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In Message  <avatgh$r36$> Jim Scotti wrote:
>  if you are thinking of disrupting your life in any way, be it by selling
>  your possessions or moving or otherwise, please reconsider.

    When should they get alarmed, Jim, when the Earth
    stops rotating and NASA and the White House are not
    answering the phone?  When the flood tide is rising in
    from the coast lines and they are sitting on their roof
    tops wondering what to do?  You are advising the public to
    stick their heads in the sand and NOT LOOK with amateur
    scopes and take succeeding images and process them,
    THEMSELVES.  You are advising the public to expect
    something they can see TODAY, without an amateur
    scope, when we have stated this is not possible until the
    end of March, 2003.  You are posting erroneous information
    claiming this is what WE have stated, to confuse the public!
    Shame on you!  What harm does honest examination of the
    skies do?  We have, and have always, stressed that the
    public should come to their OWN conclusions.  And for
    those who are concerned, we suggest a simple booklet,
    available to be printed by Adobe Reader, free to the public,
    that outlines the SIMPLE steps a family should take to
    keep themselves safe.  Does not require money.  Does
    not require expertise.  Does require them being AWARE
    during those last weeks and not being mislead by their
    so-called leadership, the Pope, NASA, and their lackies.
    Or is it better they drown, Jim?

See: Survival Booklet (
See: Safe Locations (

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