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Planet X: MOON Swirls Visible!

In Article: <> Sarah Mac wrote:
> There have been 69 separate reported observations of
> (51693)2001 KS14 since 2001, the latest was on January 8,
> two days prior to Havas' images. They don't need any
> current data on the object that you call a "moon".  Maybe
> if Pierre, J William Dell and Havas had "done their
> homework" they wouldn't be looking like fools right now
> (and you as well).

I entered the RA and Dec for the Zeta given Jan 13, 2003 date
     RA 4 21 44 Dec 12 07 10
 into the MPChecker form
for time of day the Jan 10, 2003 images were taken, 6:54 UTC time
     2003 01 10.25
allowing it to produce a list of minor planets (asteroids are included)
and it returned with a list of 4!
     2001 KS14
     2000 GX114
     2000 FV36
     1997 GH35
within a 15 arc minute radius of the RA and Dec location given.

And the returned Mag of those known asteroid/minor planets is:
     2001 KS14     18.5
     2000 GX114    17.4
     2000 FV36     19.7
     1997 GH35     19.9

Better come up with something better than asteroids, Sarah MacWRONG, to
explain what will rapidly become the most-watched event.  No need to
take MY word for it, or anyone else’s folks, just go LOOK!  Coordinates
available, images available.  Go for it!