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In Message  <avatgh$r36$> Jim Scotti wrote:
> Their object is not even consistent with an object which orbits
> the Sun in only 3600 years like Sitchin's fictitious Niburu and the
> object which Nancy claims.

    According to who?  Humans?  Human astrophysics?
    We could debate your theories, which are wrong to the
    larger degree, or your track record, which is laughable, but
    what would be the point?  Are you saying you know ALL?
    Cannot be surprised by anything NEW that the Universe
    might present to you?  Is this what you are saying?  Jim
    Scotti, all knowing and knowledgeable? Einstein and Newton
    can't be put on the same page with each other but you teach
    BOTH to your students and refuse to address the
    contradictions and you are ALL KNOWING?  Give us a break!

> If it were the object they claim and anywhere near Saturns
> distance or closer, it would have to be a very obvious naked
> eye object - there ain't nothing there folks, and you can go
> out tonight and look for yourselves if you have any doubts.

    Oh, now we're skipping to the end of March, 2003 and
    looking for it without amateur scopes? The object we claim
    is the size and distance stated above, NOT your flawed
    and limited human definition of what a brown dwarf can be?
    This is NOT several times the size of Jupiter.  Anywhere
    near Saturn's distance?  Not until 7 weeks before passage,
    which we have pegged as shortly after May 15, 2003.
See: Viewing Specs (

> Nancy's planet should be much brighter than Saturn if it were
> orbiting the sun as she has described it.

    You're having an identity crisis, Jim, this is the orbit as YOU
    would describe it.  The big egg shaped orbit, going around
    the Sun, NOT slinging past it was we described.  Moving
    SLOOOWWWWLY, so it must be viewed as huge already to
    get here in the next few months, NOT at the speed we describe.
    Get a grip, Jim!  Repeat to yourself "this is me, that is them,
    this is me, that it them".  Breathe deeply.