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Planet X: Run and HIDE! #3

Lets take a look at other ZetaTalk debunkers, as to who THEY are, and
their relative courage and willingness to stand behind their words.

David Tholen
    Well known associated with Hawaii observatory and
    university and NEAT program, as Hawaii is a small
    island and NASA and JPL have infested the place
    now for a long time.  Anyone working as an
    astronomer there has so many strings attached to them,
    they can hardly move without getting tugged.  However,
    confronting David with the truth, when it becomes
    obvious, will only get those confronting him Tholenized,
    and thus put to sleep.  Example: "Posting?  What posting.
    You're assuming there was a posting."

Jim Scotti
    Well known and associated with the observatory in
    Tucson, AZ, where the Pope is currently peeping at the
    inbound Planet X while telling his flock that the last
    Fatima warning was about his potential assassination,
    NOT the coming earth changes.  Jim will probably be
    found under some of those papal robes, along with the
    poor choir boys likewise abused.

Sarah Mc
   Who hides, while railing at Jan for hiding. You will
   probably find her, in Ireland or some such place, should
   anyone WANT to, in the Confessional, having moved her
   port-a-potty into one for the duration, waiting to be
   Rapturized during the Armageddon. So much for logical
   thinking.  (Tell me you DON'T believe that, Sarah.)

Michael Cunningham
   Who does ZetaTalk debunking for a living, as it seems to
   be his SOLE obsession.  His contributions to the coverup
   are a stream of illogical insults.  Anyone wanting more
   of the same could look him up, but he'd just say it was his
   job, and have the pay stubs to prove it, sending the raging
   crowd after the REAL perpetrators and thus taking himself
   off to the local bar to watch the feeding frenzy, muttering
   insults and obsenities into his cups.

NASA Spokespersons
   It was just their job, they only announced what they had
   been given, they were not privy to the full scope of
   information, they have small kids, please please let GO
   of me!!!

Bush Administration
   You're a terrorist!  BLAME BLAME, there, good thing
   we changed the laws that allow us to dispense with justice
   and the courts (phew) and can get rid of terrorists quickly!
   After all, they don't have civil rights, they're enemies of
   the state!