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Planet X: Jan 10th and 18th IMAGES!

A set of images at the Zetas coordinates were taken by Steve Havas and
Naji, and are available for download and inspection from the TEAM page
There was no rush to announce this on sci.astro as the Debunker Queen,
Sarah Mac (aka Silk), already announced this.  Failing to win at her
debunking game and publically declaring during the Sat Jan 7th Live
ZetaTalk IRC Session
that Saturn is a daytime visible object (without benefit of scope or
binoculars), she is hoping to get a job with the winning team, as an
Announcer.  Her application has been declined.
     (SilkAway) Saturn is a naked eye visible object
     (SilkAway) And yes, Saturn is visible daytime in a telescope
     (SilkAway) Gelo, binoculars cn see Saturn
     (SilkAway) Saturn is one of the brightest objects in the night sky
     (SilkAway) Saturn is visible in daytime in my 8" scope
     (SilkAway) as is Jupiter

A set of images at the Zeta coordinates were also taken this morning,
Jan 18th, and will be available for download within a day or so from
this same location.

Analysis of the Jan 10th images, details to follow this post, include:
- the Moon Swirls, visible on Dec 13 only as slight pixel brightening
  trailing from the Planet X body, and visible on Dec 27-28 as a large
  splotch, are now covering a WIDE AREA, individual moons clearly visible.
- this indicates an INBOUND object, rapidly approaching.
- the Moon Swirl MOVEMENT is not only visible, the speed of one
  particular moon was able to be calculated.
- the Moon Swirls are moving in a CLOCKWISE direction, around the Planet
  X body, and this clockwise direction can be seen within the individual
  swirls also.
- the White Persona is SPOT ON the coordinate path predicted by the