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Re: ZetaBabble [tm]

In Article  <aviski$fvj$> Jim Scotti wrote:
> I'm sure she'll come up with some sort of scam and excuse to
> convince herself and her suckers that doomsday is still next
> week.

Ooops, I quoted the wrong article as the LAST statement by Jim Scotti
during the 1998 debates.  Below, THAT posting:

See: 1998 sci.astro Debates (

  Article: <6j1vmf$>
  Subject: Re: Challenge to Jim Scotti
  Date: 9 May 1998 16:19:27 GMT

  In article <6isuni$kbm$> Jim Scotti writes:
  > On the other hand, there are many people who might be
  > misled by such pseudoscience or antiscience who are or may
  > someday be in powerful positions which control funding of
  > science.  We need to be sure that we provide the best possible
  > understanding of the world around us so that the average
  > person on the street can make intelligent decisions when
  > called upon (for example to vote on some proposal or other).
  > That's the main reason I've participated in these "debates"
  > with Nancy.

  (Begin ZetaTalk[TM])
    You're not responding to our posting because they are likely to lead
    the public astray, because if this were the case then you would be
    reponding to ALL postings countrary to your current thinking!  Do you
    do this?  You do NOT!  You repond to our postings because the opposite
    is true.  The public is pointed to the glaring inconsistencies, the
    CONTRADICTIONS that exist in your precepts.  This causes them to doubt
    YOU, and it is THIS you are fretting over.

    You have posters that postulate concepts so twisted that they might as
    well be stating that the Moon is made of green cheese, and you and your
    fellows don't touch them.  There are posters who are literate and speak
    with authority, but get into lengthy arguments with each other, clearly
    ONE of them wrong, yet you find no need to enter into these debates to
    ensure the public will not be led astray.  You cannot be honest with
    the public here, as you cannot be honest with yourself.  You CANNOT
    reconcile the contradictions we have been pointing out, and are chosing
    to throw insults over your shoulder while you walk off.  Admit it!
    You're beaten!
  (End ZetaTalk[TM])


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