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Re: Planet X: Out from the Sun

In Article: <> Open Minded wrote:
> In Article <> Nancy Lieder wrote:
>> But we're still MISSING Open Minded!  Grandpa, hobbies,
>> "about me", and no name?  No city of residence?  How about
>> coming our of HIDING, Open Minded, and telling us where
>> we can find you when Planet X does become visible to all?
> What exactly would be gained by my giving you specifics
> about me?  To decide whether to take me seriously, judge the
> competance and accuracy of my posts just as we can judge
> you or Steve or Pierre-Eric on that basis.

Still HIDING.  If you are honestly looking and examining the skies, then
you should have no fear of the repercussions when it IS found.  Well,
well, there it is, inbound as Nancy said it would be.  If you are being
DISHONEST, and blowing fog:

 1. refusing to size up the round dim blob in Pierre-Eric's
    Jan 19th image, or your Jan 5th image so amateurs would
    have a basis of comparison, size-wise.
 2. advising a peek when OTHER astronomers, even Tholen,
    advised it would not be visible.
 3. trying to assume leadership of amateurs with your web site
    and When/Where to look advice.

We'd like to know that you stand behind your words!  Sarah gave her last
name and city of residence, occupation, so we one could FIND her should
they wish to (which I doubt).  Other than frothing at the mouth, saying
"cultcultcultcultcultcult", she's not contributed anything.
> My name is Sarah MacIntyre, ...
> I'm 38 years old, I have three children still at home,
> I'm divorced, and I'm a digital technician for an
> international graphics company based in the Netherlands.
> You won't find me Ireland, my home is in Saratoga Springs,
> New York.

So who is Open Minded?  We know at least the following:

    I M Openminded

    On the 14th of July 2002 I M Openminded accessed a computer at IP

    Atlanta, GA 30319

    Block IP owner: -
    Cox Communications, Inc
        1400 Lake Hearn Drive
        Atlanta, GA 30319

And that he looped in from a location in FL, known as NCF, through a
firewall to GA (above), thense to DC, thense to NY, thense to IL and
thense into the Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.  VERY afraid of being traced,
for some odd reason!  This sounds like someone who IS misleading people,
and wants to ditch out and hide when the anger starts.  No?

Cox has a subsidiary in Pensacola/Ft Walton

    Cox Business Services provides a range of advanced
    communications services, including high-speed
    Internet access, data transport and video solutions, all
    delivered over our state-of-the-art fiber-optic-based
    broadband network. And, as an affiliate of Cox
    Communications, one of the largest broadband
    communications companies in the nation, we stand
    behind our work to attend to all your customer service needs.

        Contact Us:
        Fort Walton, FL

So if I contact, them, do I ask for Open Minded?