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Re: Dec 27/28 Image Analysis JWD

Jan 05 2002

To: Those researching Planet X and the Steve Havas images,
    and to Sarah MacIntyre of Saratoga and her group;

RE: Images and observations of PX object at coordinates provided by
    Nancy Lieder and the Zeta.

Recognizing that providing evidence of the existence of an object on
the last 10 sets of images has been met with steady resistance from a
small group of duplicate posters on Sci.Astro.

I realize that the only way to deal with the ongoing imaging and
analysis is to present my findings, respond to reasonable questions
and ignore the infantile.

The continued banality that is coming from certain posters, (and one
need only look at some of the comments in this thread) adds nothing to
the discussion except clutter and distraction. And I find no reason to
stoop to their level.
The research and collection of evidence regarding Planet X is too

I will continue to provide further proofs from each set of images, to
add to the existing information base we have.
Convincing another is up to the other, to be or not to be convinced,
based on the evidence. And I leave it for each to decide as this
continuing story unfolds.

Further items added Jan 05 2002;

1) Planet X/Niburu and its Red reflection on Dec 28 2002 
2) Moon Swirl cloud comparison Dec 28 2002 to Dec 04 2002 
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J.William Dell

J.William Dell wrote in message <>
> Greetings;
> Having completed Dec 27/28 2002 Image analysis the findings are available 
> Course Plot Oct 11 2002 to Jan 13 2003
> Regards
> J.William Dell