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Planet X: MOON Swirls Visible!

In Article: <> Sarah Mac wrote:
> There have been 69 separate reported observations of
> (51693)2001 KS14 since 2001, the latest was on January 8,
> two days prior to Havas' images. They don't need any
> current data on the object that you call a "moon".  Maybe
> if Pierre, J William Dell and Havas had "done their
> homework" they wouldn't be looking like fools right now
> (and you as well).

I entered the RA and Dec for the Zeta given Jan 13, 2003 date
     RA 4 21 44 Dec 12 07 10
into the MPChecker form
for time of day the Jan 10, 2003 images were taken, 6:54 UTC time
     2003 01 10.25
allowing it to produce a list of minor planets (asteroids are included)
and it returned with a list of 4!
     2001 KS14
     2000 GX114
     2000 FV36
     1997 GH35
within a 15 arc minute radius of the RA and Dec location given.

WELL, Could Sarah Mac be RIGHT?  Or foot in mouth disease again.  Yup.
Remember, Sarah, on the Sep 28, 2002 IRC chat when YOU, aka Lace that
day, said that Arnie's 11.8" scope could only go down to 14.7 Mag?

   (SteveH) Bobs, the scope used for these images was only 11.8"
   (Lace) 12"
   (Lace) Arnies Mewlon on a Paramount
   (Lace) Scope, $14,000, mount, $13,000, camera $6,000
   (Lace) 12" Tak Mewlon 300 on a Paramount
   (Lace) Arnie Rosner's Tak
   (Lace) Nancy, even in Arinie's Tak, you can visibly see mag15
   (Lace) Limiting magnitude for that instrument is 14.7

So I entered this Mag into the form and got back nada. "No known minor
planets, brighter than V = 14.7, were found in the 15.0-arcminute region
around R.A. = 04 21 44, Decl. = +12 07 10 (J2000.0) on 2003 01 10.25 UT."

So that circled object is NOT 2001 KS14.

Sarah Mac WRONG Again!