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Re: Planet X: Dec 4 Images!

Michael L Cunningham wrote:

> Observer on the Fringe wrote:
> > Your claims are erroneous, sir.... you call Steve a "liar" with no back up of
> > proof.  Please provide evidence... (i.e. hardcare red-filtered star images that
> > show Steve's "X" image exists in prior scannings).  Please provide up-to-date
> > images of Steves claims, to prove otherwise.
> >
> > It's easy to mock that what you can't prove, only when the minority show
> > different.  Be bold... and "prove" otherwise.  As an observer-on-the-fringe... i
> > see only only "mocking" in this forum... and only a few who dare to show
> > evidence.  If you have real data to show otherwise... please show it.
> > Otherwise.... who are you to mock others like Steve, who has real data?
> >
> > TonyO
> >
> >
> >
> > Thank you.
> Well, since you choose to be "spanked" in an open forum, bend over and
> grab the desk.
> Steve is either a liar or a fool. I personally believe he is both.
> You want evidence and proof? The motto on tt-watch is they don't require
> evidence or proof from Nancy. THe faithful accept Nancy's word on gut
> feeling, dreams, deja vu, horoscopes, tarot cards, palm readings, and
> tea leaves.
> Steve doesn't know what he's looking at to begin with, nor does he have
> the faintest idea of how to process a FITS image! If Steve did, he
> should be alerting the media and calling Harvard with his new
> discovery!!! Oh! I forgot! We're all in on the conspiracy! So much for
> alerting the public!
> So, Steve has no recourse but to post his "findings" on a newsgroup that
> doesn't believe him in the first place and whose members are all part of
> the greater conspiracy! Who's the fool here?!
> Mocking? Let me introduce you to the last Zeta emmissary... Mr. Dell. He
> left with the Kook of the Month award. Are you his replacement?
> Now, let's talk about you...
> You apparently "believe" Steve, Dell, Nancy, and Zetatalk. That makes
> you a Zetadrone and another of Nancy's minions. You must be convinced
> you've got the inside track with an alien race and will be spared when
> the now famous pole shift occurs. Dream on Zeta boy.
> We'll be hunting you down after June of 2003 as we'll need dancers in a
> new off-Broadway play called "Nancy and Dancing Zetas". It's a comedy
> and we'll be inviting all the Zeta faithful to dance to Nancy's tunes.
> Kinda like what you're doing now! LOL! Maybe it will be as big as "River
> Dance"!
> Now go away before we "mock" you some more.

How odd.... I just counted a very long winded 250 plus word response by Michael....
and he never once answered any prior questions, nor has proven Steve's latest images
false.  A true "political" talking mouth, indeed.  I look forward to your next 300
word reply, that supplies zero information, and yet suppiles enough hot air to run a
stirling heat engine to supply the entire earth a 30 second energy source.  Keep
yapping, with evidence... you could be an alternative to mid-eastern oil supplies.