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Re: ZetaBabble [tm]

In Message  <avatgh$r36$> Jim Scotti wrote:
> As one of the original Nancy opponents back in the days
> of Hale-Bopp, ...

Ah Jim, you've ENGAGED!  Delighted to have you debating again. I and the
Zetas are grinning ear to ear (yes, they have ears), and hope this is
not your SINGLE post on this matter.  I will let the eloquent Zetas
speak to the issues you raised.

> I've recently read through some of the latest posts
> on the mythical Planet X and Nancy's ZetaBabble (tm).
> If it weren't for the fact that Nancy is deceiving a great
> many people, the whole thing would be funny.

    Deceiving?  This coming from a man who works the Tucson
    scope for the Pope, who IS deceiving his flock on what he
    knows is coming, and from a man who is associated by his
    observatory credentials with NASA and the powers that
    control information flow from the Hubble, this is pointing
    the finger in the wrong direction, is it not?  Just why IS it
    that the Pope is peeking toward the southern skies, and
    why IS it that the public that pays for the Hubble can't see
    the direct feed?  We would ask that you let us assume, as
    the readership already does, that you, Jim, are also in the
    know.  But we know you would take umbrage at this
    assumption as you must due to your security clearance oath,
    so for this debate we will PRETEND that you are as dumb
    as the man on the street, Planet X inside-knowledge-wise,
    that is.
See: Pope Scope, (

> I stopped arguing with Nancy years ago after I realized
> that it was like arguing with a brick wall .. funny how these
> Zetans know less about science than a disinterested
> High School student.

    Back to clinging to human theories and explanations as correct?
    Despite that your probes are operating OTHER than your
    gravity math, and your Earth has, per your probes, developed
    a fat middle, gravity wise, which it has NOT.  Despite that your
    Ulysses probe found, in August 2001, that the Sun's magnetic
    alignment had NOT switched, as NASA had announced at the
    end of 2000 into early 2001.  We could go on but the readership
    is aware of the many failings of human theories, the Flat Earth
    theory being one that comes to mind from your VERY recent
    past.  ZetaTalk not in accordance with human understanding?
    A source of PRIDE in that regard, yes! YOU should be ashamed
    of not being able to admit your failings!  Or is your science more
    about ego than validity?
See: Solar Reversals, (