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Re: ZetaBabble [tm]

Bob May wrote:

> I'd like to note that it is now about 5 months from the time that this
> object should be arriving in out vicinity.  At this point in time, even
> small comets are visible in the sky yet this supposed planet is still not
> visible as anything but a supposed smudge of very faint brightness in a
> few selected persons images.  At this point in time, it should be a naked
> eyeball object in the night sky if it is as large as it is supposed to be.

It's interesting to note that (AFAIK) the Zetatalk website never said that 
we would be able to see it with the naked eye, except about 7 weeks before 
its arrival, so at least there is consistency and they have not changed 
their story on that, although why would they? to extend the time frame out 
would not help their case, right? but certainly, why is everyone clamoring 
about it right now? years ago zetatalk said it would become visible to the 
naked eye about 7 weeks out? should an object this size and makeup become 
visible sooner than that? if so, how much sooner?