clothing, Appliances, 12 Volt / DC,
       Batteries, Bike Gen, Crank-Up
    Settlements: Domes, Insulation, Circulation, Tools,
       Gardens, Soil and Fertilizer, Honey and Bees, Fish,
       Flocks and Herds, Food Preservation, Choice Foods,
       Lowlight Foods, Vitamins, Protein, Herbs, Windmills,
       Hydroelectric, Steam, Bio-Fuels, Alternatives
    Communities: Communications, Self Defense,
       Transport, Birth Control
    Resources: Book List, Internet
          Troubled Times Survival Booklet

The result of which I, Nancy, put into PageMaker so that mankind could
have this guide to survival.  This in addition to the Safe Locations PDF
which I maintain from ZetaTalk advice on the relative safety of spots
around the globe:

So I, Nancy, don’t share your thinking, Jim, that the elite and the
White House can go into well stocked bunkers but the common man should
remain ignorant, and drown on the coastlines.