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Planet X: ALTERNATE Explanations

Asteroids as an ALTERNATE EXPLANATION for the Planet X complex (the
body, the moon swirls) was recognized months ago, by me (listening to
the Zetas) before this manifested by the debunking team.

During the October 5, 2002 chat:
  (NancyL) 3. With red light bending, are we seeing" the red
      spectrum image of" Planet X in different locations in the
      different 2 minute pictures In frame 4-R specifically, have
      we captured the red light shifting within this one picture?
      (which has created what looks like a moving object on the
  (TerrorDactyl) How do you know that it isn't just a passing
      comet/asteroid/meteor etc?

During the Dec 7, 2002 chat:
  (S7L) SteveH: what about other possible explanations such
      as a variable star, or even an asteroid that just happened
      to hit the spot? I mean, assuming there *is* something
      real at that spot. I guess it looks a little like an astronomic
      object this time.
  (S7L) NancyL: what if the new thing yuo seem to have found
      is something like an asteroid and doesn't follow your path?

During the Dec 14, 2002 chat:
  (NancyL) Soon, I suspect, they will call this an asteroid batch,
      or a comet, or some such.
  (NancyL) They may state it is an asteroid, so Star Wars gets
      all the funding wanted, etc.

Afterall, they've got to call it SOMETHING, and come April, when it can
be seen in the daytime skies, growing larger, they will call it an
asteroid SWARM, heading for Earth!  Arrrggh, get the precious President
to an underground bunker, defend the perimeter from the maddening crowd
with the military, shoot women and children!  And you STILL won't be
told the truth, by the establishment.