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Sarah Mac’s Appology

At the close of the last Live ZetaTalk IRC Session on Sat, Dec 28th
Sarah Mac (Silk in the chats) revealed how gracefully she can appologize 
when proven WRONG Again!

Walking into a nest of Hungarians, including the ZetaTalk Hungarian 
translator, and having put her shoe in her mouth, once again, big time, 
does she admt to being WRONG, or does she try to change the subject by 
throwing insults (capitalized for emphasis below) and distractions?  Such 
are the ethics of the new self appointed Shepherd of Sci.Astro! 

You can expect these kinds of ethics from her as she is increasingly proven 
WRONG, as if she is so sure she is right, then why not tell us her city of 
residence, her last name, some means to find her and confront her when she 
is absolutly proven WRONG.  Or will she just quietly slink away like IMO, 
who also would not tell us his state, city, last name, or any way to 
confront him for his dishonest misdirection. 

(AlphaCentauri) but their [Sumerians] origins, where they come, is still obscure, 
  apparently they came form India 
(NancyL) Alpha, India is just around the corner from Sumeria! Mankind migrated. 
  Gypsies also origin from India, right? They are all over Europe.
(Silk) Gypsies are Hungarian/Romanian Nancy 
(AGreenspan) Gypsies originated from Egypt, hence the name.
(Obany) AGreenspan: no from India not from Egypt ... Silk from India ... or do 
  you only know about astronomy 
(Longint) Silk: they are not.
(Silk) Really Obany? Where did you read that?
(Me) I also have read, from India. 
(AGreenspan) I stand corrected, gypsies originated from Northern India.
(NancyL) Silk, and very dark skinned.
(Silk) As are most Hungarians
(NancyL) Long is Hungarian, Silk.
(SteveH) Hungarians are fairly light skinned
(Silk) No Steve, they are not.
(SteveH) My family is Hungarian
(SILK) THAT MEANS NOTHING STEVE <================================================
(Obany) Silk: Gypsies are not from Hungaria
(Longint) Havas means snowy :)
(SILK) WHERE'S HUNGARIA OBANY? <=================================================
(Alex2222) hehe
(ChiefSimi) I'm Hungarian too, and Hungarians are not gypsies! Nonsense!
(Nmi) a lot of Hungarians here
(Nmi) me too
(InsideRevolution) Hungarians everywhere :)
(Beta) Based on linguistic evidence (the similarity of the Romany language
  to Hindi, Panjabi, and related languages of Northern India) and 
  anthropological evidence (body habitus and ABO blood group distributions 
  closely approximating those of the warrior classes of northern India)(7), 
  there is now a clear consensus of opinion that the modern day Roma of the 
  Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas originated in Northwestern India.
(Sano) ChiefSimi Hungarian -nationality u mean?
(InsideRevolution) said Ede Teller
(NancyL) Beta :-) Yup, I recall similar studies. So SILK WRONG AGAIN!
(SILK) WHY NOT JUST SAY ALL OF EUROPE ARE GYPSIES? <=============================
(Beta) Roma ppl of the mideast.. try reading Silk
(Beta) Roma equals Gypsy
(SILK) LOL <=====================================================================

(SteveH) The last comments IMO had for the Dec 4 images was that there 
  was indeed a new "stellar" object on the images. Strangely, he has been 
  silent since then...
(SteveH) I guess for IMO to confirm that there has been new objects on the 
  subsequent images would be out of line for the debunking moto
(NancyL) SteveH, he's afraid that the readership will figure out WHO he is, 
  and deliver their anger upon him for his disinfo.
(JWilliam) Where is the wayward shepherd? some of his sheep have wandered in here ;o)
(NancyL) Deliberately mislead them!
(NancyL) And was SO proud saying he convinced many to just not look THERE, at 
(NancyL) I KNEW he was not being up front about who he is, where he lived, 
  because of this.
(NancyL) Silk, however, is going to give you her address. She's SO sure she is RIGHT.
(MikeO) Silk, where DO you live?
(Silk) Why Mike O?
(SILK) WHAT'S THAT GOING TO PROVE? <=============================================

That you stand behind your words, Sarah!  If you are so sure you’re right, 
why hide?